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Amazing woman! I don't even have to mention how beautiful she is, also her excitement and curiosity make this a stunning performance. As amazing as she is, she has probably seen a huge amount of great dicks and could see more anytime, yet this average guy with an average dick gets her so interested. Besides the awesome cumshot and her sexy reaction my favorite scene is at 1:07, where she asks if she can smell his dick and when she does she tells him it has a great fragrance. How fucking hot is that?! The best thing about this video though is that it seems like her smelling the dick, licking his hand and the dick, plus the cum was NOT planned or part of her contract.  Listen to how stunned the guy and the camera man are when she does this XD She was VERY excited for that dick, that was no acting, just look at her staring at it with such intense focus and passion^^
6 月 前
She obviously loved every minute of it, don't know why they censor these things tho, we know whats there!!!!
6 月 前
She's so natural, and genuinely entertained.
7 月 前
wish she got cum all over clothes
10 月 前
Love that she is older than the usual spectators ! Hope more mature gals available ? Many thanks for sharing ! Regards,hb
11 月 前
wonderful job
11 月 前
Great cum shot