Pornography in New York - 1970s

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More more more!
1 年 前
Great Movie
2 年 前
A few years after I left home out east I was with a few friends at Plato's celebrating my birthday. Later on My swinging lifestyle was exposed for all in some doc and mag article with a scene of me spreadeagled getting done extensively full face legs in the air. All my relatives(did I mention that most of the men in my family are cops?)Its even in B&W just so fucking clear. Oh well it led to a short lived career in porn, when it was still in NYC.Once it went west we chose to stay.
3 年 前
Early 70s documentary includes hardcore sex scenes.
Ron Delaney appears in a voice-only role.

Wonder who paid for this movie to be made? Even though Nixon was President, they do explore gay and bi sexual men and women. The interview with the store manager of a bookstore does not say that he sells porn because the stuff sells good. Good for profits. OMG, as reporter is examining a lube, he put some on his finger and licks it. lol They do explore a lot of areas of porn, even movie trailers. Those who fight the sex industry has not changed their reasons for shutting it down since the 79's. They use fear and scare tactics to try and fight.
4 年 前
great vintage porn
4 年 前
Much appreciate the upload on this movie! Have always been interested in
42nd/Times Square scene in the 70s/80s and this really gave a good description of what it was like."Not a Love Story: A Film About Pornography" is also another doc. on Times Square in the early 80's.
Thanks again for sharing! Really got a lot out of it!
4 年 前
This is the Best Vintage Porn movie.Thanks for the upload.
4 年 前
To quote Videoluver "Sexcellent"
5 年 前
Here is a little more information
1972 Lloyd Kaufman Director
Ron Delany Narrator
With Barbara Grumet, Kim Lewid, Calvin Culver, Gene Connolly, Carlos Tobalina, and Nancy
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5 年 前
This is all I could find. Thanks for all your great postings Spank.
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5 年 前
I can't seem to find any info about this movie such as actors, actresses or scene breakdowns. If you can find any info please post it here.

5 年 前
I loved this film! Thank you!
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