Traffic Stop that goes Terribly Wrong, Part 3


After we both came, from that very erotic, mutually pleasing 69, we rolled to our sides, cuddled and we must have drifted off to sleep. We were suddenly awakened by a voice calling out to us from the kitchen… HIS voice. “Hey you two” boomed his very deep and authoritative voice, “Were you serious about Brunch… or should I just join you both back in bed?” We both shot up in bed and looked at each other and then at the clock. It was 10:00 am! He must have used his garage opener and let himself into the house. “One Minute!” my wife yelled out. We flew out of bed, rubbing our eyes and acting l… 続きを読む

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Megan Part 2


This is continuing from the original MEGAN story: Later that evening my wife came home and we went on our Friday night date. After we came home I made moves to get between my wifes legs. Sheree asked me to wait until the next day. The next day did not come. I was still thinking about Megan sucking me earlier. The next Friday, Sheree and I went on our Friday night date. When we came home I was laying in bed with Sheree and I started stroking my cock. She told me she’d take care of me tomorrow and she promised. Well, the next morning, Saturday (this past weekend) Sheree did not touch me. It’s… 続きを読む

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My wife confessed me how she cheated me. First tim


This is a true story, based on all the details my wife confessed me about when she cheated on me. She confessed me that she cheated me many times with her work colleague when I was traveling for work, but now I write about the details of the first time she cheated me. When I returned from my trip and she confessed me her infidelity, I confessed her that turn me on to know more. My wife was surprised, and began to tell me everything from the beginning. I wanted to know also how she was dressed. She told me that she went to work that day with this clothes:… 続きを読む

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My wife confessed me how she cheated me. First tim


This is a true story, based on all the details my wife confessed me about when she cheated on me. She confessed me that she cheated me many times with her work colleague when I was traveling for work, but now I write about the details of the first time she cheated me. When I returned from my trip and she confessed me her infidelity, I confessed her that turn me on to know more. My wife was surprised, and began to tell me everything from the beginning. I wanted to know also how she was dressed. She told me that she went to work that day with this clothes:… 続きを読む

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Christy took us all on!


When I was at college I used to hang out with Thomas and Mark, two guys like me, who liked films, comics and talking about films and comics, and there was Christy. She was a short chubby girl, with jet black shoulder length hair, who just liked to hang out with us, and spent most of the time mocking us for our interests, but she was pretty cool to and always had an opinion on what we were talking about. Anyway, one summers day we were walking through the park talking about the latest blockbuster films out, when Thomas spotted Sophie and her friends on bench ahead of us. Now Sophie was this hot… 続きを読む

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Muslim Men


My name is jenny Carter,42 im a married mother with one daughter who is 17, my husband Brian is an independent  engineer who works all over the country, and this takes him away from home  most of the time so my daughter and I are mostly alone, this is fine by me as we have a beautiful home and are financially secure, our sex life is routine id say but nothing kinky or out of the ordinary, whilst  my husband is away I take care of the home and the usual mother things so all is good in our house, until last week when my world collapsed and im at my wits end with what to… 続きを読む

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BBC Anal Orgasm For Wife


My wife had been servicing a BBC for a while now and he was becoming a regular to our house, sometimes staying over with us sharing our bed whilst staying over. His name was Jake and the reason my wife had become a bit hooked on him was purely for the size of his massive cock. Jake had been fucking my wife for a few months now and was slowly wrecking her pussy for me! His cock was just over 12” in length when erect but the thickness of the thing was immense! My wife had been slowly learning to accommodate most of his cock in her pussy but had yet to try it up her ass yet, which brings me to… 続きを読む

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The Making of a Slut Wife


As Sam and Olivia sat in bed browsing the internet looking for porn to watch, something that they had both come to enjoy over recent years, they chanced across a website where members could share amateur homemade porn. The website ran like a social network, members could share their homemade porn with other like-minded people. They were also able to friend other members, like, and comment on each other's photos and videos. There was also a video chat section, including private chat rooms. The idea of sharing photos of Olivia in various stages of undress had always appealed to Sam. Thinking ab… 続きを読む

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Mature Slut Wife.... Part 3


Well my hot slutty mature wife Debra payed the price for getting to have her young stud start fucking her again. If you have read parts 1&2 you know that she was blocked from getting anymore young stud cock until she took it in the ass from our swing/swap couple Tom/Brenda..... Tom is fucking huge and has a reputation for leaving woman unable to walk after fucking their pussy, the ones who took it in the ass were sorry they tried... So a couple of nights ago Debra comes to bed fucking horny and in complete slut mode.... climbing all over me, biting and pinching my nipples and tells me, I… 続きを読む

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Squirter Girl


Definitely a true story. The daughter of a close friend of mine is a very shy, sweet woman. Petite, Long hair and DD chest. She explained that since she was a small girl they didn't have to be that big to be DD. Beautiful tits.. Through necessity I ended up at her house helping with a fence and a couple other things.Eventually we were talking on the couch, then making out. She is a passionate kisser! It was worth it just for the kissing. She always wore tank tops and no bra. Those unbelievable tits just begged to be freed. Nuzzling her chest with my face I pulled up her top and found that th… 続きを読む

