School Teacher tied


Surprisingly tied up and left on floor, losing clothes one by one.

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8 月 前
I used fantasized about kidnapping and tying up my super sexy, 8th grade teacher....thing is I know she wouldn't have minded! I would fantasize about grabbing her from behind with my hand over her mouth, then tying her up TIGHT with lots of rope, stuffing her mouth with panties and keeping them in place with layers and layers of duct tape then picking her up over my shoulders and carrying her away to another room only to add more ropes and play with her all day!!! These guys are SO lucky to have the pleasure of tying up and gagging countless, sexy women and getting paid for it! One day I'll be like them. Getting paid for tying up sexy women....
1 年 前
what a pity :-P, a teacher so screwable, of having to tie her so, i would have her fucked right away, also to cost of be expelled :-P
2 年 前
Hotty sexy in distress!
2 年 前
who is she ? more video of her ?