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Under the Covers - Davey's story.

Just over a week ago, my friend 'victoria_zecret' posted a story 'Under the Covers', based on a long-enjoyed fantasy. She wrote it from the viewpoint of herself - Vicky, so she could describe her thoughts and feelings. With Vicky's permission and encouragement, I have re-written the story from the viewpoint of her fantasy brother, Davey.

Vicky's story can be found here

and should be read before reading this. We both hope that you enjoy the stories.


Tossing my book to one side, I stretched full length on my bed. According to my clock radio, it was 11.16pm. Another f******n minutes. I'd heard them go to bed about 10.30 but needed to be sure they were asleep. At 11.00 I'd been to the bathroom. Their light was off and I could hear Dad snoring, but how long had it been off? Mum might have only just finished reading. I decided to give it until half past.

Quiet Time. That's what my sister Vicky and I called it. We'd been having our Quiet Times since we were very young. It was our time away together; away from adults, away from homework, away from worries. Armed with battery flashlights, we'd create our own little world, under the bedsheets. A world where we could talk, where we could exchange secrets, laugh, hug, and sometimes cry.

In those early years, Mum and Dad thought it cute. They had assumed, that since I'd become a teenager in the spring, that we'd grown out of it. So now we had to be careful. We'd never done anything weird but were both aware of the potential consequences of a teenage brother and his younger sister being caught in bed together, however innocent.

I'd only that day got back from camp, where I missed my sweet little Vicky, with her long dark blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes and dirty little giggle. I wanted to hear her news, to hear her laugh again. But mostly I wanted to feel her arms around me.

The clock now said 11.24. Sod it, that'll do. It was a warm night so, just wearing my boxers, I eased open my bedroom door and listened. The hallway was in darkness, just the light from the streetlamp outside. In the far distance, I could hear a police siren. Dad was still snoring as I walked silently along the hall carpet to their bedroom. I paused at their partly open door, where I had stood many times to listen to them fucking, Mum moaning, begging Dad to fuck her harder. Sometimes, I would fetch Vicky and we'd listen together, trying not to giggle. I moved on down the hallway and slowly opened Vicky's bedroom door.

All was in darkness. I was pretty certain that she would still be awake, waiting for me. Closing the door, I crept across the room, lifted the covers and slipped in next to her.

Instantly, I felt her warm arms wrap around me as I pulled the covers over us and wriggled down until we were both completely under. Breathing in, I felt my cock twitch. She smelled of summer roses from her shower. With a long sigh, she hooked a smooth bare leg over me and peppered my forehead with kisses.

"Oh Davey, what took you so long? I thought you weren't coming", she said excitedly.

"It's okay", I said, "I had to wait until I was certain they were asleep".

"They've been asleep for ages", she said, a little loudly.

"Shhh..., quiet down", I whispered.

"They won't hear us. We've been doing this for years and they never hear us. They've got no idea".

"We should still be careful. We don't want to get caught. Our Quiet Times would have to stop".

"I couldn't bear that. Oh, I missed you so much. Hold me".

"I missed you too but it was only two weeks", I chuckled.

"Only two weeks? I hate going to bed when you're not here, I really do".

"I know, I'm here now".

For a few minutes, we laid there quietly, just hugging. I was in heaven. Vicky was the most beautiful girl I knew. Every boy at school was in love with her. It wasn't just her long legs, tight little ass and sweet round face with high cheekbones. It was the little things; her pert button nose and perfect pink lips. These things alone would turn heads, but on a body honed from sport and dance, it was no wonder I could feel my cock stiffening.

Whilst I was on most of the school sports teams, Vicky excelled at anything she tried. Swimming, volleyball, netball, tennis; there was nothing she couldn't do and do well. In the back of my mind, I knew that our Quiet Times would not continue for many more years. A girl as pretty and as hot as her would soon start to attract the serious attention of boys. I had two, maybe three years before I would have to watch her drift away, boys ringing the doorbell, sitting in her room with her laughing, walking holding hands. Absently, my fingers stroked her little right ear, making her squirm and giggle.

Pushing me away, she asked, "So how was camp?".

"It was awful", I admitted, "Like a prison camp. Running around the bush like natives. I don't wanna talk about it".

"You told Mum and Dad it was great fun".

"Of course I did, but you know I only tell you the real truth at Quiet Time".

"In here, where we're safe, where there's just us. Only us". Vicky squeezed me again, her warm breath on my ear.

"So tell me your news", I said, "What's been happening while I've been away?".

