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4 月 前
Such a lovely boy. I would LOVE to feminise him. I would keep him penis caged, butt-plugged and ball-gagged to protect him from predatory gay males and I would only release him when he was needed for my pleasure. Lovely face and perfect body. Loved his penis and testicles. Beautiful buttocks too with tight inviting anal cleft between hence the butt-plug to protect him from gay males. I wonder if he is gay himself? I do hope he is but I would LOVE to convert him if he is not, Bi-Bill
4 月 前
I love his skinny body and beautiful genitalia, Bi-Bill
5 月 前
holy fuck.,... he's so fucking gorgeous and sexy
5 月 前
Mmm sexy, I want that ass ;)
9 月 前
11 月 前
Really nice guy
11 月 前
I am in love!
This boy is so smooth, cute, hot, adorable, fuckable, and so beautiful!
1 年 前
Soooo cute boy, nice slim body, sweet cock, great cum
1 年 前
hairless and sexy