On the Hunt Solo - Out Cruising!


K made this video by herself out looking for cock. She’ll share in private- email her. Ask what you want her to do in a video while you stroke off to her!

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4 日 前
Wow sehr geil
7 日 前
First, I would lay down face up with my head on your towel and make you get yourself off right in front of my eyes. When you started cumming, I would you down and start sucking your whole cunt at first and then focus in on your clit, sucking it and working it with my tongue until you had wrung out as much cum as you could muster. If we had made arrangements to find each other, I would also bring along a chin dildo. I would have you bury it in your ass and I would suck your clit while you humped my face to orgasm. I would then work each of your three holes with my cock, starting with your mouth and then moving to your soaked pussy and finally plowing into your well loosened ass.
12 日 前
ooh K ..you just inspired me..i know exactly what im doing this weekend...but im going to make sure the chances of a few cocks finding me..are high!!
16 日 前
That's so hot baby! I want to go camping with you!!
21 日 前
Love that! Made me so hard.
would love to see K looking at pictures of my tiny cock and saying her thoughts that would make me cum over and over again!
22 日 前
If i seen you outside like that I wouldn't hesitate to come up and lick you're pussy from behind then lick you're ass and fuck you...
25 日 前
I want to fill your holes
27 日 前
Would have loved to come up on this and take you right there
29 日 前
We love her animal sexuality! We both get off watching her masturbate....very beautiful lady....from head to pretty feet and toes!
1 月 前
oh honey love your body so much
1 月 前
love watching your lovely tits sway about xxx
1 月 前
Belle gueule, les seins vides pendent, le ventre aussi: J'ADOOOORE !!!
1 月 前
beautiful lady in a beautiful location - would enjoy fucking you in the great outdoors like that
1 月 前
good girl!
1 月 前
So incredibly real, her pleasure, and what a beautiful woman, very sexy body!
1 月 前
Damn horny this K. Hope to bang you for behind in you ass.....
1 月 前
1 月 前
this is still my favorite video, i like them all but I wear this one out all the time :) thanx
1 月 前
Coming across you on a hike in the woods would be a pleasant surprise!
1 月 前
You are the girl of my dreams!
1 月 前
Sorry for the spelling voice recognition on my phone isn't always perfect
1 月 前
Many years ago when I was about 15 I was walking in the woods not too far from where I lived. I actually found a woman I should say young woman maybe just a couple years older than me she was laying on the blank she had told her pants now and her back to me. I could see her round ass that she had one leg drawn up and I could see her hand from behind rhythmically rubbing back and forth. She was reading or looking at some kind of magazine with pictures of naked people in it.
So I snuck behind a tree and I watched her for a while.
I remember got super hard in my pants.
I must have stepped on a twig or something and and she looked around and and as she did so her legs spread open and I got a view hot pussy that
she was playing with. Needless to say she startlef but I stepped into the clearing and she could see I a bulge in my pants.
Well long story short I went over to her as she beckoned and she asked me to drop my pants and she urged me to masturbate while I watched her.
She got so excited that she got herself naked that's the first time I had seen a woman in person naked. I was so fucking horny and I was jerking off like crazy and she reached over grab my balls and wrapped her mouth around my cock that she finger fuck herself and game I blew my cum in her mouth so hard first time sex experience with another person. I saw her again 2 more times where she fucked me and took my virginity so this video definitely brought back some intense memories


1 月 前
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you pee in nature with those great tits out, then play with your pussy till you cum
1 月 前
Love to be outdoors with you
1 月 前
1 月 前
If I was there I would fuck you hard,so hot
1 月 前
Makes my cock throb !!!
1 月 前
K, all your videos are top for the hamster top charts !
1 月 前
Just tell me where and when....wow! I've never been so hard as watching those tits of yours and listening to you play with your pussy! I want that pussy in my mouth! Damn girl!
1 月 前
omg you are hot - listening to that wet greedy pussy being pumped by your fingers made my cock so massively hard.... would love to go balls deep in your pussy and ass and fill both your holes with liters of sticky cum.....