"You'll never guess", she said excitedly, "Guess".

"You said I'll never guess".

"Guess anyway".

"I dunno. Okay..., um..., you got a boyfriend?".

"No", she said, laughing.

"You had sex?".

"Nooooooo...!", she squealed.

"You got a 'B' on a test?".


"You realised you're a lesbian?".

"Stop it", she giggled, slapping my arm playfully.

"You got a*****ed by aliens?".

"I got boobs!", she said excitedly.

"What? When? You got boobs in two weeks?".

"Well, they had been feeling funny for a few weeks before you left and like the day after you left I thought they looked a bit different, like a bit swollen but not actual tits, just like a swelling and every day they seemed to get bigger and bigger".

"See? I told you not to worry".

"Yeah I know, but I was the last one to get them and…, they're not very big".

I could feel my heart beating in my chest. Taking a deep breath and hoping I wasn't about to ruin things, I said quietly, "Show me".

"No, don't be silly".

"Why not?".

"I dunno. It's embarrassing".

"Why? You were never embarrassed in the bath together, or skinny dipping in the pool".

"I dunno. It's different now I've got tits".

"Oh come on, show me. Remember? No secrets?".

"Okay, but you must promise not to laugh".

"I won't. Why would I laugh?".

"Cos they're so small".

"Okay Vicky, I promise I won't laugh". Turning on my small flashlight, I continued excitedly, "Come on then, show me!".

Vicky hesitated. I thought she'd chickened out. She was looking at me strangely. "Davey", she finally said, "Why haven't you got a girlfriend?".


"Half the girls at school are talking about you. You're beautiful, fit, with perfect skin and amazing blue eyes".

"They're no different from your blue eyes".

"Don't change the subject".

I desperately wanted to tell her the truth, to tell her that I loved her, that I worshipped her. I wanted to spend every second of every day with her, to hear her laugh, to see her beautiful smile, to watch her ass. Instead, I took the easy way out and said, "I don't think I'm old enough yet".

"Rubbish!", she said, "You're one of the biggest boys in your year. There are boys three years ahead of you that aren't as big or as strong. I bet you've kissed lots of girls".

I shook my head.

"Really? None?".



"How about you?", I asked.

"I've wanted to, but I don't know how". Vicky hesitated before looking me in the eye and saying, almost in a whisper, "We could learn together".

I swallowed. Did she mean....

Stretching her arms above her head she laid on her back, looked at me and said, "Please Davey, kiss me".

Oh God! Now what do I do now? I couldn't take my eyes off of her small, soft, kissable lips. I forced myself to look down and away. By the light of the flashlight, I could see my cock outlined in my tight, stretchy, black boxers. Quickly, I moved the light, hoping Vicky hadn't seen. Or maybe I was hoping she had.

"Well?", she asked, licking her lips, then biting the bottom one.

Oh God! Whenever she did that; biting her lip, she knew she had me beaten. But I couldn't. Could I? She was my little sister. Okay, not that little, only a year younger, but still my little sister. It was my job to protect her. But if I don't do it, she'll do it with some k** from school. It's just a kiss. It doesn't mean anything.

Leaning over, I kissed the tip of her cute little nose, before moving lower and pressing my lips against hers. For maybe a minute. Nothing. No fireworks, no orchestra playing.

I stopped and pulled away. She was frowning. "Let's try again", she said.

Oh shit! It suddenly occurred to me that I was a crap kisser. Oh, fuck no! Again, I pressed my lips to hers. This wasn't right. Surely there must be more to kissing than this. Everyone makes such a big deal out of it. In desperation, and I don't know what made me do it, I ran the tip of my tongue across her closed lips.

Vicky squealed and pushed my head away, "What was that?", she asked, her eyes wide in shock.

"Ah..., my tongue, sorry".

She stared at me, thinking, then pulled my head down saying, "Do it again Davey"

So I did. This time her lips seemed much softer, more relaxed. My tongue slid across them. Then - oh my God - then, her lips parted
and the tip of her tongue touched mine. A bolt of electricity shot through my body. She grabbed my hair and pulled me down harder. Her mouth opened wider as her tongue went into my mouth. I bit it. She moaned. I thrust my tongue deep into her mouth, our lips mashing. Fireworks exploded in my head, her arms engulfed me. Oh fuck, it was so, so good.

My cock was so hard it hurt. Eventually, we parted, breathing heavily. Vicky looked at me. Her eyes looked wet. "I..., I...", she stammered

"Shhhh...", I said, putting a finger on her lips, "Later. Right now I need to see my sister's tits".

