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Lust for Stepmother

My name is Eric and I was thirty-five years old when my
father died. To say his death hurt would be an
understatement. It was truly devastating. Although it
was a difficult time, I was fortunate in that I had my
stepmother Janice to help me through this period. As I'll say
more than once in this story. My real mother had died when I
was young. Even though Janice married my father many years after
my mother died, I thought of her as my mother not a stepmother.
That's important to this story. I should add one more
thing, It was a rare day that I didn't lock myself in
my room ... 続ける»
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My s****r's Best Friends

We had just moved in to our new house and were unpacking. I was between semesters at college, staying with my folks. We'd moved across town to a larger house in a better neighborhood and were almost done unpacking. The box was on top of a bookshelf. I moved to retrieve it, but my s****r beat me to it. As she reached up, her shirt hiked up, exposing her perfect tummy. I gawked as she went up on her tiptoes, grunting slightly as she pulled the box off the shelf. Her shorts were cut so high her pockets were hanging out. I could see directly up the back. She was wearing white cotton panties with p... 続ける»
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Getting Back At Mum

I was fed up with my life and every thing in it. Things had gone from bad to worse in just a year. First Dad, fucked off with my aunt. Can you believe it. He and my mother's s****r had been having an affair for two years before they took off together. It really devastated my mother. I mean not only had the husband that she was totally devoted to left her, but he left with her younger s****r. Worst of it was that he had emptied out the bank account on his way out of town.

Secondly even though Mom had a pretty good job working for an accounting firm we just didn't quite have enough for frill... 続ける»
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Shortly after I turned 30 my wife and I found out that
she was pregnant with our first c***d. We had lived on
our own for a few years, and we lived pretty far from our
parents. We had a decent sized house, since I had a good
job, but with myself working full time, and her being
tired all the time from the pregnancy, there was no way
for us to keep the house up to where it needed to be. And
she didn't feel like cooking either, and one can only
live on so many pizzas.

We both realized that something needed to be done, but I
didn't make enough to hire a housekeeper, especial... 続ける»
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Business trip with dad, first part!

My dad is a salesman for an intrenational company which means he is travelling a lot, mostly in europe.
I was just in the mid of my teens and he asked if I would like to follow him on a trip, and I was afraid it will be boring, but got convinced when he told me the hotel was really nice with a big spa area.
Off we went and arrived late in the evening, and just went to bed. Next morning he went offfor meetings and I was all alone on the hotel room.
Decidec to take a shower and before I went in , i open to the balcony to watch the wiew outside.
We was on the top floor which was the 3rd f... 続ける»
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Stepmom's Fantasy Come True

Stepmom's Fantasy Come True

My name is Marlene and I just married a very handsome and
very rich man who had a daughter age 19 named Amy.
I tell this story to you all in hopes that others like
me will not feel corrupted. At first I felt
horrible. But after several encounters and fantastic sex
it wears away quickly.
We lived in a large home on a private street and the
only problem was that my husband's job took him all over
the world leaving me to care for Amy who I dearly loved.
But loneliness is hard and a husband away for several
days or even weeks is downright traumatic. But tha... 続ける»
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Part 1....Of My First Taste of an intimate beautif

This is all True OK !!!!

Let me first off start saying here that I respect and even love people of a different culture or faith other than my own, and that I find learning about and being told things about beliefs and ways of others is a turn on of mine....

This event took place about 3 years ago now when things that we see in the news each day now ? were less of a head line then.

I had just moved into a new house located in an upscale area of my city in Texas, and being alone (which I had been for many years now ? ) meant that I had to be the one arranging everything to suit my taste... 続ける»
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Mom's Rules

Beth's chest and abdomen were heaving as she gasped for breath. Her orgasm was subsiding even as Tim gave her clit one more light lick. The cunnilingus was not the best she had ever had but it had been the first time for her son and that thought had made her orgasm very intense. He finished kissing her bush and slowly worked his way up until he was nuzzling and kissing her belly button. As he reached her breasts Beth realized that Tim's hard cock was dragging upwards across her thighs getting nearer and nearer to her soaking cunt.

