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The Meeting


... He gathered her into his arms and as he did so he whispered “I want you” in her ear She kissed him full on the mouth, her tongue searching out his and hugged him closer to her As their lips… 続きを読む

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Unexpected encounter


... "Boy this is the life," Annette mumbled out loud while slathering her naked body with a generous helping of sun screen!!! After being cooped up in the city for fifty weeks a year, she had just… 続きを読む

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(Я счастлива) конец


... Лето на даче было не совсем активным как в городе , большей частью когда мама уезжала на работу я примеряла купальник который привезла с собой на дачу и спрятала в укромном месте за пределами дачи и… 続きを読む

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a weekend getaway


... Doug and Kathy were a devoted couple, they love each other very much. With a big f****y they didn't have a lot of time for each other so they decided to take a vacation. Drive up to San Francisco… 続きを読む

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Meeting Through Xhamster - A Gushingly True Story


... I have been on and off Xhamster for the past few years, under two different profiles. I had never met anyone in that time as I was convinced I was unattractive to any woman who might be on here. I… 続きを読む

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The Situation 3


... I arrived at my ex-wife’s house about noon that Sunday. My ex, Margo was dressed casually in a pair of black jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt with a v neckline that let you see the valley between her… 続きを読む

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Time at Home


... My room is small, but comfortably furnished. A small desk and chair in the corner, a large wardrobe opposite. Its mirrored doors reflect our image as we sit side-by-side on the black sheets of my… 続きを読む

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Entre adultes.


... Il fait déjà jour quand je me réveille. Je n’ai aucune idée de l’heure qu’il est mais cela m’importe peu car je suis en vacances. Nous sommes arrivés dans la nuit et j’ai hâte de découvrir la maison… 続きを読む

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1ère fois sophie suite


... Nous nous étions endormis blottis l’un contre l’autre. Le lendemain matin sophie était réveillée et je sentais qu’elle me caressait. Je commençais à me réveiller elle était en train de me masturber… 続きを読む

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The night I became a true bottom.


... Jim and I arrived at the river house. It was a quick ride outside of town. I only had time to suck him off once. As he opened the car door he asked me if I was up for a fun weekend and I asked him… 続きを読む

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Let's Get Ready To Rumble (fiction)


... Missy woke up to the alarm clock screeching in her ear. The last thing she wanted was to have to get up at nearly six a.m. to go to the gym but she wasn't giving up on her New Year's… 続きを読む

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Freewill 504: Part 1


... A story in nine parts(really nine vignettes) involving a mind control formula. Freewill 504: Test Subject By: Chris… 続きを読む

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a job with benefits


... I didn’t like my new job. I can’t say I hated it, but stocking grocery shelves at 5AM was not the lateral career move I had hoped for when I was terminated by corporate America. It had its perks… 続きを読む

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My Wife's Bachelor Party Surprise! (Part 2)


... She started sucking my cock again this time she was stroking it as well. I was not going to hold out much longer as she was sucking me deeper into her throat than ever before. I shot my load deep… 続きを読む

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Naked Civil Servants Part £


... I looked down at Annie’s strap-on which was still inserted into the girl on the sofa , She smiled at me and said that I was more than welcome to try it , I giggled to myself and Michelle ( whom I… 続きを読む

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T you loose i win I am back T tasted great and fuc


... One of the best fucks I ever had. So my latest pictures with Tom and me was a project that was a long time in the works. It began about three months ago with a threesome between Chris (my semi… 続きを読む

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So there's this woman on xhamster.....


... Like a thief in the night, she enticed me with her preview pic and stole my sense of control. She's from S. Africa, exotic by an Americans standards. I entered her cam session and was instantly… 続きを読む

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Chanel Number 19


... In the lift, she made me kneel and she pulled her panties to one side and with both hands, opened her lips as she pushed my face into her wet slit. It was running with juice, and I stuck my tongue… 続きを読む

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She's Dreaming


... She's dreaming about sex. I can tell. Every now and again she slightly arches her back, ever so slightly grinds her panty clad hips, gently bites at her bottom lip still smeared with the hot red lip… 続きを読む

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Marcy's Playground 7 by loyalsock


... I crossed my arms over my chest. But hey, the funny choices did break up the tension. "Here we go," he said. I also didn't know who sang this one, but her voice was soulful. "At last, my love… 続きを読む

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