She smiled, "Okay, but you've seen them before".

"I've seen your nipples but never on a pair of tits".

"Yeah, well don't be too disappointed.... I need to sit up".

I watched as Vicky sat up and ran her hands down over her singlet style pyjama top. It was pink with little white flowers. Slowly, oh so slowly, she pulled it up. I shone my flashlight.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!", I moaned in a hushed voice. "Vicky, they're beautiful, utterly beautiful"

"You're so sweet Davey", she said, looking down, "Do you really think so?".

"Oh God yes! They're so cute. Perfect little tits. Absolutely perfect". I couldn't take my eyes off them. They were larger than I had expected. In my mind I had imagined them to be tiny; the size of an apricot, but these were peaches. Fully ripe, juicy peaches, each one tipped by a little hard nipple. "Fuck, Vicky, I'll be dreaming about them later".

"Really?", she giggled.

I nodded, "I think you've already overtaken most of your class. Can I..., touch them?".


My hands were actually shaking. I could see that Vicky was watching me intently. Slowly, I cupped her right tit. I could feel the hard nipple pressing into the palm of my hand. It felt warm and firm as it filled my hand. Vicky closed her eyes and sucked in air through her teeth.

"What..., what do they feel like?", she eventually asked.

"Amazing", I said grinning, "Simply amazing. How does it feel, me touching them?".

"It feels good. I like it. If I lay down on my side, they sort of hang down and get bigger. Look!".

Vicky laid on her left side and I felt her tit move and sort of sag down a bit. "They look smallest when I'm on my back, but sort of normal when I'm standing and biggest if I lay on my side or bent over".

"Oh yeah, I see what you mean. It feels different now. Yeah, a bit bigger".

"Watch this", she said excitedly, getting on her hands and knees and letting her tits swing down. "They're even bigger now!".

I shone my flashlight and pulled her top up higher.

"Get underneath me so you can see them better", she said.

"Your top's in the way. Can you take it off?"

"Okay", she said.

Vicky sat up, turning the covers into a tepee and laughing as she pulled her top over her head. "Lay down then".

Once I was on my back, Vicky knelt over me. "Oh wow, they look incredible from down here", I said.

Gently, I held both of them, feeling their shape and squeezing them. Vicky shuddered and giggled.

"What's wrong?", I asked.

"It feels funny when you do that".

"Do what?".

"Touch my nipples like that".

"Really? Funny good or funny bad?".

"Funny good. Funny real good", she said laughing.

I rubbed my palms over her nipples and squeezed gently.

"Like that?", I asked.

"Oh yeah! Just like that".

"Move onto your side again. It's easier to get to them that way".

Once on her side, I began to play with her nipples. Pressing them, squeezing them, rolling them between my finger and thumb, pulling them.

"Do you like playing with my tits?", she asked.

"Fuck yeah! Of course, I do. Do you um..., like me playing with them?".

"Yeah, I do. It feels really nice".

Dare I ask the question? Thirty minutes ago, I hadn't kissed her or touched her tits. Was it such a big step? "Can I..., can I..., kiss them?".

"What?" she said, surprised and appearing shocked. Then she started giggling and put her arm over her tits.

"What's so funny?", I asked.

"It's just so funny, the idea of you, Davey, my brother, kissing my tits".

"So can I?".

"Okay. If you want to", she said, still giggling.

She moved her arm away and rested her hand on my shoulder as I leaned forward and kissed her right nipple. Licking my lips, I slipped them over her nipple and sucked.

She'd stopped giggling and was now breathing hard, raking her heels on the sheet.

"How does that feel?", I stopped and asked.

"Don’t stop. Suck it harder..., oh yes, Davey, just like that, mmmmmmm....", she moaned.

"Try the other one", she panted, moving slightly, "I want to know if they both feel the same. Oh God, they do! Oh, Davey, it feels so nice".

"Hold the flashlight", I said handing it to her

I sucked one nipple whilst squeezing her other tit. It felt so hard between my lips. As I sucked, I flicked it with my tongue, then bit it gently.

"Ohhhhh..., shit. Do that again..., a bit harder".

As I bit and sucked, she wriggled and squirmed under the covers, pulling my hair and stretching her legs out like a cat. Her knee touched my cock.

She froze, before asking, "Oh my God, Davey, have you got a stiffy?".

I didn't know what to say so just kept squeezing and sucking her tits. Without warning, she reached down and grabbed my cock through my boxers. Yikes!