The events of the past few weeks flashed before her eyes.... 続ける»
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Mothers Day

Shelly was my best buddies mom. I have had a secret crush on from the day I met her. There was Something about her that made me just want to bust a nut deep inside her. I think we have all known someone like that. I never thought that I would ever get the chance to fuck Shelly. But I went over to see my buddy on Mothers Day forgetting that his whole f****y was going out to give mom some alone time.
Shelly invited me in and told my buddy was gone for the day but she would really like for me to stay and spend some time with her. Now I find Shelly attractive, long blonde hair, big brown eye... 続ける»
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Car Fun With An Audience

I met this hot slut named Kathy when delivering a pizza to her house. That is another story I'll tell later. Anyhow, I decided to invite Kathy to my house to have a fun three-way with my wife. Now Kathy was a cute, slightly pudgy but tight skinned brunette with shoulder length hair. Kathy had absolutely huge tits with big rosy red nipples damn near the size of saucers! Nipples that looked oh so nasty when hard and erect! I loved sucking them hard while feeding her wet cunt my fat cock. However, on to our adventure;

It was about a 40 minute drive from Kathy's house to mine. On the way ... 続ける»
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Friend mom

My Best Friend's Hot Mom

Will Blake was my best friend. We’d known each other since middle school and now, the Summer after graduation, we were headed to be rommies together at college. I was at Will’s as usual. He was taking a shower and I was waiting for him to finish and we were going out – hopefully to nail some fresh pussy. When new conquests were on the agenda we went across town to hang in the other high school’s area. We knew all the k**s from our school, but the k**s that went to Jackson High were not as familiar to us, thus great “trolling for trollops” as Will and I called it.... 続ける»
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A Night to Remember

A fair number of years ago, I was about 19 or so. I had recently finished school and got myself a handy job. Making money and being young, I of course began heading into town (Dublin) on the weekends for some very enjoyable nights out. This night, was one to remember.

I had been drinking with some friends in a pub. Last orders were called at bout 2:00a.m. We finished up our drinks and we all left to head home. I was on my own as I was going in the opposite direction to my friends. It was about 2:30a.m at this stage and crossing the road near Dame St, I decided to take an interesting detour.... 続ける»
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Take my daughter

I was no stranger to gay sex when the school's swimming coach, Miss Kim Lester, seduced me in the changing room. Or was it I who seduced her?

The previous year I'd formed a strong attachment to a class mate, Fiona, and we became so close that I invited her for a sl**p over. Now if you tell me that two thirteen year old girls can sl**p in the same bed during a heatwave that's so hot that they have to sl**p in the nude, and nothing "naughty" happens, I'm not going to believe you. It's a nice big bed, more than room enough room for two, but we elected to lie close, side by side, our bodies tou... 続ける»
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Stuck in a closet at a Halloween party

It was my first college Halloween party, and I was beyond stoked. The party was being held at a local frat off campus, and although I hadn't pledged to any frat I was still known in their circles. I never moved out of my parents house, and while it saved me a bunch of money, it definitely put a damper on my social life.

I had procrastinated on my costume, so I found myself scrambling at the last minute to come up with something. Out of ideas, I finally settled on the cheap idea of going as Michael Phelps. All I had to do was wear a speedo, hang a towel over my shoulders, and wear a few fak... 続ける»
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My Step Mother

I was 18 when I went to stay with my dad. My stepmother
was a tall pretty woman who loved to wear skimpy clothes
and had really small tits.

My bedroom was directly across from the bathroom. When
she would take a bath, I would watch her through the
keyhole. She would stand up out of the tub to wash her
pussy. She would face the door and spread her pussy lips
while washing it.

One day I came in from a movie and she was lying in bed.
I entered the room and made some noise to see if she
would stir. She was sound asl**p. There was a bottle of
whiskey and a glass on the bed... 続ける»
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Picking up mom was early had some time

Well, just a recap if you do not know anything about me. Grew up and raised as a girl, just mom and I, She works at a dinner and spends Thursday nights at my house (you can catch up if you read some of my post)
Anyway, Last night I went to pick mom up from work I was early and pulled behind the dinner. Was such a hot night I had the tops down on the 65 t'bird was wearing a short wrap-around flowered pattern skirt, a black danskin leotard, white flats, black wig in a BOB style, full makeup.
Anyway, I parked in the alley and got out leaning on the car having a smoke (yea I smoke but do not dr... 続ける»
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Mistaken for a BBC whore

His was pounding me. His big cock thrusting in and almost out of my hungry cunt. He’d been fucking me half an hour, at an unrelenting pace, which left me breathless. I’d lost count of how many times I’d come, many of them just rolled from one, to the next. I dug my red nails into his back, as I came again, and then again, gripping his waist with my legs. He still hadn’t come. I wanted him to, I wanted to feel his cum inside me, feel as it hit the walls of my pussy, and my cervix…………………….

