xHamster's Coming to the Playa!

Ready for the Burn? We're looking for a couple to film the playa's first public sex tape. We want to see what happens when outside the tents. We're willing to put up the money to buy two tickets to the festival, plus a little cash to cover expenses — $3,000.

What We Need

We're looking for someone with experience filming a sex tape. You don't have to be a full-time adult performer, but an amateur at least. There are only a few days til the burn, so show us your best audition tapes!

What We Want

We're looking for a 15 minute amateur, hardcore video clip shot at the 2019 Burning Man festival. (Obviously, we need to be able to verify that this was shot at this year's Burning Man Festival). We'll need raw footage by Tuesday, September 3 that shows both the festival and the actual sex. (If you're interested in live-streaming, a bonus is available.)

How It Works

Once we get the footage, confirm the 2019 Burn and make sure you own the rights, we'll transfer $3000 to your account, covering the cost of your tickets. You'll own the footage, but we'll lease it for one-year on an exclusive basis.

Interested? Send your clips, bio and other info about why we should choose YOU to alex.hawkins@xhamster.com
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xHamster Traffic Mysteriously Spikes +33%

In what we can only imagine was a worldwide outbreak of extreme thirst, traffic on xHamster surged 33% yesterday, lasting over two hours. Users from over 25 countries poured into xHamster, combing through countless videos. As a swarm, it was nearly Biblical.

What could it possibly be, we wondered? Either way, we were happy to welcome the flood of new users making xHamster their new heart of all things erotic.

Like a good lover, we're always up. So next time yours lets you down, remember — xHamster's always here to help you out!

Thirstily Yours,

The xHamster Team
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Miley's #HotGirlSummer Heats Up

No one knows how to court controversy like Miley Cyrus — and this time, she's getting a rise out of porn fans.

Miley's always a fan favorite among our xHamsters, but following her liplock with Kaitlynn Carter this weekend, searches for the Wrecking Ball singer have surged 126%!

Miley's #HotGirlSummer Heats Up
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Dream Girl Alter Egos

Earlier this year, we surveyed over 50,000 xHamster users asking them to describe their perfect women — height, body type, hair and eye color, and other relevant attributes — and ended up with xHamster Dream Girl Shy!

The response to Shy was enormous, and while she represents a wonderful mix of worldwide preferences, she still can’t be everyone’s dream girl! Some of you want someone a little rounder, some a little shorter, some a little more natural, some with more tattoos, some with who are blond, and some who are transgender.

So we decided to do a little experiment. Rather than amalgamating all the responses, we decided to filter it — and create dream girls for specific categories or specific groups of respondents. For example, by limiting our respondents only to those from the United States, we were able to create a uniquely American Dream Girl — one with darker features and longer hair. We did the same with Germany, as well as with respondents who wanted their Dream Girl to be a lesbian, or transgender or a feminist.

Our lesbian dream girl was voted on by 5.5% of xHamster users. Perhaps surprisingly, they wanted her to be almost a decade younger than Shy — 19 years old, and slimmer (29.5%). Respondents wanted her to have curly blonde hair and be natural (42%). 63% of respondents insisted that Lesbian Shy be a feminist. The patriarchy isn’t going to smash itself!
Dream Girl Alter Egos

Our feminist dream girl, chosen by about 40% of respondents worldwide, was a bit older — respondents said she’d be 30 years old, of average height, a bit more curvy with the straight dark hair. And yet, the plurality of respondents still wanted her shaved — and heterosexual! I thought a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle? Don’t tell that to feminist Shy!

Dream Girl Alter Egos

Our transgender dream girl is our tallest by a hair, and is slightly more curvy and with bigger breasts. Most respondents wanted them to identify as bisexual, but did not identify them as a feminist.

Dream Girl Alter Egos

Our German dream girl is 27 years old with straight blonde hair — of course! — with curvaceous body in hourglass shape. She’s fully-shaved (62%), and — very surprisingly — she’s the the most anti-feminist of all our samples — 74% said they would not want her to be a feminist. Given the country’s history of strong, powerful women, this came as a complete shock. We’d love to hear from some of our German fans as to why this might be.

