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This teen is incredible and receives a huge facial.

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8 月 前
Judging by the way she refuses to flinch at all while being bombarded with juicy blasts, I'd say this young lady started taking facials a good while ago.
1 年 前
PERFECT TITS on this bitch
1 年 前
SUPER STRONG ALPHA SUPERIOR MALE gets his big beautiful uncut cock sucked off and he cumsprays EVERYWHERE (on couch as well) and ALL OVER her face, nose, forehead and hair!
1 年 前
she's super cute
1 年 前
1 年 前
Superb upload
1 年 前
....and he cumsprays her eye lashes as well!
1 年 前
STRONG, POWERFUL ALPHA SUPERIOR MALE cumshooting. His GREAT ALPHA COCK sprays cum EVERYWHERE!! All over her face, mouth, nose, hair, over her back and onto her ass and all over the furniture too. Beautiful cumsparay from a great looking, bell headed uncut cock! And yes, "his fucking cum shoots perfectly out of his cock." GREAT FACIAL!!
1 年 前
They finally got the camera angle right for the money shot! Love how it goes right over her head to splash her ass and back, even if he did miss on the first shot!
1 年 前
who is this girl