"Davey, you have got a stiffy!", she exclaimed.

"Shit, I'm sorry Vicky", I stumbled.

"That's okay, but how come?".

"Well, I've been playing with your tits and sucking them and…, well..., hearing you. That's what happens".

"But I'm your sister and I thought you were just checking them out. Doesn't that mean that you wanna fuck when you get a stiffy?".

"No, it just means you know, that I'm kinda turned on, that's all".

"You're not thinking about fucking me then?".

"Yes, I mean no. No! No, I'm not Vicky! Shit, it's like my dick doesn’t know you're my sister. But I do. You get it?".

"So, it turns you on playing with my tits?".

"Yeah, of course. But Vicky, I got a stiffy as soon as I saw them, not when I started playing with them. You don't realise how fucking hot you are. I know they belong to my sister but it’s like my brain just tells my cock there's tits there and really nice ones and not whose tits they are".

"Oh, so your dick's all excited about my tits but it doesn't know they're your sister's tits?".

"Yeah, I suppose so".

"Okay, that sorta makes sense".

"So..., do you want me to stop?".

"God no, do you?".



Phew! I was so sure I'd blown it. My cock embarrassed me at times. Shouldn't I be able to control it? Surely it shouldn't have a mind of its own? Do men really go through life with their cock doing its own thing? For maybe the last year, every time I thought of Vicky or found myself close to her, up it went.

"Davey?", Vicky interrupted my thoughts.

"Uh huh".

"Can I have a look at your cock?", she asked coyly.

"What? Why?".

"I dunno. I've never had a good look at one, that's why".

I couldn't help but laugh. We both did. It was kinda funny.

"Okay, help yourself, Vicky", I said laying on my back.

She shone the flashlight on my boxers. "Hang on, this is so bloody silly and I'm getting too hot", she said throwing off the covers and climbing out of bed.

Shit! What had I done wrong?

I watched as she switched on her bedside lamp and walked across to the bedroom door. My eyes drifted from her tiny feet, up her long legs, across her unbelievably tight ass wrapped in white pyjama shorts with little pink flowers and frilly pink cuffs around the edge, then up her flawless bare back. With a gentle click, she locked the door and turned. I caught my breath. The soft yellow light cast a glow over her. She was simply perfect.

Slowly, she climbed onto the bed from the bottom, on all fours, treating me to an impish grin. Giggling she lifted my waistband and peered inside. She stopped giggling and bit her lip. With a tug, my boxers came down and my cock sprang out and kind of quivered, which made her giggle again.

"You're not supposed to laugh when you see a cock, you know. You'll never get a boyfriend if you keep doing that".

"It just leapt out at me", she said, "It looks kind of angry, different to what I remember but it's been a long time since I've had a close look at it. It's definitely much bigger and..., thicker. And the head is all tight and red. This whole thing is supposed to fit inside a girl?".

"So they say. Finished?".

"No! Who knows when I'll get another chance to check out a hard cock and it would be good to know what I'll be dealing with if I ever get a boyfriend. You've got big balls and a lot of hair down there".

"Have you got any hair down there yet?", I asked.

"Just some downy stuff", she said absently, engrossed in studying me.

"You can touch it if you like", I said, "Just..., to help with your education".


"You let me play with your tits, so it's only fair".

I watched, as her delicate hand reached out, almost in slow motion, her fingers closing around my shaft. My heart was thumping.

"It feels hot, really strange. Kind of alive and throbbing", she whispered.

She squeezed. I heard myself make a strange moaning sound.

"Did that hurt?", she asked.

"No", I said with a slight croak in my voice.

"Look, Davey, I can move it around, up and down and from side to side. I kind of thought it just stuck out like a rigid ramrod or something".

She started to giggle again.

"I'd like to know what's so funny about my cock".

"Nothing", she said. "It's just me. You've got a really nice cock, and your balls are kinda interesting. So this is where your cum is made?".

Slowly, she cupped my balls and picked them up to have a better look. "They're nice, but I think I like your cock better". She put her hand back on it, forming a fist around it and squeezing gently. "I really liked the feel of it in my hand".

"Vicky? Try moving your hand up and down".

"Okay...., like this?".

She held my cock loosely in my hand and moved her fist up and down. "Davey? Is this what you do when you wank?".

"Yeah. Sort of".

"So..., am I like..., giving you a hand job?".

"No, cause that would be weird".

She moved onto her left side, facing my cock. "As I move my hand up and down, it feels alive, kind of like a snake. It feels really hard but kind of soft at the same time".