Dream Girl Alter Egos

Our American dream girl is also 27 years old, but that’s they only common thing she shares with her German ally. She has long dark hair, a rounder ass and larger breasts (we call this the Kardashians effect!). She’s totally shaved and — unfortunately — not much more of a feminist. At 64% saying “no”, US respondents were less likely than our worldwide sample to want a feminist.

Dream Girl Alter Egos

At xHamster, we know that sexual diversity is our strength. So let’s celebrate Shy in all her varieties! Shy resides on Instagram, so if you want to find out what she thinks about these alter egos, ask her!

Who’s your favourite Dream Girl? Let us know in the comments!

(Not a fan of any of them? Let us know whom you’d like to add to this list, and we will make it happen!)

Digitally yours,

xHamster team
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Wet Dream Memes!

Dear Students!

Hopefully it’s been a productive year at university. Now that you’re in the midst of summer break, we’ve got an assignment for you. We need your best porn memes!

They can be dirty. They can be sexy. Heck, they can even be SFW! What matters most is that you’ve got them. Here’s what we want:

• Create your own memes and/or photobombs based on whatever you’ve seen on xHamster. Because if there’s one thing the world needs right now, it’s memes about cucks, MILFs, pegging and anal.

• Upload them in GIF or JPG format to the “Funny” category and use the tag #xhmeme in the title.

• Tweet the link to us at @xhamstercom on Twitter so we can share them!

When the fall comes — on September 1 — we’ll harvest the best memes and award you with xHamster-branded goodies, and a coveted role as an honorary brand ambassador!

In your inspiration we trust!

P.S. A meme a day keeps a doctor away!

Wet Dream Memes!
Wet Dream Memes!
Wet Dream Memes!
Wet Dream Memes!
Wet Dream Memes!
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The Robot with a B-Cup

The xHamster Data Team has partnered with our Artificial Intelligence (AI) team to bring our understanding of user desires to a new level using machine-learning tools.

Recently, they finished a pioneering experiments in which our AI robot — code name Neuron Jeremy — analyzed over 150K frames of video, taken randomly from over 3000 videos on xHamster. Our unstoppable machine detected a dozen major porn attributes, and ranked them based on popularity.
The Robot with a B-CupThe most popular category? The always perky “Small boobs” division — coming in at nearly 78% more popular than large breasts. Given our focus on user-created amateur uploads, a more natural look seems appropriate, no?

Another difference between us and those studio porn sites? Tittyfucking — listed politely by our Neuron as “boob sex” — was the least popular category. Turns out, in real life, women don’t really love getting used like a Fleshjack. On the other hand, oral sex for women appeared less than a tenth of the time that blowjobs did!

Come on, guys! Is there any wonder the world is facing a massive orgasm gap???
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On Bastille Day, we asked the xHamster data team to pull the most searched French terms on xHamster. The ninth most popular term was "viol" — the French term for r@pe. We wondered should we publish such data? Wouldn't it be more prudent to just remove that term from the list? In the end, we decided it was not in anyone’s interest to hide what people were searching for. We decided to publish it, but to remove the term from the available searches, as we did for "r@pe" in English several years ago.

We were not surprised by the ensuing discussion — or outrage. It must be rather shocking for the French to see the term 'viol' appear in their top ten most popular searches. But the discussion that needs to be had is why this term is so popular in France and the rest of the French speaking world. And that is a discussion for the French to have among themselves.

In the meantime, we're banning the term "viol" from our searches. We should note that the videos it returned were consensual BDSM encounters and fantasies. However, they don't necessarily have context, and in a world where sex education is lacking, where conversations about consent are absent, when actual crimes go to often unpunished, we're no longer willing to allow such terms to be used on our site.

Users who search for 'viol' will instead now be presented with the message below, and offered the chance to speak with a ther@pist.

In the coming weeks, we will be looking at similar search terms in other countries and other languages — German, Japanese, Spanish and so on. Our goal is not to censor content, or dictate fantasies, but we do feel a responsibility to contribute positively to the worldwide discussion of sex and consent. #balancetonporc #culturedeviol

Alex Hawkins
Vice President, xHamster
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Granny Dream Girl Report

This week, FaceApp mobile app had everyone aging in a snap, from supermodels and to football players. Of course, our xHamster Dream Girl Shy had to get involved.