“So come on, tell me!” Linda asked.
“Tell you what?” I asked innocently.
“You have that just fucked... 続ける»
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Motel Blackout

I always enjoy my sales trips. The trips fit into my crossdressing lifestyle and the thrill of being in a different town and different people.
After a long day on the road, I had just checked into a motel just about 30-miles outside of Nashville, TN. For my overnight trips, I always bring my special suitcase that has my “girly stuff” (panties, dresses, makeup, lingerie, etc.). Sometimes I would just dress up pretty and cam or play with myself. On a very few occasions I would run into a very horny stranger, tease him, but not put out and be satisfied knowing that poor guy was back in is room ... 続ける»
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My first driving lesson! - A sissy’s path to freed

My first driving lesson!

A sissy’s path to freedom.

One late winter evening after my last day of secondary school I went around my neighbour’s house, as he said if I’d do a good job of cleaning his house he would give me some driving lessons for free as this was his job. He was expecting me to clean his house this evening and he opened the door to me as I knocked. “erm hi Vince , it’s still ok to clean up and go for a drive later?” I ask holding a pink feather duster, unfortunately the only one that was in my house. “yes girl come on in and get started.. arh sorry I mean boy” Vince repli... 続ける»
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Visiting uncle eddie!

So,my name is gary, and I am 16 years old,the story is about my uncle Eddie(think of him as Eddie hall), he is currently living alone in his own flat have a solid built body like a strong man.He used to live with us,but now he has a good income and have his own house.
I haven't seen him in about a month, so I decided to give him a visit,and took some beers with me,He doesn't drink much but he drink occasionally. So,I decided to give him a surprise visit. I left my home at 6:30 and I had already bought the beers so didn't have to go to the market for that.Unfortunately,in the way,it started... 続ける»
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My First Time

many of you have asked me about my first time. I had posted a story about it but it is gone so here is a re-post. Let me know what you think.

My 6th grade teacher was my first when i was 12. Being transgender and more girl then boy I would wear stockings, panties sometimes garter-betls under my boy things (UGH) when going to school. One day as I sat at my desk with my feet on he wrung of the chair my tight pants got even tighter. The clasp of my garter-belt I was wearing were clearly showing. I did not realize the were we were taking a test. The teacher walked down the isle and stopped... 続ける»
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My Surprise weekend away Part 3

Part 3

I couldn't believe what my husband was saying, and I was so shocked that I forgot completely that my hand was still slowly and u*********sly sliding up and down Marks cock under the water, I gave Tom one of my 'WTF' stares, but even this didn't seem to faze him as he continued by saying to Mark "I think the feeling is reciprocated judging by her my wife's comments and her body language since you were in the showers alone together earlier!" There was a short silence while we both took in what my husband had just said before he continued, "And that she's probably got her hand wrapped ... 続ける»
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18 yr old Step Daughter

I Married my second wife when I turned 35. She had
three c***dren from her previous marriage, and they
were now my step-c***dren. Two lived with
their father, the ********* lived with her. She was two
weeks shy of her 19th birthday when I met her. She was
built like her mother, only taller, with dark brown
hair, and not quite yet as busty. Though the pictures
I had seen of her mother at that age, she wore a B-

This girl who was soon to be my step-daughter was
firmly in a D-cup, and growing. She was in a DD (or E,
depending on the bra company) by the time she was 18.... 続ける»
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More than Just a Handjob

Nancy, my wife of ten years was totally faithful. That was until I discovered her infidelity almost by mistake or rather by luck. I had often teased her about coming on to other men, something she had done from away back in the days when we first met. I had been working for the same company for almost fifteen years now, and had moved steadily up the promotion ladder to the point I had several area managers under my guidance. One of these, was a guy named Bob, slightly arrogant, rugged looks, but also rumored by the girls in the office to be hung like horse. 

He had been a guest at several o... 続ける»
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The Wife Next Door

So this morning (totally true) I was having a nice lie in and that means a nice morning wank looking at my fav pictures and videos on xhamster.

I was happily stroking my hard pulsing shaft and cupping my balls when most unexpectedly there was a knock on my front door. I almost pulled my cock off with the fright I got and jumped up to look out of my bed room window. I eased the blind slightly to one side and peered down to see Sally. Sally is my next door neighbour. I have lived here for about three years and she and her husband and k**s have lived next door for about ten years. Sally i... 続ける»
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slut shaming your daughter

Introduction: Mom finds out her daughter had sex at the mall...the perfect opportunity to teach her womenly love.