Closing my eyes, I revelled in the incredible feeling of my sister slowly stroking my cock. My cock felt bigger than it had ever done. I thought the feeling of a girl's hand would be just like wanking but this was something else, in another league altogether. I wanted it to last forever.


"Mmmm...", I managed.

"I feel funny".

"What sort of funny?".

"I don't know, funny inside, goosebumpy".

Was my little sister getting turned on? I wondered if her pussy was wet then tried not to think about it, then thought about it again. "Vicky..., you can suck it if you like. I mean you let me suck your tits so it's only fair".

"Suck it? Suck your cock? That's a bit different to sucking tits. You piss out of that thing. The girls are always talking about cock sucking..., but maybe it would be a good idea to practice on you".

Vicky stopped stroking my cock and was staring at it. "Do you want to suck it?", I asked.

"Do you want me to?", she replied.

"If you want to. No, I mean yes, I do want you to".

"Okay, why not, but it just seems so wrong putting your cock in my mouth".

I held my breath as she leaned over and slipped her soft lips over the head. I couldn't stop myself letting out a long moan. Carefully, gently, she sucked on my head. After maybe a minute she stopped and held it in her mouth. A new sensation took over. She was working her tongue around my head! Finally, she released me with a plop and began to lick the head all over. I'd never seen the skin so red and tight.

Then she put it back in and sucked again like she was sucking a lollipop.

"Vicky", I said quietly, "Move your lips up and down it. Like you did with your hand. You know? Up and down so it goes in and out of your mouth".

Mesmerised, I watched my sweet, innocent, beautiful Vicky, slide her mouth right down my cock and back up again. Gradually she got the hang of it and started to bob her head up and down. "Oh fuck Vicky, that feels so good". I wanted to lay back, close my eyes and savour the moment, but I couldn't take my eyes off the sight in front of me. My cock was stretching my sister's beautiful mouth. Her lips sealed around my cock.

Cupping my balls with one hand, she gripped my cock at the base and slid her lips up and down even faster. I was panting and moaning pretty much non-stop by then. On one dip she took too much and I felt my head hit something. She released my cock laughing and spluttering but quickly began to suck me again.

It was the most incredible, erotic thing I had ever seen. Finally, I knew I was close to cumming. "Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop", I called out, pulling her off.

"What's wrong? What did I do wrong?", she said looking worried.

"Nothing, nothing. You were doing it too well. I almost came".

"What? You would have cum in my mouth?".

"Yeah, well that's what happens but I didn't wanna do it to you".


"Why? Really? Well…, I...".

"But you said that's what happens".

"Yeah, but I don't know if you'd like it. I've heard some girls say they don't, so I didn't..., I mean..., I wanted to..., but I wasn't sure...".

"You're babbling, Davey".

I slid down the bed so we were face to face. "Vicky, I just sucked my sister's tits and you just sucked your brother's cock".

"Did I do it okay?".

"Vicky, you nearly made me cum, that's your answer. I would have cum if I hadn't made you stop. You were amazing".

"We've been really bad haven't we?", she replied with a little grin.

I nodded and hesitated, "Vicky..., can I have a look at your cunt?".

"I dunno. I suppose so. Why would you want to, you've seen it before?".

"Oh, I dunno. I haven't seen it for a while".

"It's the same, just got a bit of fuzz around it now".

"So can I?".

"Yeah, okay".

I watched as she slid her shorts down her sleek legs, before flicking them in the air. I matched her by flicking my boxers off my ankles.

"Davey, we're both naked", she laughed.

We had been naked under the covers before, lit by a flashlight. In fact, we'd both checked each other out pretty thoroughly a few times but hadn't done that for a while now. Once we had a pretend fuck. I got on top of Vicky and we went through the motions of fucking but we were laughing so hard and the whole idea of fucking just seemed crazy to us at the time.

"Lie on your back", I said to her.

Vicky lay on her back and spread her legs, her eyes not leaving mine. "Spin around", I said, "So you're facing the lamp". Giggling she raised herself up and spun around like a crab. Laying between her legs, I gazed at her perfect little cunt. It was just a slash really, like a cut. Above it was a tiny little pea, which I guessed was her clitoris. The light from the lamp reflected off a tiny drop of liquid that was about to run down towards her asshole. Around it was the softest down imaginable. Just below her cunt was the sweetest little pinky-brown star of her anus. I wanted it to be mine, forever. I didn't want any other boy or man to ever see it.

