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Short haired MILF fucks a black. Outstanding handjob at the end.

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12 日 前
she def likes her black dick...
1 月 前
Oh man he is small but he is strong and dominant,he is the boss ohh..
2 月 前
Tracy at her best!
3 月 前
This is it
5 月 前
Wow..........Tracy is so HOT!!
7 月 前
This beautiful, blonde honey finally comes alive when his load of cum spurts out all over her !! ...Susie
9 月 前
I love blonde milfs
9 月 前
She was still hot then......
9 月 前
she needed all that cum in her cunt
9 月 前
Hi Tracy! I was married for almost 10 years to a wonderful woman just like YOU! She was one hell of a whore and loved black cock as much as you seem to. She actually got pregnant twice by black men while we were married and we were BOTH so excited not knowing WHICH one knocked her up. I didn't mind at all when people found out she was having a black baby...we were both excited and tickled to death. She DID eventually leave me for a black guy from Indiana who owned his own 18 wheeler and they travel around filming her with all the different men at truck stops she fucks now. I think it's wonderful even though I'm not part of it any longer. I hope to find another whore like you and her eventually myself.
1 年 前
She is Gorgeous, dammmm.... so sexy!
1 年 前
Damn she is fucking sexy plus got nice feet if I had one shot with her and with my high sex drive I would definitely fuck the living shit out of her hot sexy ass for a few hours of fuck sessions I would give her one hell of a damn deep fucking she would not forget ever in her lifetime
1 年 前
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1 年 前
Tracy you are outstanding!!!
2 年 前
2 年 前
Love Tracy in her younger days! But she's as sexy today as ever!!! My dream is to stare down her delightful pussy from about an inch away!! God she is so beautiful!
2 年 前
Hi Tracy,Great video!
2 年 前
Hi Tracy, I've always enjoyed all your stuff regardless of who posts it, my throbbing rock hard cock couldn't care less! Lol
2 年 前
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2 年 前
Very sexy MILF, even with her fake tits. Terrific cum load for her. Too bad she didn't get more of it in her mouth.
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3 年 前
geil und sexy !
3 年 前
Hot wife Tracy..every man should be so lucky to marry a woman like her...she rocks.
3 年 前
beautiful I.R. fuck; thanks for sharing
3 年 前
Nice to watch this sexy lady enjoying that BBC. He did well lasting so long with those expert hands all over his dick.