70+ Couple Invites Young Man for a 3some R20

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25 日 前
that made me so hard!
1 月 前
Fucking hot, we want an old couple like this to fuck regular.
3 月 前
love her tits
6 月 前
Fuck, that's hot!
6 月 前
granny is fantastic, wish I was with her.
6 月 前
I have a spouse only 65 and she is dry and will not do anything about it . Leaves me lonely and horny all the time. My neighbor is 73 and except for the hair looks similar to this woman. A few years back
she was on her deck in a one piece bathing suit . I told her how nice she looked. She is pretty and my mind does wander of what it would be like to be her lover as the wife watches ...... this older gal has not given up and that is great. Hubby has a nice hard on too , good for them both.
6 月 前
Fuckin A she has nice firm titties and sucks like a Trooper!!! Reminds me of a gal I know.
6 月 前
7 月 前
Loved it, this was great, I'm 69 and my wife and I need this same type of scene, she deserves it !
7 月 前
Horny forever!
7 月 前
Can I fuck you
7 月 前
More Power to them!! Wish I was a Close friend!
7 月 前
Alle haben Spaß!
7 月 前
omg! granny did a great job
7 月 前
I think it is AWSOME!
7 月 前
Sorry, this cracks me up!