Something was going on with her daughter Tatum. Mellissa knew it. Ever since she and had picked her up from the mall she seemed distant, and agitated. She had asked her in the car if everything was okay but Tatum just shrugged. She would sort it out when they got home. For now she would just enjoy the quiet. She looked over at her young daughter and felt it again that twinge deep in her cunt, that want she couldn’t allow to flourish. Tatum was a sweet and hot thirteen year old b... 続ける»
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Business trip with dad, last part

I was still in the hotelroom and looking at my bald pussy inthe mirror.
The feeling was lovely and I coldn't keep my finger away from touching my genitals.
I did put on a tight dress and no underwear as I stepped down for breakfast.
There was not much people down there and I sat for myself looking on my Iphone.
Suddenly the mother and her son entered the breakfast room and, they went straight to my table asking if they could join.
I said ok, and they sat down. The son wascompletly quiet, but the mother started to present themself.
They was from the czech republic and the son was 17... 続ける»
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First class arse (real train experiance)

It was a scorcher of a day in central london.. it was the middle of august and the hottest day of the year.. and id been sat on this bl**dy train station platform getting on for four hours now !.. some poor soul had thrown themself onto the track and all trains had to to be halted.. i sat there on a bench with my legs crossed frantically fanning my face with a train time table.. id been to visit relatives in london and was on my way back home to kent..i must of looked like a cross between a executive office worker and a vagrant bag lady !. I always made a effort when i traveled up this way .... 続ける»
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Hyper sexuality Ch. 01

It was late at night when I got the text from my Mom that my little s****r had been arrested again. She was 18 and fresh out of high school, and she absolutely refused to stay out of trouble. I didn't know the full story, or really care to be honest, but I heard bits and pieces of info from my parents as the situation had escalated.

She had been having trouble in her last year at school, and barely graduated. She was hanging out with the wrong crowd, and got picked up more than once for stealing petty shit from gas stations and convenience stores. She was constantly defying my parents, and... 続ける»
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We Converted Friend into Eating Cum

Beth and I had indulged my cum addiction for awhile now, an addiction that included not only me eating my own sperm from her freshly fucked cunt or snowballing my load with her after she'd sucked me dry in her unbelievably hot mouth, but drinking it directly from the source –other men. We'd had our share of bi experiences with other guys that included me blowing them and eating their joy juice from my lovely wife's pussy, ass, mouth, you name it.

I'm addicted to cum. But I guess you know that already. My beautiful blonde 45-year-old wife with a toned, athletic body makes it easy to be thus.... 続ける»
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Holiday Cuckold

I married Helen when she was nineteen, she is twenty now. Helen is five feet nine with long legs, firm 34 inch breasts and dark, curly hair which hangs well down her back. My name is Dave, I'm twenty two and five feet seven. Helen and I have a good sex life most of the time. Although Helen is normally a quiet girl, not shy though, she is very lively and dominant in the bedroom. She loves sex and can be very noisy during our encounters. Helen likes to tease me about the size of my penis. When erect I'm four and a half inches long and ever since the first time she saw my cock she has laughed abo... 続ける»
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My Black Guy Experience - Part 2

Continued from Part 1

I smile and immediately gasp as the black guy eases the head of his big cock in me, my pussy stretching around his large girth, slowly easing it into me letting me feel every inch go in as i cry and moan out "omfg it's too big please stop, please stop" I panic a little! He stays still resting for a minute saying "fuck your pussy is super tight" then f***es the rest of his big black cock into me in one big thrust making me scream out so loud. He lets my legs down and leans forward to kiss me letting me get used to having his big black cock deep in me and says "feels go... 続ける»
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Kari and The Neighbors

A guy I work with is fond of saying "If you want your marriage to last, never go home early!" Of course we all laughed at that, I mean it's not like he's talking about our wives, right?
A guy I work with is fond of saying "If you want your marriage to last, never go home early!" Of course we all laughed at that, I mean it's not like he's talking about our wives, right?

