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My wifes daughter came to stay with us.

My second wife Holly & I were married for almost 18 months. Holly had one girl from a previous marriage. Mary 22. Holly is 5'4” 34C, brown hair, green eyes & had a rocking body. We are enjoying a great sex life.
Holly would fuck me anytime I wanted her. I too would fuck Holly whenever or wherever she wanted a jump. Holly was up for anything. Whatever my fantasy Holly was good at fulfilling it. Holly had fewer fantasies then I but I think she got off fulfilling mine.
Sometimes we'd talk about them to make sure the other person understood so they'd get what they were expecting. We never s... 続ける»
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The night my stepmom let me cum in her pussy

My step mom, Tracy and i had an odd relationship, which started when she found a bag of weed in my backpack.
She looked at me and said "i have 2 options, tell your father or keep it a secret"
"Please dont tell dad" i begged.
Instead of calling dad at work, she opened her purse and pulled out a small change purse, zipped it open and pulled out a little metal pipe!
"For your punishment we are going to smoke the whole thing" she said.

She would act motherly, but when dad wasnt around she didnt care what i did. She would buy me cigars and 40's- i would score her weed from my buddies... 続ける»
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My slutty mum and my two friends

So I received a good response to the time I caught my mum and her friends licking, fucking and playing with each other and generally, people said they wanted to hear more stories that I have.

To recap, mum had me when she was a teenager so she's still young. She's very attractive (as all my friends I grew up with always reminded me), blonde hair that goes down to roughly her shoulders. She is a size 10 and has the most perfect 34DD's, combined with a full bush and a very pretty pussy- she was, and still is really, a babe. She's been single since before I was born, (although my dad did come ... 続ける»
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Poking Alice

Alice and her husband, Bill, lived next door to me for as long as I can remember. As I entered into puberty and started to notice girls Alice would pop up on my radar, she had the biggest tits I had ever seen. And the best part was that I would go over and help her with her work in garden and she would wear these loose fitting tops with out a bra. We would be working that soil all bent over and I would get to stare at those succulent tits as they swayed back and fourth. And I mean I got a great shot, the whole boob, nipple and all. And she would make no attempt to cover up. I think she liked... 続ける»
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Two Milf's In One Night, How could I be so Lu

I travel a lot for work and at the end of the day I pulled into a Hilton Hotel in Oklahoma City for the night. I was checking-in when a large white tour bus pulled up and the passengers came into lobby to check-in. I could not believe my eyes there were about twenty-five older women on the bus. I looked over the group and thought to myself wow!!! I these are some of the hottest looking, sixty and seventy year old women I had ever seen. As a very fit 41 year old man and I just love fucking these horny Milf’s and Gilf’s, in fact, I prefer them to younger women my age. I began talking to a cute l... 続ける»
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Mrs. Harrison Can Teach Everything

Mrs. Harrison was my ninth grade English teacher. She was an older lady with a stunning figure. I think she was close to fifty. She had auburn hair about shoulder length. She was always wearing a skirt and stockings. Her legs were very sexy. She also filled out her blouses quite nicely. She was hot enough to keep me distracted with fantasies of her naked. At the time I was still a virgin and had never even seen a woman naked before. I always wondered what she would look like nude.
On Fridays we always had a quiz. I had been involved with the golf team and that week we had three tour... 続ける»
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An unexpected life changer; Part 2

"Uuuggghhhh" I groaned, "what the fuck."

I slowly opened my eyes and quickly closed them. The bright light of morning piercing into the room burned my eyes, well it felt that way. I rubbed my eyes and again slowly opened them, trying to accustom my self to the morning sun, well at least I thought it was morning.

I lay in my bed and tried to pull myself together. My head was pounding and all I could taste in my mouth was alcohol. "What happened last night?!"

Coming to my senses and finally back to reality, I ran over in my head what happened. Like a rush of pure adrenaline it all cam... 続ける»
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When I was a girl I had terrible nightmares and would often creep into my mum’s bed but didn’t need to wake her, just being there was enough. I couldn’t have wakened her anyway as she was always zonked out with sl**ping tablets since my dad left us. This went on for years, until I was really much too old to be sl**ping with mum, but I kept on. One night I really did have a bad dream and crept in only to find that mum’s boyfriend was in bed with her, both fast asl**p so I crept round to mum’s side and slid in with Bill on the other side of her and soon fell asl**p.
Unusually something woke me ... 続ける»
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Trouble in class V

