Indian Wife Ass fucked in Clinic – Part 2


I removed my undergarments. My Saree was still on me, so I wasn’t fully naked yet. The doctor wore some gloves while Rishi came towards my face and started unbuttoning my blouse. I was shocked. I tried to stop him. “Don’t worry”, the doctor said, “It’s normal procedure. We need to check your boobs too. Don’t want to miss… 続きを読む

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Husband got me gang banged


am 24 years old, fair, & slim. I am 5’6” tall and have a long, thick, and silky hair. I have size 34 d boobs & clean shaved pussy. I think my sex appeal lies in my long hair as guys go crazy after my long hair. I have received many compliments espec… 続きを読む

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House watching


Well it is Thursday night and I am kicked back in my house just watching some game on the TV when there is a knock at the door. I go to the door and there in the door is Brenda the fucking hot as hell neighbour who is married to Jack a good buddy of mine. Well neighbourhood buddy. Anyways Brenda looking as hot as ever asks if I could do her and Jack a favour for a week . I look at her and invite her in toast and talk about this favour. We walk to the kitchen and I walk behind her watching her ass swing from side to side I just want to reach out and slap it bend her over and fuck her but those… 続きを読む

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Just for sex


Just for sex It was my 2nd year at varsity, Jessica and myself had called it a day and broken up although we still remain friends and still saw each other occasionally. Back on the partying scene, there were very few weekends that I spent at home at night. It was easter weekend my parents had gone away and I was home alone for the weekend. A few weeks before while clubbing I met this girl, Gabrielle (Gabby). She wasn't the sexiest but definitely had a cute face. On the first occasion of meeting her, we just exchanged numbers and allowed our tongues to briefly meet. Gabby and I message ea… 続きを読む

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Indian Wife ass fucked in Clinic---1


Recently I thought about sharing my own story. I got fucked by a Gynecologist when I went for a Vaginal Checkup. My husband doesn’t know about this. I would like to know what you people have to say about my sexual escapade. I am a good looking woman, married to Ritesh, who works as a Salesman in a small company. We live in Mumbai suburbs. We were married for 5 years and our parents kept asking and pestering us about k**s. We had planned the baby, but thin… 続きを読む

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Home wife enjoys fucking the servant


’m married to a business man two years ago… So as you know being a business man he has to go out of stations every now and then without quenching my sex thirst.. I am a slutty figure.. and wanted someone to quench my sex thirst and it need not be my husband himself So as the house was big a servant named kiran was appoin… 続きを読む

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Corrupting My Traditional Indian Mother – Part 1


Warning: This is going to be a long read and has a detailed plot which is the way I like it. This is part 1 and I will continue if I get a good response. Greetings, my name is Adi. I am a 21-year-old guy from Mumbai. I completed my B.Com recently and is on the lookout for a job. I wouldn’t describe myself as a handsome guy but I am not bad to look at either. My height 6’1, I am fair and a bit fat. I was never a popular guy in the school or college. So, I had limited female friends. Although I had my fair share of encou… 続きを読む

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Enjoying In A Train Toilet With Aunty


It happened once when I was traveling on a train from the city I was studying into my hometown during vacation. It was about a 12-hour journey. I had booked a seat in the reservation for a night journey. Anyways I boarded the train. I was wearing a loose t-shirt and my Bermudas as it was really hot. The train was to leave at around 7 pm and reach my hometown early morning. I got to the r… 続きを読む

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Girlfriend’s Threesome Surprise On My Birthday


My girlfriend decided to fly from Bangalore on my birthday night. It was pre-decided that we will stay in my apartment and fuck each other as my birthday gift. But it turned out to be the best sex experience. We had an amazing threesome and a sex tape recorded by my girlfriend’s hot friend. I have a black tinted Honda Civic car, which I drove down towards the Mumbai airport in the evening.… 続きを読む

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Two Horny Families – Part 1


Genuine females interested in foreplay and sex chat can drop their mail IDs and I will contact you. This is my first attempt at starting a long series of the story which I hope will have many parts (if time permits) and will be most erotic. This fictional story is about 2 neighbors joint families living in the same house. One on the ground floor and other on the first floor in a normal Indian neighborhood. It is in normally in a quiet locality. From outsid… 続きを読む

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Ass Sex by the Gator Hole


In rural areas where high culture is distant and recreational opportunities seem fewer there are still some advantages to life out in the sticks. Most people would love to have the opportunity to go to a remote creek and swim in a pretty setting. In the thickets around my neck-of-the-woods, one has the freedom to collect blackberries, set up a target and blast away with any manner of firearm, fish in a slough that is teaming with bass, sun bathe without a stich on, or set up picnics or parties in a beautiful setting.  I… 続きを読む