As it turned out I did come home a day early from a business trip recently. Usually I'll call my wife and tell her I'm coming home and, jokingly, tell her to get her boyfriend out of the house but this time, for some reason,... 続ける»
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For several years I had fantasized about my wife Trixie being part of a threesome. I finally set it up on New Years Eve and Day (2015/2016). I posted a personal ad on a swinger's web site asking for a single male to be part of the experience. A military man named Jim replied to the ad and we set up to meet him at New Years Party at the Hotel . We weren't sure if we were ready to go through with this and told him so, but we wanted to be ready if Trixie got turned on.
Trixie is 50 years old but looks much much younger. I am 10 years older and am always being accused of marrying a younger woma... 続ける»
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Gay Ex-con Gang Bang

Gay Ex-con Gang Bang

By billy69boy

I was leaving the local adult book store, feeling pretty good after getting an unbelievably intense blowjob from someone I didn't know and never saw. I had been coming here more and more, ever since that first time when I finally let some anonymous voice talk me into putting my stiff cock through the glory hole in the booth next to me. I had always hesitated before, because I didn't want to even think of the idea that I might be gay. I knew I wasn't gay: I loved chicks, girls, females, women…anyway you wanted to say it.

But I had to admit, there w... 続ける»
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Episode 65: Lizzie

Many of the villages around the forest were too small to have their own library, so the District Council employed Spike to drive a mobile library, visiting each pub car park on an appointed day. Spike loved her job - reading stories to the pre-school ch1ldren, whilst their Mum's could have a well-deserved chat and cup of coffee or something stronger in the pub. The mobile library had a normal seating area, and then a soft play area behind a curtain - made from deep mattresses on the floor and cushions against the walls. Someone had blacked out the windows, providing a hidden, snug, ch1ld-fri... 続ける»
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Playing on the play ground.

She went by the nickname Z. She was a co-worker at an old job I had. Some of the guys would give her shit, calling her the chunky princess and such. Like they were to talk. I'd seen some of their wives. Trust me, some of these dudes were married to women who'd make a dildo go limp. Yeah, Z may have had some meat on her bones, but deep down she was a sweet heart who was also kind of a tomboy. Z was a little chunky, but she had a pretty face and long brunette hair. Her breast were perfect for a lady her size.

So this asshole Alec was really giving her a hard time. Alec was kind of a dirt bag.... 続ける»
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Cute teen next door seeks older man's guidanc

I can remember the day about six months ago when the new neighbors moved in. They were a couple I would say in their mid thirties and their eighteen year old daughter. I saw them move most of their stuff in as I always spend allot of time working in the yard on the lawn or trimming the shrubbery. I always managed to find some project to work on to keep me busy. I couldn't help noticing the daughter. From a distance she appeared to be a rather cute looking girl.

In the past six months I haven't had the pleasure of meeting the new neighbors since they aren't at home very much. They both have... 続ける»
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Dinner night dirty knickers/panties

This story begins at a dinner night I was invited too a few days ago, it is absolutely true. I have a huge knicker fetish!!! For those that do too will enjoy my story of the night...

My girlfriend invited me to a do she was having at her block of apartments with the friends she works with. Downstairs from where everybody lived was a bar and a restaurant, obviously where the do was taking placee. As the night went on I met more and more of my girlfriends friends, a lot of whom were female and in very sexy cocktail dresses. It was a pretty boring dinner before going into the bar for drinks. ... 続ける»
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Muskegon. When the storm rolls in....

Muskegon Michigan..
Well this is a story from my home town.
Its was a a windy night. Looked like a storm was coming in. So i take a drive down by the lake and park to watch the storm come in. So I'm sitting there listening to the music watching the heat lighting and the storm come in off lake michigan.

So i am sitting there and i see this black couple come up from the pier. And i heard them arguing. And he hopped in the car threw her bags out if the car.  and drove off. He just left her. Well let me tell you this is one of the sexiest black girls i have ever seen. I'm talk... 続ける»
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Hyper sexuality Ch. 02

As I sat down to work I decided to go through my favorites and pick out a few new toys for my s****r to enjoy. I settled on a buttplug and a remotely controlled vibrator, and as I was hitting the order button I heard the sybian click on from the other room. I smiled and resigned myself to sit this one out as I got focused on my work.

I managed to speed through my tasks in a few hours despite my persistent hard on, and I got up to check on my s****r. I hadn't heard the sybian shut off the whole time, and when I entered the living room it was clear she had been riding it the whole time. She h... 続ける»
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My first time sucking cock.