The day finally ended and I headed to billies house. She wasn't there when I arrived so I went to the backyard and waited. As I sat it seemed like it was getting hotter so I stripped down and jumped in the pool. About thirty minutes later I seen her walk in the kitchen. I climbed out and knocked on the glass door. She turned and stared at me for a few seconds then opened the door. She asked what I was doing, I said it was hot while I waited for you,so I went for a swim. I watched her as she looked at my body. She reached over and started running her hand on my chest. I stepped closer to her, ... 続ける»
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Taking Stepdaghter's Christian friend Samanth

Claire has been friends with Samantha, a Christian and a volleyball player, since elementary school. They have been in volleyball camp together every summer, on league teams together. I've seen Sam in volleyball shorts a million times, watched her bubble butt stretch those shorts from pancake flat to full round over the years. She has dark brown hair and eyes and pale skin, imaculately groomed. She wears the same outfit at least once a week religiously, it makes her feel pretty: v-neck red sweater with a little gold cross resting in her cleavage, black tights that show a fantastically firm rou... 続ける»
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Lost panties.

I lived in a slightly crappy apartment complex, you know, the kind where you're just about surrounded by other people. I was lucky enough to have an outside wall. Anyway, I lived on the end of the hall, right next to a laundry room. There was one on every other floor but ours was right next to my place. There was only one washer and one dryer, that were supposed to serve 12 apartments so,in order to beat the weekend rush, I did my laundry every Saturday at 9 am, because I assumed that the d***ks and hillbillies and ghetto trash in this place wouldn't be up until noon. It worked pretty well. I... 続ける»
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Black & White Taboos

This story takes place in the 1960s when times were different but it was probably more thrilling to break society's taboos. This story uses stereo types from the Jim Crow South and if that bothers you do not read it. If on the other hand you wonder what interracial sex was like read on….

Steve Wilson kissed his pretty young blonde wife goodbye as he picked up the last of his camping gear. Her mouth opened and he slipped his tongue deep between her red lips. His hands ran up and down her sweet young body that was so firm but delightfully soft.

"I'm going to miss you darlin!"... 続ける»
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Sissy and the Lodger

My father worked a lot and when he was off work he preferred to unwind in his local resting hole rather than stay at home. As a result Ii had a lot of freetime at home. Nothing to be sad about it meant I had a lot of time to explore my burgoning crossdressing within the confines of ny own house. I could walk through every room wearing short skirts showing off my ever growing pantie collection. It made every day dress up day. When I had Peter or David over from next door, it meant even naughtier fun as I would have them regularily fuck me in the ass then I would suck their cocks clean. It was p... 続ける»
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A long overdue night of sissy sex

It seemed like it had been ages,since Kimber(KimberL33)and I had been able to have an evening of unbridled,hot nasty sex.The occasional ,blow and go, is always fun,but we were both in need of a good hot fuck. I had the house to myself for the evening,and my lover was as eager as I to join me.I showered ,shaved and douched,in anticipation of tonight,after getting squeaky clean i slid into a pair of shimmery panty hose and slipped my cock and balls through the hole that all o... 続ける»
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My wife Joan

Years ago, my first wife and I were invited to a Christmas party given by one of the nurses at the hospital where she worked. I hated going to these things because I didn't really know anyone there, and the parties went on literally until the sun came up. Joan was the only white woman at the hospital, and being the only white people at the party was always kind of interesting, but just not knowing too many people made them seem like they dragged on for hours and hours. Everybody has probably attended one of those get togethers where all the people know each other from work so they trade inside... 続ける»
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I'm Now a BlackCock Slut Cuckold

My fantasy was to be sexually flirtatious with a black man. After months of talking about it we finally posted to an internet site seeking a black man. We had many responses, but finally decided to meet one man who really seemed to understand our desires. We met Mr. Johnson one night for drinks. At his request, I wore a loose fitting white blouse with no bra, and a short black skirt.

Mr. Johnson immediately took charge and we discussed what I wanted and my limitations. We were very comfortable with him and were very turned on as well. Mr. Johnson bought several rounds of drinks, and after ... 続ける»
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Shy, plain-looking—but kinky!—nurse

Several years ago I had an on-and-off affair with a not-especially-attractive nurse. Frankly, she was not a woman I would ordinarily have given much notice to, in terms of wanting to have sex with her, but she was a nice person, and someone I was friends with before things turned sexual between us. And it took awhile for that to happen. She was divorced, I was married. Because of my situation she wasn’t at all sure she wanted to get into anything with me, but she had not had a man for a long time and my marriage was largely sexless. So, since we were both starved for sex, and liked each other,... 続ける»
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My wife Mary

Up until a few months ago my wife and lived a pretty uneventful life, filled with the normal routine of work, weekend errands, and paying the bills. We have been married for almost twenty-five years and were moving into the same kind of rut that most people fell into as they reached their mid-forties.

