50yr old Grannies Yoshiko Saito and Takako Ueno (Uncensored)


Takako and Yoshiko are two pretty 50yr old Japanese grannies with great bodies and hairy pussies. They strip, play with each other then both suck and get fucked by some lucky guy. Enjoy!

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3 月 前
I would love both these hot Grannies they love cock like I love pussy
5 月 前
I would luv to be with those two hot sexy women. Great vid.
6 月 前
I love these 2 grannies. They are so cute and sexy. My thai wife is 43 years old, slim and have big boobs. She like sex and love 2 suck my cock. This video I will show 2 my wife. She will love this video. We live in Pattaya and here is girls from 16 2 60 year old I dream 2 fuck. Visit my profile page, or send a message in my inbox
7 月 前
Thanks for the upload, Munch!
( ͡ ͜ ͡ ...)
Hey XC Ski Skater !!! Enjoyed your comments. Glad to hear that another guy resonates... feels empathetic pleasure from hearing girls' coos, sighs, and cries of sexual pleasure... as well as laughter.
(。◠‿◠ 。)
Based on comments posted at xHamster, I gather that most guys do not even hear those vocalizations. And those who DO hear the girls' sexual babbling, are mostly put off by the sounds. For them, it is just aggravating NOISE!
!( °╭╮° ) !
How strange !!! How we are all so different, in our instinctive sexual behaviors. The first time I heard a woman's cries of pleasure... I was not sure what was goin' on... but it DID sound nice... wonderful... and my tiny cock was suddenly bone hard, and throbbing. My mind was overcome with wonder, about what those vocalizations meant... and why I enjoyed hearing that babbling nonsense.
( ͡° ͜ ͡° )
And YES, XC Ski Skater !!! Takako is laughing as well as making cries of pleasure. That is very unusual. Sex is one activity that is difficult to enjoy when you are breaking up in laughter. Or perhaps Takako has reached her limit, for pleasure. Totally satisfied, she laughs.
( ͡ ͜ ͡ )
Can anyone share their experiences? IME, if my girl does something ridiculous, during sex... and makes me laugh... I gotta stop. Just cannot laugh and enjoy love making, at the same time.
! (。°‿◠ 。) !
Wish I could get a translator, to figure out the chemistry between theses two babes. Are they engaged in some kind of competition? Or something else? As I read in National Geographic Magazine, many decades ago, the Japanese seem to lack a sense of privacy, in the western-Caucasian sense. In this video, and others... two, three, or more Japanese women will engage in copulation, maintaining eye contact, and holding hands, seeming to enjoy kinky exhibitionist behavior, as if it were completely natural part of sex. Sometimes, in a MFFM foursome, a girl in the act of MF copulation will want to hold hands with her GF, and kiss the other guy, while he is copulating with her GF... or in some kinky cases... humping her own daughter into an ecstatic delirium. Yikes!! Japanese culture is so uninhibited... paganistic! Like the ancient Greeks or Romans!
╭☞ ! ( ͡ ͡° ͜ ͡ ͡°) !
9 月 前
9 月 前
10 月 前
Nice 1
1 年 前
Interesting that the first guy "really" wants to fuck Takako (who IS super-horny and HOTT) but he's forced to tongue and fuck Yoshiko, who's really second-fiddle in this bit. Loves2munch? Please Please PLEASE, more videos of Takako who is quite deserving of as many fucks as I can give her ...
1 年 前
I finally figured it out: it's the gentle and sexy "cooing" each of them do, especially Takako. Yoshiko just resigns herself to sucking cock but Takako has THE most magnificent kisses and cooing of them both ... makes me hard just watching her by herself. BTW, is she LAUGHING when on the kitchen floor, getting fucked and having orgasms? Wonderful, would LOVE to make her laugh all her life ..
1 年 前
Yow-SAW, Bear!!! Don'cha love it, at 35minutes? ...the way the cute, pixie-faced granny climbed into the saddle and rode, showin' off her tiny tits and long shapely limbs?
And when her legs tired out, she eagerly let him ride her... long legs spread wide... as she made the most enchanting cries and coos of pleasure. Wow-ZAW!
1 年 前
fucking brilliant
1 年 前
now that sexy stuff they put young lady to shame indeed prices less
1 年 前
斉藤好子 上野多佳子 - パコパコママ1
1 年 前
I woud love to fuck japanede ass
1 年 前
Fantastic video!
1 年 前
fucking great!!! I've cum.
1 年 前
interesting milfs, they are good as sex friend.
1 年 前
2 very attractive grannies? good scene!
2 年 前
That was weird but really hot :P
2 年 前
These women are wonderful. A dream coming through. So sensuous and real.
2 年 前
I love to shoot my load deep inside them.
3 年 前
3 年 前
Great vid. Really fancy some middle aged jap pussy if it's as good as this. Seen a few young jap escorts in London years ago and they were great!
3 年 前
Two gorgeous women. Takako has the most magnificent nipples I've ever seen and they're both so demure and polite which makes this scene even hotter. Wish I could understand what they're saying.
3 年 前
How could i find a Japanese mature women. They are so beutiful.
3 年 前
I'd love to shoot my man goo all over both of them! That man is soo lucky
3 年 前
Lucky son of a bitch
3 年 前
Thanx, Loves2Munch.
Wonderful fantasy, particularly at 40 or 58minutes, it's so wonderful to pump loving into a woman who's cravin' it, and enjoyin' it, while her best friend watches on, smilin'. And occasionally rubbin' on her clit, or her friend's clit, or both clits. That's what makes these granny fantasies so hawwwt!
Add to it, another 1950s fantasy element... (can you remember that far back, before reliable birth control?)... These cute grannies are post-menopausal, and can't get pregnant from any man's seed. They are burning hotter than ever with sexual desire, but now ready to try out everything that was formerly taboo to them. Especially if widowed and alone. They learn to share, from the available, and shrinking pool of virile men.
Wish there was a translator available. Would like to understand what these orgasming granny-girls are chattering about. Anyone know of a translator?
What's goin' on at 24minutes? ...did he take them out back to the alleyway, near the dumpsters, for kinky sex where the girls gotta' keep quiet? ...no squealin'? Or is it for the girls, the kinky thrill of pretending to be streetwalkin' prostitutes? How naughty! That probably got the girls really aroused... and ready to go back inside where they can make all the noise they want, eggin' each other on, into intense screaming orgasms.
Perhaps, I should try that sometime. I am afraid that your videos, Loves2Munch, can be considered to be educational, public service. LOL!
3 年 前
Takako Ueno is just unreal....50 and smoking hot with a beautiful hairy snatch and nipples to die for...take that over a 20yr old any day...wow!
3 年 前
so so so hot! and those nipples are just awesome!!!