I have been an active bi-sexual for over 40 years. I was at first the twink every business man wanted to suck off during lunch hour at a local ABS store when they were proliferate through out the west side of town. I spent many hours in the booths, leaving the door cracked as I stroked my hard young 6 inch cut thick cock. I had so many men in suits kneel before it and suckle it until I blew my load down their throat satisfying both my need and his, that even today the slight smell of Old Spice makes me hard. I would fuck their mouth harder if I saw a wedding ring knowing at sometime during the... 続ける»
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My Work Trip

I was out of town overnight for a short work trip. I left the wife at home and brought some of my favorite toys to have some fun in my hotel room, a few butt plugs, lube, and a nice dildo. I also have a nice thong. It was hard to focus at work as I wanted to get to my room and start playing with my cock and ass.

After my work dinner, I retired to my room. I got undressed and started looking at some websites to get worked up. I was surfing the Adam 4 Adam gay personals as well. I was getting hot, so I decided to put up an ad. I said that I was an inexperienced and tight bottom, looking ... 続ける»
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The Chairman's Wife

Occasionally my job takes me on the road. Recently it was to New York with a group of Board Members. They were working out a deal to take over a division from a rival. My job was to know everything I could about the performance of that division. The first few days I provided all the info I could to the Board Members of my company. On the fourth day the serious negotiations were going to begin.

We took a taxi from the hotel to a high rise office on 6th Ave. We are ushered up to the 40th floor and into a large conference room with the view of the skyline. The Chairman of the Board for the riv... 続ける»
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Used at a gay sauna

I was quite comfortable enjoying gay sex, even taking domination to a certain level, so long as I always felt relatively safe, and had recently begun to find certain guys attractive (see my blog about Picked up on a train, and the Pakistani checkout boy) but I did not consider myself to be gay man
Despite that, it was all I could to not to watch gay, bi and T/S porn all of the time, and as most guys do, fantasise it was me having my face fucked, or being ridden by a huge aggressive master

I had visited a couple of gay saunas in London and enjoyed my time there very much, and so on a busine... 続ける»
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Mother's Day for the wife

It was Mother's Day and Linda went over to see her mom. When she got there, only her step dad was home. She asked Steve where her mom was. Steve told her she just left with Melinda to go out and eat. So Linda sat down and watch some T.V. with Steve. Steve said it might be a while, she said Ok, I'll sit here and watch T.V.

5 minutes later, Steve said, you want to see what I got your mother for Mother's day? Linda said sure, Steve said its in the bedroom. Steve got up and told Linda to follow him. Linda got up and went into the bedroom. Steve pulled out a see through nightgown. He asked Lind... 続ける»
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Judy visits her s****r Part 2

As I said earlier my wife Judy was spending a week with her s****r. They do it every year and it gives me a week to myself. Usually I am working so I get little from it but this year I am actually off for most of it. It’s been pretty good although yesterday was exceptional. I had bumped into Emma and her daughter Emily at the supermarket and during our chat I had let slip that Judy was away. Little did I know of the consequences and yesterday afternoon, out of the blue Emily turned up on my doorstep with her friend Tasha. They were apparently skipping a study period and although I had int... 続ける»
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Cinema Dirty Men get My Wife

We are seriously thinking of going to Birmingham for a weekend to visit a city center porn cinema and shopping for her!

We like the idea of men sat in the porn cinema watching the screen and then thinking it's Christmas when she walks in and sits down near the back?

This time though she doesn't want to be fucked - just appreciated and played with by men, old young whatever. She will rub cocks until they cum and consider sucking men off as long as they are clean and you can finger her holes but not too hard. She may just wear a longer coat and underneath only her g-string, stockings and... 続ける»
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Making Kitty's Pussy Purr!

Now and then life treats you right. Something, or someone, good comes along that turns out to be very sweet indeed. This is such the case as in a new friend named Kitty. Now kitty is very pretty. No not a glamour queen, nor a slim runway model, but with all the curves and right stuff, in the right proportions, in all the right places. In fact my dick got hard the first time I met her!

Kitty and I met through a dating site. We both shared a love of the outdoors and I invited her to go camping with me. I knew of a beautiful spot on a local river where we could go public, or private, suitin... 続ける»
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Outdoor Pursuits

I had been horny all day, trying on all sorts of outfits, posing, pouting and preening in front of the camera. And for hours I had been edging myself to the brink of orgasm. But I had not yet let myself cum. I really wanted to share it with someone, it was gonna be a big one!
But the gurls on cam had been so boring today: guys with stubble and a borrowed pair of their mother’s panties, professionals with a million other viewers, whiny tip beggars, gurls just interested in men or plain just not interested in me! It was so frustrating, where was the horny crossdresser of my dreams when I neede... 続ける»
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