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4 月 前
Lol? The New Day are one of the most popular teams in pro wrestling right now. Also who cares about how popular somebody is? People fuck who they want to fuck.
4 月 前
Actually she wasn't "dating" him. He was married at the time and she was engaged. She was just something he was fucking on the side and the black guy probably just wanted some easy white pussy too.
4 月 前 are going to cuck your boyfriend and make him film you getting fucked by a black guy and you pick one with a little dick like that
4 月 前
lmao, she really started low on the totem pole with those 2 "wrestlers"...wwe is known for taking down a superstar's page pretty quickly at their site but i guess they are standing by her cuz her link is still up at the time of my post.
4 月 前
It's her and her ex-bf Brad Maddox
4 月 前
I always knew she was a dirty sket!
4 月 前
4 月 前
No it's her because she even made a statement about them. Love her riding the BBC
4 月 前
This really her or look a like