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3 月 前
wooooow... so sexy!
3 月 前
great video ^.^
3 月 前
oh, this is great :-)
2 年 前
The F/F spanking was pretty good.
4 年 前
wow i love this miss
4 年 前
very good caning ... fuckin hot!
4 年 前
The first girl is Niki Flynn, an American spanking model. I read all about this in her book Dances with Werewolves. Awesome book.
4 年 前
Another fabulous post from one of the most respected contributors on here.
Loved the vid and hope to see many more from this producer of the best vids in this category.
THANK YOU for sharing
4 年 前
As funny as sexy scenario in three lingos.
Sweet slender blackhaired buxom cutie.
from far abroad Britain carefully caned.
Her blonde cute colleague is very pretty.
As is the third foreign foxy sexy student.
A pity they didn't undress fully as first.

I vote X X X X X for all three of them
Poet Peter Pan from (c)old Amsterdam
4 年 前
Why is Czech spanking so severe?
4 年 前
Bloody great..I didn't realise she had such lovely breasts.
TFP. Xxx.
4 年 前
The headmistress is something else!!