"Whatcha doing down there?", asked Vicky.

"Just looking", I said, looking up from between her legs. Vicky was laid back with her eyes shut, squeezing her nipples.

"You've got a really pretty cunt, Vicky".

"Pretty? Can cunts be pretty?".

"It looks delicious", I said.

"Delicious? That's a funny word to describe a cu..., oh fuck!".

Vicky was cut off mid-sentence by my tongue licking up across her cunt. She really did taste delicious!

"What the fuck are you doing?", Vicky whispered, her voice wavering and faint.

I didn't answer, but felt Vicky jump and squirm as my tongue forced her lips apart and found her little hole. I pushed my tongue in as far as I could, tasting her sweet juices.

"Davey, really..., oh fuck nnnnnn... what are you doing?", she moaned, this time her voice sounding really hoarse and strained.

"I'm licking your pussy", I said with a muffled voice.

Oh God, she tasted so good! I couldn't get enough. I sucked, I licked, I kissed, I nibbled, I probed.

Vicky was writhing and moaning. Her legs opened wider and her heels raked my back. I began to fuck her tight hole with my tongue.

"Go back up. Go back up", she suddenly cried out, her voice almost unrecognisable. I moved up to her little nub of a clit.

"Yes! There, right there, suck it, oh God yes, suck it hard, Davey, suck it.....".

Her voice trailed off as I locked my lips onto her button and sucked it into my mouth, the tip of my tongue flicking across and around it. Using my right hand, I forced my middle finger into her tight cunt. Her muscles immediately clenched around it. As I sucked, I fucked her. Her cunt became much more slippery, my finger going in and out with ease. I slipped in a second one.

Suddenly, without warning, Vicky began to shake, her heels pressed hard into my back, her body arched and she let out a long cry. Neither of us cared anymore about our parents, we were in our own world, nothing else existed. Still sucking hard, her cunt gripped my fingers as she squirmed and jerked. Another cry was stifled, stuck in her throat.

Gradually the jerking and shaking subsided. I crawled up the bed until I was above her, my hard cock brushing her downy hair. She was panting like a dog, her eyes staring at me.

I was desperate, I was out of control; I needed to cum.

"Vicky, Vicky, can I fuck you?", I blurted out.

"Oh yes Davey, fuck me now!", she cried.

I felt her hand grasp my cock to guide me. "There Davey, in there, just there".

The head of my cock parted her slick lips, then I was in, partly. It wouldn't go any further. Vicky's legs wrapped around me pressing on my ass. "Now Davey!", she said.

I pushed harder. Suddenly the resistance vanished and Vicky gave a little cry of pain. My cock slid all the way in. Her cunt was so unbelievably tight. It was like my cock was sliding into something warm and slippery, but only half the size of my cock.

"Now fuck me", Vicky whispered into my ear.

So I did. I fucked her. I fucked my baby sister. Slowly at first, but then speeding up. Vicky wrapped her arms around me as I drove into her. Grabbing her ass with both hands, I lifted her lightly which seemed to let me go deeper. I was fucking her like a madman, my body slapping against her ass. And I was fucking loving it.

Looking at her, she was wearing the most beautiful smile and her perfect tits jiggled as I slid in and out. Then she bit her bottom lip. Oh fuck. She had to go and bite her bottom lip. I felt my balls tighten and cock swell. I clamped my mouth onto those luscious pink lips and fucked her with my tongue. She squirmed and squealed.

I rammed my cock in as deep as it would go and froze. My whole body tingled. I shut my eyes and clenched my abdominal muscles for as long as I could, then released. With a cry, a bucket of cum sprayed deep into my Vicky, my sister.

Vicky seemed to be struggling for breath, she was hitting my back with her fists. God, I was good at this. Then I realised that all my weight was on her.

Rolling off, we both laughed. "How did Mum and Dad not hear that?", asked Vicky, panting for air.

"Perhaps they did and thought you were masturbating, or perhaps the bottle of wine they shared watching that movie had an effect".

We lay face to face. Vicky hooked an arm and a leg over me and looked into my eyes.

"I love you, Vicky", I blurted.

"I love you too Davey".

I wiped a tear from her eye.

"What have we done Davey?", she whispered.

"It was an accident. We didn't mean to".

"No, we didn't. It just happened".

"It'll be okay", I said, "We can never get caught doing this though. Our lives would be over".

"I know. You wanna do it again?".

"Don't you? I dunno. Do you?".

"Yeah, I do, if you do".

"I do".


And we did. Many times.

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