He is allowed to come at my command

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My slave is allowed to come at my command

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10 月 前
Incredible World Class Beauty!
11 月 前
I love that Mistress
1 年 前
Perfect mistress
1 年 前
You're the woman of my dreams!
1 年 前
Oh please, don't allow him to ejaculate now! Only when You are ready.
1 年 前
so want Her to use me the same way!
1 年 前
1 年 前
Thank you for sharing Mistress-Zita. I hope that one day I am lucky enough to be at your mercy.
1 年 前
The best part about this is the sounds he makes and he control your beautiful hands have over him. You are a dream Woman
1 年 前
That must be the luckiest slave in the world. Have never heard about slaves getting a hand jon from a Mistress. Would give my left testicle for just one orgasm from Mistress Zita!
1 年 前
Lucky slave!