We decided to take a look at our original data and to see how she would look like in to those 2% of xHamster users said their dream girl to be above 60.

Granny Dream Girl Report
Meet Granny Shy! She’s 68, has blue eyes, blonde hair, no piercings or no tattoos. Unlike young Shy, she’s heterosexual — straight outta xHamster.

Granny Dream Girl ReportHer ethnicity is white.

Granny Dream Girl ReportThose users who wanted an older woman also liked curvy ladies, so Granny Shy is a bit more of a BBW.

Granny Dream Girl ReportAnd they like their GILFs natural. Razors? Forget about them!

Granny Dream Girl ReportBecause Granny Shy is a feminist! At 68, she’s not here for your patriarchal bullshit.

Granny Dream Girl ReportIs she a GILF or what? We know xHamster users love our Mature category. Let us know if you agree!

Check Shy's Instagram profile now!
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You go, girls!

After the US women’s soccer team won the World Cup, and their names took its place in history, some names took their own place in xHamster’s search field.

Since Saturday, Megan Rapinoe, Julie Ertz and Alex Morgan have been all surging on xHamster.

It’s 2019, when you know that empowering women worldwide also reflects on your own searches on xHamster.

You go, girls!

You go, girls!You go, girls!You go, girls!
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Oh Canada!

On Canada’s Day xHamster team went through the data to take a closer look at how the Canadians — and Canadiens — consume porn.

Just give’r! Let’s take a look together!

Canada comes in 9th among xHamster’ top 10 countries, in terms of male/female ratio. Only 20% women, vs 30% worldwide. We need more Canadian women here! We really do!

Oh Canada!For the second year in a row, the most patriotic territory — measured by how much they search for Canadian porn — is icy Nunavut. Maybe the further north you go, the more you need neighbours’ warm hugs. The least interested in their fellow Canadians? The Quebec separatists, bien sûr!

Oh Canada!The most popular search terms are “Indian”, “Mom” and – vanity moment here! – “xHamster”! The most popular categories are “matures”, “amateur” and “lesbians.” So, the ideal Canadian porn star would be an older lesbian with a realistic-body type. How Trudeau-ian!

Oh Canada!Oh Canada!Their favourite porn star list looks great and needs no further introduction – Mia Khalifa all the way!

Oh Canada!Happy Canada Day, folks!
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He Made It Obvious – And It’s Awesome!

This Pride weekend, Lil Nas X came out as gay — saying he thought it was “obvious.”

As a huge advocate of the LGBTQIA community, with one of the most sexually diverse audiences on the planet, xHamster applauds the move.

“We applaud Lil Nas X for his strength, honesty and conviction,” says Alex Hawkins, VP of xHamster. “We know the discrimination he’s already faced with Billboard and “Old Town Road,” so we’re extending the invitation to debut his next video on xHamster.

“We pride ourselves on our users’ ability to defy categorization, to promote acceptance and celebration, and most of all — to wear chaps. We welcome Lil Nas X and his Wrangler booty to the family. Let’s ride til we can’t no more.”

#loveislove #lovewins #pride

He Made It Obvious – And It’s Awesome!
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Carrie Surging on Boris!

Carrie Symonds has got plenty of power — in both, Boris Johnson’s campaign to become the next Prime Minister of the UK, and in xHamster’s users searches lately.

In the last 30 days, searches for Ms Symonds skyrocketed up to 1456% on xHamster.

The sky is the limit, they say. Well, it definitely is for the EX-TORY spin and British PR guru Carrie Symonds.

But Ms Symonds popularity doesn’t extend to #BoJo. Searches for the pair were up just 311%.

Perhaps it’s best not to let our imagination run too wild, huh?

Will they move into the Number 10 together or will they part ways? Only time will tell you. The rest will be a history (and xHamster searches, for sure!)

Carrie Surging on Boris!
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Meet Shy, the woman of your dreams!

Last month, we surveyed over 50,000 xHamster users and asked them to describe their perfect woman. We asked them about height, hair color, and the shape of her body.

Meet Shy, the woman of your dreams, now live on Instagram!

