Tiny Teen gets WRECKED


Sometimes you just have to Wreck a bitch, am I right..? ENJOY!

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5 日 前
beautiful ... but sad too ... I would like to know if this girl has been paid really as it should ...
4 月 前
OK, I read all of the comments then looked up Sadie Pop's name in Google. Yes, she is a porn star and has done numerous films. She reminds me of Traci Lord and the problem she caused Porn producers in the mid-80s. I stand by my comments below. I looked at some of her other films and you can tell when she's enjoying what she is doing. I don't see that in this film. She's being abused and being totally disrespected. Her eyes are crying out for help when she looks at the camera. Sorry, just because she likes to do porn and be a total slut does not mean she needs to be wrecked!!! I realize I was looking at thumbnails, but I didn't see another one where she was being treated like this.
4 月 前
And sometimes you should be arrested!!!! She does not look 18, more like 12-14. Her facial expressions show that she is NOT enjoying this from start to the fake smile at the finish. This is pure, unadulterated, child abuse and probably statutory rape. I personally know of one person who choked a person to death by force ejaculating down a woman's throat like that. He's much bigger than her and throws her around like a rag doll. Of course there is no resistance!!!! She's afraid! That look more like cum she's spitting out rather than vomit. No woman deserves to have it smeared all over her face like that, especially one that young -- and I don't care if she does have the (fake?) tattoos on her arm. This is just wrong on so many levels. What did she do to deserve being wrecked like this? I would like to see the video of a couple of bikers doing this to you!
4 月 前
Very cute slut xXx
4 月 前
I want to be the place of this bitch
5 月 前
Pure Filth. Thats what are lil bodies are for.
7 月 前
8 月 前
8 月 前
every mans dream young fuck
9 月 前
Great body, she looked better at the end without makeup
10 月 前
11 月 前
very sweet & perfect ♥
11 月 前
Love this girl
12 月 前
you the actor in this is a jerk, therapy suggested
1 年 前
So you managed to leave one stinking comment on this entire site, and THIS is what you decide to bitch about...? thanks appreciate you taking the time to take a dump on the video I posted, your the best!
1 年 前
thx ! great Show ! amazing porn !
1 年 前
Love the girl. Hate the disgusting abuse. Really sad how porn seems to be dominated by revolting abuse now. It's become almost impossible to find a video where the girl isn't throat fucked until she pukes bile. There is NOTHING sexy about a girl gagging and throwing up. She started as a real pretty girl but looked like a master by the time that asshole was done with her. Fucking pathetic!
1 年 前
cute slut
1 年 前
can't do it. hottest little babes .
but this nerd hipster is too repulsive .
homely .he can only muster three lines .
he must have cash...he sure has no appeal .
1 年 前
soo cute, i want fuck her too
1 年 前
bring the fuckable age down to 12.
1 年 前
this bitch got RUINED lol

1 年 前
sometimes you just need to be abused
1 年 前
1 年 前
great teknic
1 年 前
Fuckin great
1 年 前
HD please !!!!
1 年 前