For most of the time we have been together I have been trying to get Mary to open up a little bit sexually in the area of other lovers. I've never stopped to analyze why the thought of her with another man turns me on, but it is a recurring fantasy (like it is with many men) and our sex life h... 続ける»
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Mistaken Identity

Cathy was happy to get checked into the hotel after a long day's journey. Life has been hard for her since her husband told her he was bored and wanted a divorce. Somehow she had never thought at thirty two she would be on her own again. Now that her divorce was final she decided to go to the beach for a week and try to think of what to do next. Her now x-husband was rather blunt with her about how boring she was in bed. Cathy had been raised by her conservative mother who was certain that sex was dangerous and a lady should be careful least she become a slut. Now here she was and she wondered... 続ける»
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My mother turned me into a cum slut (Pt 3)

Part 3

Mom can we talk. Sure Megan about what? (as if I didn't know)
It's about our weekends. Yes Megan what about it. I'm so horny all the time, all I want to do is fuck.
That's understandable. You're in your early 20's your hormones are still raging. True but I don't want to just fuck anyone they may be selfish, not like the weekend group.
That's why we go there. You may remember I mentioned it's safe & everyone there wants you to get off as much as they do.
It's hard not to diddle myself especially when I think about the past weekend.
Try not to. That gives you better orgasms & allo... 続ける»
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An unexpected life changer; part 1

I couldn't believe my luck.

I just shook Gerry's hand in disbelief. Not saying anything.

"Well, aren't you going to say anything?" Gerry my boss chuckled. Gerry wasn't your typical high stakes boss. He always work jeans and a suit jacket. Always had time to talk to the employees and knew when and how to get business done.

"Yes" I dumbly replied "I mean yes, oh my god, thank you!" I stuttered. "Thank you, I won't let you down!!"

"I know you won't son, that's why I'm giving you this promotion!" He smiled to me, breaking the long handshake. "You've proven yourself very useful to me an... 続ける»
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Jenn, my first BBW

I was ready to go out with my girlfriend, Kelly. Kelly had an awesome body. Long wavy blonde hair, Perfect ass, smooth pussy, and small but firm b cup tits. We had been together for 2 years, so I was going to pop the question. I had it set up perfectly. Nice dinner at the nicest restaurant in town. Kelly gets home from work and gets ready, but doesn't seem to be acting like herself.
"What's wrong?" I ask.
"Nothing, just a long day at work." She responds as she takes her work clothes off. But for some reason she went into the bathroom and locked the door, instead of just getting ready in our ... 続ける»
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Jan pays her husband's debt

Jan was looking forward to tonight. Earlier that morning her husband Rick had given her a key card to a suite at a five star hotel and said he'd meet her there after he got off work. "Wear something sexy," he said. She definitely would. Jan was an obedient wife. Plus, she liked the idea of a spontaneous and naughty adventure.

Since Jan was a housewife and well taken care of by Rick, she spent all day getting dolled up. She went to the spa to exfoliate her skin and make it nice and soft. She bought a new red cocktail dress and sexy matching lingerie. She splurged on some nude Louboutin pump... 続ける»
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You're My Bitch Now Part 8

You’re My Bitch Now

Nikkie Silk

Part Six

Rick had fled from Chris’s room last night after the show and had locked
his door. He heard Chris knocking gently and asking him if he was OK,
but Rick did not answer. His mind was in turmoil. How had he allowed
Chris to talk him into doing what he did. His face burned with shame as
he remembered what he had done. He groaned as he recalled kissing and
licking Chris’s stockings before taking his toes into his mouth. He
covered his face with his hands at the memory of Chris sucking him off
on the webcam. How could he face Chris after this?... 続ける»
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Sharing the Load Snowballing

"Have you ever heard of snowballing?" my wife asked me one night as she sensed my moment of climax rapidly approaching.

We often spoke to each other during sex, even oral sex, which was our preferred method of satisfying ourselves and each other.