Shy is a 25-year-old, 5’5 feet tall woman with long, dark hair and deep blue eyes. And she’s bisexual. She’s also our new ambassador, and so we hope that you, our Pygmalions, will welcome your very own Galatea.
Meet Shy, the woman of your dreams!Below, let’s look at how your xHamster DreamGirl stacks up.

Since we have nearly 25% of users who identify as bisexual, it make sense that Shy would be bi as well. Over 40% of respondents wanted her to be sexually fluid — labels didn’t matter.

Meet Shy, the woman of your dreams!xHamster users all had different ideas as to what race Shy should be — but the two most popular were White and Asian, so we’ve created a multiethnic Eurasian beauty.

Meet Shy, the woman of your dreams!Blondes may have more fun, but our users gravitated toward darker haired woman, with longer hair and a bit of body.

Meet Shy, the woman of your dreams!Meet Shy, the woman of your dreams!Meet Shy, the woman of your dreams!For most, eye color didn’t matter so much. We’d like to think that it’s because it’s what’s inside that counts, but let’s be frank: this is a porn site. Still, blue eyes lead the way.

Meet Shy, the woman of your dreams!Our Goldilocks respondents didn’t want Shy too short or too tall. At 5’5’ we’ve made her … just right.

Meet Shy, the woman of your dreams!And no one really wanted anyone too skinny. Most of our respondents are into curvy women, and we love that!

Meet Shy, the woman of your dreams!Meet Shy, the woman of your dreams!Meet Shy, the woman of your dreams!Meet Shy, the woman of your dreams!We also asked if users wanted her to be a feminist. Fully 40% supported a feminist fantasy woman, almost double what surveys of general population say, especially since many of the respondents were likely men.

All that said … a feminist doesn’t need men’s permission to have a viewpoint!. So you’ll just have to see how strong Shy is when you meet her.

Meet Shy, the woman of your dreams!Of course, even feminists shave these days — more than 50% chose this option.

Meet Shy, the woman of your dreams!Created by xHamster users, Shy is here and she is as real as it gets.

Subscribe to her Instagram page and check the first pictures here!

Meet Shy, the woman of your dreams!
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Straight Pride? Maybe Not That Straight

June is Pride Month, so we did a deeper dive into what LGBTQ people are viewing on xHamster. And along the way, we found a few interesting things about straight people (hint: they’re not always that straight!)

According to a 2016 Gallup poll, only 3.8% of Americans identify as LGBTQ. That closely matches what our own survey of 11K xHamster users said, which clocked a little higher at — 4.06% identified as gay or lesbian.

And yet, only 67.7% identified as straight. Maybe researchers are asking the wrong question. Or maybe people are just more open when a browser is set to incognito.

Straight Pride? Maybe Not That StraightAs we’ve noted before, 22.4% of respondents self-identified as bisexual. And another 4.7% or so identified as “Other” — all of which leaves a lot of wiggle room when the lights are out.

That’s nearly 33% of the population — much closer to the 37% people with homosexual experiences identified by Kinsey in the 1940s.

And even the ones that identified as “heterosexual or straight” weren’t being entirely forthcoming.

We broke out the viewing patterns of those who identified as “straight,” “gay” and “bi” separately. (Remember, this isn’t mysterious traffic data — these are people self-reporting how they see themselves and what they watch.)

We asked each group what type of content they “commonly” watch. Here’s what we found:

Straight Pride? Maybe Not That StraightOf straight respondents, the following percentages of purely heterosexuals reported watching LGBTQ content:

4.22% watch gay male porn
11.3% watch bisexual porn
29.67% watch lesbian porn
15.07% watch trans porn

“But, but, but” … say the Twinkie defensive. That’s straight men watching lesbian videos, and lesbians watching gay videos, just like in the K1ds Are Alright, right? Wrong.

Here’s how it is when we looked exclusively at men:
Straight Pride? Maybe Not That StraightThe numbers are pretty much the same.

Straight women are even more fluid.

Straight Pride? Maybe Not That StraightAnd it’s worth noting that gay men watch less lesbian content than straight men watch gay male content. What letters should we use for that????

Maybe rather than creating a straight pride parade, straight people should just get a float in the gay one!