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Beautiful Korean neighbor


My job was paying my rent in this upscale condo, I must have been the poorest person who lived there. I had this beautiful fine-ass Korean neighbor that was married to this much older rich American guy who really hated me. Her old ass husband called security on me because he didn’t like the music I was playing, security came and they didn’t do anything because I wasn’t breaking any condo rules. The day after that incident I was at the elevator and my Korean neighbor came over and apologized for her husband calling security on me. She said, “I love your music, you have good taste”. I said “th… 続きを読む

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Suzanne finally makes me a cum slut


Suzanne had been telling me for weeks how much everyone had loved the weekend we agreed to be used. In part, I think while she was right, she really, really liked getting used hard, and liked watching me get used hard, too. I couldn't blame her... I was starting to enjoy it, myself. "Let's do it again! I've got a few new ideas you'll like..." she said in her sultry, suggestive tone. "I'm game. " I agreed. "But I want to be thoroughly used this time. " "You weren't last time?! My, what big balls you have...." she said, somewhat surprised. "I'll let them know, but I hope you know what you're… 続きを読む

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Evening the Score - Chapter 4


Jess: “What do you mean, ‘What we’re going to do?’” Me: “Well, you said you don’t want a divorce, and you haven’t said anything about ending your whorish behavior. I’m not sure where I come down on this yet, so it may take me a while to decide. So, in the meantime, we’re going to do this.” Jess: “Don’t call me a whore. I’m not, and not a slut either. Such derogatory names. I won’t stand for it!” Me: “If it walks like a duck, Honey …. Don’t worry, those words are not in our normal vocabulary, but you have to admit, they do fit.” Dropping her head, she quietly said, “Yes, they do fit my beha… 続きを読む

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A Little Help For Mom


My mother and I have always had a special relationship, ever since my dad died four years ago from cancer. My mother was devastated by his death, and has never even considered dating again. But, as I know that her and my father have always had a very lively sex life, I've heard them in the throes of passion many nights, though they don't know so. I've always thought that my mother was the most gorgeous, sexy woman on the planet; she's forty-three, but has the most incredible body you could imagine. Her tits are pretty big, and very firm; her ass isn't too big, but has a nice round shape to it;… 続きを読む

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Facefucked by a Muscled Alpha


I have had 5 'dates' with 5 different anonymous Men in 2017. Each Man was a contact made over various platforms, each time we videoed the action. I will tell the story of each date when I get time to write them down. As they say on TV: the events are very true (I have the videos to prove it) but for theatrical effect there is some condensing of the detail of events and some re-imagining of dialogue... ---- Date 3: Facefucked by a Muscled Alpha He was a self-proclaimed “Alpha Sissy Fucker” from a local dating site. He contacted me looking for a sex-doll, and at first I was cautious, but he… 続きを読む

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How Daddy became a Bitch (1)


A k** from down the shore, Gary, was here at my cottage to earn some money for university by helping me with some outdoor cleanup. He was nice, friendly, and really easy on the eyes. Very shy .... or so I thought. Tall, lanky, ribs and abs prominent, long stringy hair, a little ungainly in his movements. Looked great in a blue speedo, long lithe legs, cute tight ass, a moderate but tempting bulge in front. I would have enjoyed his company, and his body, but there were decades between us. So I just looked - carefully - from time to time, and dreamed a little. Later I was tired, sat in a foldin… 続きを読む

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Alas Photo Shoot


Things were getting better for Ala now. 32 years of age she was coming out of the misery of a failed marriage with a cheating husband who made her feel low. In the past 8 months Ala had lost 20lb or so making her tall striking figure even more so. Stunningly beautiful to look at with jet black hair and piercing blue eyes, Ala stood 5 feet 9 inches tall, even taller in the strappy heels she loved to wear. Small firm breasts curved down to an ample bum and wide thighs before tapering off to thin ankles gorgeous pedicured feet with long painted toes. As her confidence grew Ala became her old sel… 続きを読む

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She didnt know that I knew, Part 15


About 25 minutes later, she pulled up into the driveway and into the garage. I met her at the door leading into the house and she smiled grabbed my hand and practically pulled me up to our bedroom. “I have so much to tell you,” she said as she began to take off her clothes. “Quickly, undress and get on the bed.” I stripped and got into bed first. She was now only wearing her panties as she said: “Daddy got me some jewelry” she blurted out excitedly. “Daddy?” I asked, “Is that what the D is for?” “No” she replied, “Everyone calls Him “D”, but He wants me to now call Him Daddy. Do you want… 続きを読む

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My subordinate wants a promotion


Hahahah I laughed as my junior exec was standing in front of me with a proposal that he had worked pretty hard on I could tell asking for a promotion. Now don't get me wrong this young guy was a hard worker and he was able to help me with many of my projects but they were still my projects that I came up with and all he did was follow my lead. He was a good listener but was not able to think on his own and I was about to expose this little fact to him with this promotion I deal of his. Now let me give you a little back ground I worked a a senior VP at a large mining company that had just purch… 続きを読む

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