Electro Tourture


BDSM with electicity

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5 月 前
Wow this is dangerous! Her screams are delicious though
8 月 前
i normally like electro play but that was dangerous. don't cross the heart with the electrodes. goes from torture and bdsm to needing cpr. defiantly liked the idea of hooking it to the needles though. just for anyone wanting to try this, use 4 pads, 1 set on left nipple 1 set on right nipple.
9 月 前
Nice to hear one doing something beside chirping.
10 月 前
strong torture...cruel master...
10 月 前
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...............oh yes
10 月 前
Great cruelty! Thanks!
10 月 前
muss man den dafür wirklich lange Nadeln durch die Brustwarzen stechen^^
sonst aber gutes Video.
10 月 前
Though I enjoyed her suffering, this isn't safe play! You should never go across the heart with electro. Both poles should have been in each nipple only! Could actually cause the heart to stall like he did it!