“No matter what people say about their sexuality, the data doesn’t lie,” says Alex Hawkins, Vice President of xHamster. “The survey shows that sexuality is a continuum, and that ‘straightness’ and ‘gayness’ are constructs that don’t actually match up cleanly with sexual desire. But that’s the beauty of sex and porn — we allow people to explore beyond labels.”

Either way, happy pride!
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Creators Calling! Start making money with us!

xHamster issuing a global call for content creators and artists, professionals and amateurs, producers and models. We are launching the new program to help you make money on what you produce.

Creators Calling! Start making money with us!One account – many possibilities:
• You can promote your paysite or clipstore on xHamster & get sales on your site from a banner under your videos. Posting on xHamster is 100% free
• Want to sell your video? Upload your videos, set your own price and get paid
• Become a cam model: launch your own late-night cam show, grow your fanbase, and start generating income
Creators Calling! Start making money with us!Get free traffic, sell your videos or start a cam show! Don’t wait — join now!
(Note: If you don’t yet have a Producer’s account on xHamster, please register a new one as a Creator)
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Tags on the Upload Section

Dear Uploaders,

We are constantly working on improving your user experience, so we’ve simplified that tagging process — you can now tag the videos while you’re categorizing them. Everything can now be done during the upload process.

Tags make your content more visible on xHamster , so let us know your thoughts — and if you’d like us to add any other features.
Tags on the Upload SectionMore to come!
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New video page design

Hi xHamster Fam!

We’ve updated the video page based on your feedback.
We’ve now moved the title, category and tag blocks and placed them above the player. They are more clearly visible and it’s easier to click on!
We’ve put your views and rating there as well. Just as you asked, everything is in one place.
New video page design You can also go there to subscribe to your fav producer, a pornstar or a user directly.
New video page designAdditionally we’ve optimized the space with your buttons (likes, comments, favourites), followed by the “About” dropdown section.

We thank you for all the input that has gotten us here. Please share your thoughts below on the updated design and usability so we can continue to improve!
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Champions League Final 2019: YNWA

London and Liverpool fans really respected the Champions League Final — we noticed a significant traffic dip in both cities compared to average. (-14.4% and -35% correspondingly).

Champions League Final 2019: YNWAHowever, Liverpool clearly had the most spirit and support (the traffic drop in Liverpool during the game was more than double the one in London) — was that what brought the club to the grand final!? YNWA!

Of course, there was something that actually drove searches on Saturday night — Kinsey Wolanski, the Champions League streaker! Searches for Kinsey scored on xHamster — increasing by a factor of x 28.5!

Ole, ole, ole! You go, girl!

Champions League Final 2019: YNWA
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In Solidarity with Iggy Azalea

In Solidarity with Iggy AzaleaSearches for pop star Iggy Azalea have spiked on xHamster in the past 24 hours, due to the leak of nude photos from a GQ photoshoot. While the photos have not yet appeared on xHamster, the site has said that it will vigilantly patrol user uploads to make sure that the photos do not appear on xHamster.

“While there’s nothing shameful about nudity, non-consensual photography or video is a violation of Iggy’s rights,” says Alex Hawkins, Vice President of xHamster. “As we have done in the past in similar cases, we will increase our patrol of Iggy and relevant keywords, and are asking our community to alert us should they spot the photos.”

xHamster has also reached out to Iggy Azalea’s management team to find ways to collaborate on Iggy’s defense, including blocking her as a search term.


Alex Hawkins
Vice President, xHamster.com
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Jada's Search Increased on xHamster

Jada Pinkett’s Porn Addiction Claims Causes Search Surge

Searches for Jada Pinkett-Smith surged in the past day, after the star revealed that she watched a lot of porn while single.

Pinkett-Smith told her daughter and mother that, before she met Will Smith, she watched A LOT of porn … even calling it addiction, before correcting herself.

Evidently, the thought of “Jada” and “Porn” triggered a lot of fantasies, because searches for Jada Pinkett-Smith nearly doubled in the past 24 hours, growing an astounding 426%.
Jada's Search Increased on xHamster“Perhaps users were searching for videos she commented on, or perhaps they were looking to see if she’d uploaded any of her own,” said Alex Hawkins, VP of xHamster. “Our audience of women has grown rapidly over the past year, and our users really strive to create, high-quality, engaging porn. If she ever feels like giving it a try again, we’re here for her!”
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