Recently we had increased our gym nights from two to three each week, working out on the machines and enjoying the ever-present eye candy. For a couple in our forties, we were both in pretty good shape, if I must say so myself, and sweating and straining at the gym helped keep us feeling young at heart, plus it never failed to put us in the mood... 続ける»
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catching my husband

It was a Saturday evening after supper my daughter had fallen asl**p next to us on the bed. I picked her up to take her to her to her room when my husband said he was going to shower. I tugged my daughter in and then went back to our room. I started going through the channels on the tv to find something for my husband and I to watch. After finding something I decided I would quickly join my husband in the shower.
On walking into the bathroom I found him with his cock hard and busy jerking himself off.
I jokingly asked him if I'm not good enough for him and more?
He replied, that I most d... 続ける»
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Forbidden fun

It was a booung Sunday morning and Paul was home alone is wife at work as usual. After walking his dogs and doing his jobs he had gone online and spotted someone he knew, a friend of his k**s on a porn / dating site. Paul could not resist looking and saying hello, but Hannah didn't know who she was speaking to.
Paul made it clear he was married and naughty, dropped hints he knew things about Hannah, but she just wanted to talk naughty too him. He even pointed out that he was nearly 25 years her senior at 48, but she didn't care.
Paul couldn't resist this sexy 24 year old teasing him. The cha... 続ける»
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Taking my daughter and her friend to work: Part Th

We spooned together. Now, with the pressure off my testicles, I fell into a deep peaceful sl**p as did Shelly. It was a wonderful feeling sl**ping with a female body pressed against me. My wife and I might as well be sl**ping in separate beds, as far away as we slept from each other, in our king bed. If we had sex four times a year it would be an exaggeration.

I woke up and glanced at the bedside clock. Light was just starting to come into the room. It read 5:45. I rose out of bed, went into the bathroom and relieved my piss hard on.

Approaching the bed, I couldn't help but admire th... 続ける»
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Gangbanged on my son's wedding day

12 months down the line I think it is time that put pen to paper (metaphorically) and make public the events that have had such a profound effect on my life.

Firstly let me tell you the background. I am a 52 year old housewife, on my second marriage, with three c***dren, all from my first marriage. Both of my husbands have been, well, fairly ordinary in the bed stakes. You know – once or twice a week, rather unimaginative, with not really enough interest in my needs and desires. But in fairness I never pushed for anything more, thinking that was how it was for most people.

Then came my y... 続ける»
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Mom and the Rude Optometrist! Part 2.

A couple of years later, this incident happened.

I used to go shopping with my stepmother who I called Mum, as she needed help to carry the bags, as the shopping centre was only a short walk away and Mum saw no need for the car. One day, before shopping, she came downstairs all dressed up, in a black leather miniskirt and flimsy blouse, her hair newly done and wearing the black leather thong sandals I'd just bought her for her Birthday. Her toes were newly painted all tarty red, and she wore an ankle chain and toe rings. "Do I look okay Bob?" she asked.

She looked so sexy and I said, "Ye... 続ける»
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California Adventure

I was so glad to finally be in California. I gave the nice guy a five as he put my bags on the bed. It had been a long trip, but I was finally here. I slipped off my heels and stretched out on the bed as I remembered all the layovers coming from Charleston to San Diego. People I'd talked to and rushing from one plane to another.
It was pretty mundane till I reached Dallas and met some people who were coming to the same place. I was finally living my wishes. I had wanted to come to the Canni-gro Expo for years, as an amateur grower. My few plants didn't make any difference in the scheme of ... 続ける»
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Hitchhiker round 2

Hi All - 2 weeks ago I post a story of a hitchhiker I picked up OMG yesterday I received a text message from him (Jerome) saying he could not stop thinking about me and every time he is with his GF he thinks of me and had to see me again.
We made arrangements to meet at a cheep road side motel. He was in the room and as soon as he opened the door for me he grabbed me pulled me close, kisses me i parted my lips feeling his tongue pressing against them. His long tongue slide in and I flicked mine over his. He was moaning and holding me tight.
We broke from our kiss and sat on the bed. He co... 続ける»
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How my gf became my whore #1

I met my gf at a party. Immediately fell in love with each other. Our relationship was a bit weird and crazy, but it was cool. After some time I started to getting know her fantasies. She was very submissive kind of girl. We started to roleplay and have fun, me as her master and she as my slave. After some time it started to affect our everyday life. She was more and more submissive and i had a lot of ideas to have fun with her.

