Woman's Guide: First Time with BBC


For women and couples who are BBC curious. All images from the public domain. All clips fall under Fair Use exceptions to copyright.

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22 時間 前
Another great 'how to' and 'why' video. If your marriage is strong, supportive, and honest enough, this is a great video to begin the honest discussion of your fantasies.
6 日 前
YES... please!
7 日 前
Excellent video.. I have a hotwife and we became cuckold

couple after 1 year of our marriage and I introduced this to

my wife. At start she was nervous and shy but after having

this relationship since 5 years now, she is so happy and

satisfied. she prefers BBCs most and I m mostly into chastity

and her house husband .. and i too love it. we are both happy

into our marriage life and in cuckold relationship. keep up

the good work. Thank you.
10 日 前
So exciting, , but it's something that we both hope to try. .

Thanks for sharing xx
10 日 前
10 日 前
16 日 前
exciting and hot
17 日 前
Great variety of 1st time with a bull.
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18 日 前
Nice collage of interweaved video with text
19 日 前
That is my fantasy. Too lay on top of my husband and BBC fuking me for the back mmmmm
20 日 前
Wäre gern eine von ihnen....
22 日 前
24 日 前
First time but definitely not the last time :) xxx
24 日 前
black cock stretching the pussies to their elastic limits... hotssss
25 日 前
Nothing and I mean nothing feels better that a BBC deep in a white vagina filling it with black seed
1 月 前
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1 月 前
This is a must see for every white woman! You must not let an experience like this elude you.
1 月 前
Straight to favorites.
1 月 前
1 月 前
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1 月 前
Very good!
1 月 前
1 月 前
That Was Hot.
1 月 前
That's one hell of a trading video. If I wasn't already into BBC I would be after my husband showed me this one I'm so horny now I'm ready to be gang banged. I would certainly squirt like they did. I desperately need a Big Black Cock.
1 月 前
Great upload
1 月 前
i like bbc
1 月 前
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2 月 前
Cleverly written
2 月 前
Has to be one of the best vids I have seen.
2 月 前
damn this is some really good stuff