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While still serving in the US Air Force one of the females I worked with at the local radio station was Crystal Rose. Quiet and shy normally, but a confident disc jockey on the radio and as most of the staff like me were volunteers we shared the duties though I preferred choosing the music and arranging the adverts to actually announcing though I did give the weather forecasts every thirty minutes. I,d worked off and on with Crystal for a few weeks, but outside of a joke or shared story we Didn,t really seem to gel till one day she was quite upset that her uncle had been killed in the USA in a… 続きを読む

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Part 3, Myself and Mike, Candice and Tarryn


Part 3, Myself and Mike, Candice and Tarryn. Friday After a naughty fun afternoon with my sister and Carry, my parents were soon home. We chatted a bit before all helping with dinner and tidying up before heading our separate ways. Carry and my sister were first in the lounge watching TV, where Mike and I joined for a while as we message Tarryn and Candice, finalizing plans for tomorrow. Even tho being open with my sister and Carry, Mike and I soon said good night, leaving the two girls to enjoy their company. Off too my room Mike and I went and while in bed him and I discussed how much fun i… 続きを読む

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BBC for Us Both Cuckold


Most of us have probably had experiences in our younger years that we would just as soon forget. I had some experiences like that in my junior and senior years in high school, and they were all but forgotten until chance reared its ugly head. My name is Walter, and I'm a pretty average 62 year old married, white man at 6' tall, 185 pounds, with grey hair and beard, and hazel eyes. But I started out as a skinny k** who had a hard time defending himself. My wife Sheila is a 60 year old white woman who is 5'6" tall with brown hair and blue eyes. She weighs about 160 pounds and has nice, full 38C… 続きを読む

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Angel Adams my next door neighbour was a few months older than me, but having lived previously in rural Colorado was much more experienced at sex. Her game warden father had built a tree house for her and her younger brothers, but we used it most of the time as the brothers Didn,t like it much. It was there one afternoon we broke the ice in a mutual masturbation session and I couldn,t wait for the next instalment. Our chance came when we rode our bicycles to a nearby lake for an afternoon,s fishing and anything else that might occur. Early on the fish were quite cooperative and we had a metal… 続きを読む

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Photo Shoot


It was just another day. It started with a nice hot shower and I just let the water run down my body and I stood under the water until the it started to cool down. I went out onto the deck with my morning coffee and I was looking out over the back yard pool. I had a great view of the valley from where my houses situated at the top of the hill. I loved my house and my life. I was early retired due to some great tips and some well thought out stock purchases and sales. I was not the ultra wealthy but I and my k**s never had to think about to much. All my k**s were in the world already and I was… 続きを読む

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Spanking Hank


Hank is a 45 yo dark complected black guy about 6 feet 220 lbs with a Short beard who works as an auto mechanic. His tools include a nice 9 inch cut rod with a dark pointed head and big set of lug nuts he sports around and he loves to service rear ends especially white ones as he says.... See you is lookin to gets yo ass spanked he said while on the phone with him. Yeah been wanting a good spanking from a black man I told him..... Yeahs I seen yo ad when you wants that ass spanked ? I'am free tonight you bouts it ? He said.....Sure Mr Hank, I addressed him as......Ok's see you tonight bouts 8… 続きを読む

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Tasha's First Stranger


"I mean....what were you thinking?", the resounding thought running through your head. "You've barely spoken to the guy...no more than a dozen times online and now you're sat in just your dressing gown and panties, freshly showered, waiting for him to knock on your door." Suddenly a knock disturbs your train of thought, barely audible above the pounding of your heart, more nervous than you expected as you open the door and let him in. A quick glance up and down revealing a tailored suit...just as you'd hoped when you invited him to visit you late at night. No sooner has the door shut and you… 続きを読む

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Just For Fun


Our family does a lot of vacations together, the adults pick some place and everybody shows up. They all rent a block of hotel rooms or cabins or whatever and we all live together for a week or so. It is really alot of fun. This trip we rented a whole floor of a fancy hotel, because of a slight mix up, I ended up sharing a room with my granny. Not a problem as I have shared rooms with granny in the past. She likes to walk around the room almost naked and she is kind of hot. And granny and I get along really well. She is about sixty years old, well off money wise. A widow with white hair, nice… 続きを読む

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Mists' Adventures Part 63


The rest of the day was rather uneventful. Everybody spent their day checking their wardrobes for the next day, with the women making needed repairs, and mending what was needed. The women cooked some of the dishes that would be served the next day, and Pop Campbell called the caterer to check if everything was up to speed for the reception. He was assured that everything was under control, and that a natural disaster was the only thing that could spoil their plans. Mike, Misti, Mary, and Jerry Came out and spent the rest of the day with them, bringing Sharon. Misti had spent a couple of days… 続きを読む

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"Why I Am A Size Queen" By Janet Mason This post has been copy and pasted from Janet Masons own blog. It explains why shes a size queen that loves huge Black cocks and cuckolding her husband. In a lot of her porn movies with BBC its quite clear she isn't just acting and here she tells it in her own words. Steve and I spent last night sitting by the fireplace with a bottle of excellent Pinot Noir and had a great discussion about the role of the 'lifestyle' in our relationship...especially the experiences we have had over the years that truly define us...and our plans explore those themes furth… 続きを読む

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