She is very hot girl in her mid 20's, short, blonde with slim body, large boobs, green eyes and great ass. Her skin is very pale and soft, her pussy and nipples re... 続ける»
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My Friends Parents part 2

I was fucking my best bud's mom almost every day, several times a day. I must say that I was enjoying Vicki's fine pussy every chance I got. I think that I enjoyed the sloppy seconds more than when it was fresh. I mean sliding into Vicki right after her husband Tom came deep inside her added something, I am not sure what, but draining my balls into a pussy already full of Tom's jizz seemed to get me off that much more. Any way things were going my way and I was pretty happy.
Then one day Tom and I had been taking turns dumping loads into Vickie. We were waiting to recover when Vickie ann... 続ける»
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My slutty mum and my friends

So I received a good response to the time I caught my mum and her friends licking, fucking and playing with each other and generally, people said they wanted to hear more stories that I have.

To recap, mum had me when she was a teenager so she's still young. She's very attractive (as all my friends I grew up with always reminded me), blonde hair that goes down to roughly her shoulders. She is a size 10 and has the most perfect 34DD's, combined with a full bush and a very pretty pussy- she was, and still is really, a babe. She's been single since before I was born, (although my dad did come ... 続ける»
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My wife Paula

My wife and I were having some sexual issues in the bedroom, I wanted more and she wanted to give less, she was kind of shy and prudish But I did talk her into going with me to a swingers club.

Once there for me it was very exciting, For my wife it was what seemed to her like an utter embarrassment to say the least, So it was a No Go if you Know what I mean. Many men looked interested in my lovely wife. She is 42 yrs old; 5' 6" weighs 136 pounds great body with big adorable chest and small waist and great soft little behind with well proportioned legs. Medium length blond semi curly hair an... 続ける»
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Vacation- young couple

Cindi and I have been fortunate, we both landed great jobs out of college and we enjoy expensive vacations. We both belong to country clubs and we stay in shape. Cindi is 26, blond, 115 lbs. smallish firm titties she doesn’t mind showing off when we travel out of state. She has a great muscular butt and she’s into it.
I’m 28, dark hair, 6’2” and a package that is proportionate with my height. Lean and firm.
Cindi talked me into a cabana at a place on the Yucatan. It is secluded. We have our own pool attached.
We checked in and headed to the community pool. Cindi pulled off her top as soon a... 続ける»
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White man's wife, black man's toy. My fi

That evening was a lovely relaxing time. After we had both cleaned ourselves up me and Mike cuddled up and watched a film (yes you can still be romantic in a cuckold relationship) before eating and heading to bed.
I couldn't sl**p again though, Marlon had told me to text him when Mike was asl**p so I waited. After half hour or so Mike was gone so I got my phone out.
'Hey master iv done everything you asked and Mike is now sl**ping x' I put.
'Unlock the door and strip naked' was all I got in return.
I did exactly as he said of course. I went downstairs and opened the door and didn't need to... 続ける»
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Amsterdam sex experience.

The wife and I had talked about having a dirty weekend in
an Amsterdam sex club. So at last the talking was over and
we were on our way. We booked into the hotel and started to
get ready for the night ahead. So as to know how far the wife
was willing to go we sat for a while and discussed what we
were willing to do. After about half an hour's discussion it was
clear the wife was ready to do anything. I told her that I thought
she would never manage to fulfil all that she wanted.

So off we went in search of her dream night of fun and sex.
We found the seediest club there was tha... 続ける»
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Vacation surprise

Having had a day of sightseeing and dining at various locations, I decided to wind down the evening with a relaxing drink. Being in a different country was exciting and was alone and didn't know anyone. I came across a quiet local bar, didn't seem to have many tourists around. As I walked in, I realised that I was the only black guy there. The patrons didn't really pay much attention to me as I walked in. I walked up to the bar and greeted the bartender who was pouring a drink. I said hello and waited for her to finish. She nodded to me and carried on. She was an older lady who seemed friendly... 続ける»
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Trouble in class VI

Billie wrapped her robe around me,pulling me tight against her beautiful body. I lowered my head and kissed her firm tits. She inhaled with a hissing sound. I kissed my way to her stiff nipple. Billie held my head in place like a mother would. I began sucking her nipple. As I nibbled and sucked I felt her chest move quicker as her breathing quickened. I felt billies hands move between us and my pants fell. I moaned in anticipation as she slid my underwear down. I looked up into her eyes as she raked her nails over my stiffening dick. Her mouth opened and her tongue ran across my lips. I slid ... 続ける»
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Lost Bet Blacken

This guy was really getting on my nerves the way he kept talking about how there wasn't a woman out there he couldn't bed. I told him he was full of shit. He called me on it and said name the woman and in 3 months I will have her.

I was having a bad day and I don't know why but I just blurted out that he had no chance with my wife. He looked at me and said "So you want me to fuck your wife?"

I said "No asshole, I said you don't have a chance with her and there's no way she would let you even so much as hug her." The lunch bell went off and we had to get back to work.

After work he wa... 続ける»
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Trouble in class IV

Rubbing my thumb around her crotch Billie started to moan. After a few minutes she sat up and said we need to talk. I was mesmerized by her beautiful tits. Firm,unblemished with pink nipples. She pulled her top up and grabbed her robe. I asked what it was I felt. She said we can never speak about this to anyone. I said I promised not to. Billie took my hand and said she was unhappy as a man, and made the transition from male to female a few years ago and never regretted it. She noticed the bulge in my swim trunks and asked if I liked boys. Shocked by the question, I said NO! I hung my head and... 続ける»
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Watched while fucking his mum

This is a story of when I met up with Paula, when I noticed her son was watching us.

I must have met Paula about a month ago while shopping, she was by herself when she dropped her purse and I went to pick it up for her. We began talking when she told me that she was a divorced mum of two her eldest being a 20 year old daughter and her youngest being a 14 year old son. She told that she had a partner but he was rarely home as he worked up north alot. After talking and flirting with her we exchanged numbers.

After several weeks of flirting and being sexual over the phone she told me to c... 続ける»
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My wife Maria

The incidents I am describing here took place a few years ago, but they were important to both my wife and I. At the time, we had each just turned forty and were living in a townhouse development. At the time we moved in, our neighbor was a single man who kept to himself and barely said a word, even when we would greet him. After two years, the house changed hands and we were anxious to see if our new neighbors were a bit friendlier.

I was working the day the moving van pulled up, but Maria didn't have to go in to her job until the afternoon so she was able to see our new addition long befo... 続ける»
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UPS Special Delivery Blacken

My wife works as a mail clerk for a support contractor to NASA. Janis comes from a very conservative background, raised our k**s, been a great wife and although she's never complained about our sex life, on occasion has subtly hinted around about her erotic fantasies. When I press her on the subject she just laughs it off saying it's just make believe.

Janis, in her mid 50's, is still a very sexy, alluring woman. Thanks to working out on a regular basis and eating properly, she has maintained that youthful, sexy figure although her belly bulge is a little more pronounced, and her luscious 3... 続ける»
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Friend Helping a Friend

I'm Lamya. I'm 18 years old and I'm writing to tell everyone about the most wonderful sexual experience that I have ever had.

My best friend name is Ban. We're both 18 years old and just about to graduated high school. Last Friday night was one of those hot muggy nights. Our doorbell ranged at just after midnight. My Mom opened it to find Ban standing there crying. Her "Date" just threw her out of his car.

To get through the boring part, she asked to spend the night. That meant she had to call her Mom, who had to talked to my Mom...and on and on. You know how parents can be.

Finally, ... 続ける»
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A Husband Cleaning Up His Mess - A Creampie Fantas

It was only a fantasy. It’s only a fantasy. A persistent, slightly obsessive thought. Some days, it runs in his mind, a loop, making him salivate, giving him surges of desire. As soon as the thought arises, sometimes in spite of him, other time through his own desire, he cannot help but be mesmerized, wishing to contemplate endlessly, blushing. Is he blushing from his desire or from the slight shame he feels? Probably a little of both. This particular shame excites him in a peculiar way. What would his wife think? Would she judge him? Was it normal? Would it ever become reality?

The image w... 続ける»
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My Husband Nephews soccermatch

Last saturday me and my husband went to his nephews soccermatch, we do that from time to time to support him.
It was a nice and sunny day so i decided just to wear a bleu nice g-string and push-up bra simple slip-on dress and some high heels.
My husbands nephew is just around 18 and always very excited about soccer and when i come to visit his matches.
So we went there and we are waiting for the game to start as the did their warmup and at some point the match started and we
started to watch the match, the game went on going on after the half time break.
At some point i had to take a ... 続ける»
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Patricia decided she needed to go see her gynecologist it seems she developed this problem where her clitoris would stay erect and sensitive all the time it rubbed on her panties when she walked and she would even have orgasms walking down the street wow that is great you say not so great when you begin moaning in public your hips gyrating to the pulses sent from her clitoris no this had to stop she could not live this way afraid to move the wrong way in a business meeting or with a friend out on a date very embarrassing indeed let me tell you! She arrived for her emergency appointment her doc... 続ける»
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