fucked in Thetford forest


This happened a few years ago. It was getting dark and I was passing a popular cruising spot near Barton Mills. I drove down the quiet forest road and pulled up . I got lucky because a few minutes later a car passed slowly and flashed his indicator. I did the same, he took this as a sign that I was interested. I glanced at him in his car as I got out and walked into the wooded area. He followed quickly behind. as he got to me I was stroking my soft cock. with just my jeans unbuttoned and loose. He was older maybe not quite 50 and stocky. straight away he put his hand down my back pushing under… 続きを読む

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Adventures In Bondage


If you've read my stories about my adventures in the woods and fun and games ,then I don't have to fill you in; Horny Reader; about the time I spent after getting out of school in the afternoon. It had become almost routine for me to get off the bus with my best friend Ted, his older brother Dan and their buddy Mitch and immediately go the short distance to Mitch's house. There was never anyone home since Mitch's sister was off at college and both of his parents worked and wouldn't be home for hours. This meant it was "Let's find imaginative ways to fuck Erachi time!" Since they were all Boy… 続きを読む

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Plight of the Weak


“Fish,” some random inmate yelled as I was escorted down what I came to know was the catwalk. My name is Blaze Weiss. I’m 24 years old now. When I was first sentenced for stalking by Internet and text message, I was only 18. I didn’t grow up rich so I had some shit public defender that probably graduated from a no name YMCA law school handling my case. I got five years. I kept telling him that I wasn’t stalking her. We were just friends and I was trying to be nice. Plus, her boyfriend was cheating on her and treating her like crap. I wanted to save her. I explained to my lawyer that she led… 続きを読む

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Money talks


i was listening to my school friend rebecca tell me how she likes my little white ass in her swimsuit in her pool, floating on the mattress ass up in the air in one of her own one piece swimsuit from kalvein klein i felt stupid when she brought me in her room drunk from the party on the campus , to change before we take a dip I refuse at first but i coudnt resist when she told me she woud let me see her nice black tits if i join her she giggle when i got out of the bathroom in her cute pale bleue one piece ''oh my god its fits you so well'' holding me infront of her mirror both in cute bi… 続きを読む

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Bound 2 Come


I stood pressed up against the plywood divider panel with my cock and balls through the round (no more than 3 inches diameter) hole, as I felt the other guy on the opposite side securing my balls with a piece of flat nylon webbing, and then securing that, in turn, to two separate metal eyelets on the other side. By allowing him to do this, I understood that I was voluntarily giving up all control over when I might think I had 'had enough' cock and ball teasing; and yet, the very idea of giving up my own decision to end things, and putting that (literally) into HIS hands (also literally), that… 続きを読む

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3 Cocks for the Nylon Sissy At the Theater


So I had been going to this adult theater rather regularly. It was almost becoming an addiction. I would always wear thigh high hose or pantyhose under a pair of jeans with no socks and a pair of boat shoes or preppies as we used to call them. I was really getting into taking my jeans down and showing a guy what I had on and then having him shove his cock in my mouth. But because of being in a theater I would rarely take my jeans all the way off. Even if I was in an video booth at this place I wouldn't because they had removed the doors from the booths even though the booths were arranged so y… 続きを読む

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GloryHole Heaven Gay


I'm a gay man who loves to suck cock. Redundant, you might think, but not all gay men love to suck cock. Go figure! But I do, so when I first heard about gloryholes, I thought that sounded great. I could suck a guy's cock, never have to see his face or body, never have to form a relationship of any kind, and in the end I'd get a mouthful of warm, thick cum, no strings attached. And the guy on the other side of the wall would get a great blowjob, and all he would care about is the warm wet mouth sucking his cock and coaxing out a big sticky load. Win win, right? Trouble is, I kept thinking a… 続きを読む

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a week later.....


The day after I met the older guy,( who I later found out was named Walter, )I was talking to Rick and told him what happened. We were in his parents house and they were away for the weekend, so we had the place to ourselves. Whenever that opportunity arose we took complete advantage of it and broke out the old 8mm movie projector and our growing collection of porn. So naturally we were in his bedroom watching a movie and our cocks in hand. As I told him about my ride hom with Walter I noticed how hard his cock was. I looked over and saw a few drops of precum leaking out and reached over to t… 続きを読む

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Rich Man Smell


I have to say that this story is not mine. A couple of months ago I posted on Craig's list a post looking for a guy with a nice musky manly scent. A guy responded with the below story, which I found beyond hot, and that indeed something like that happened to me. Hope some of you like it as much as I did. --------- I know that smell you are referring to. I had a bi friend come down from State College 2 weeks ago to met with his sister and her husband to be near me. He is 32, built nicely, has good muscle tone to him as he is a mechanic.. He had asked if he could stay here for the night… 続きを読む

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New GF Pegged and FUCKED!


I was a divorced bi 54 year old white guy and shortly after my divorce I met Julie. She was in her mid-forties, blonde, petite with still perky breasts. She worked out regularly and was in fine shape. Like me she was divorced. We had dated for several months and I was having dinner at her house. The wine flowed freely throughout the meal and we were a bit tipsy. I helped her with the dishes and as soon as that was done, we fell into each other's arms and soon adjourned to the bedroom. Our clothes came off in a heartbeat and I began to run my hands all over her body while we kissed. My lips… 続きを読む

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A high-school education.


This is an old story that got deleted for some reason. I tried out for the swim team every year in high-school and made it at the start of my junior year. I'd always been pretty fast in all the strokes and they needed an IM guy so I finally made the squad. Everyone made me welcome because nobody else relished the extra training the Individual Medley requires. I was the only Junior there and coach asked John, one of the Seniors, to mentor me. He was really cool and didn't seem to mind hanging with a younger teammate. He set up a training schedule for me and we spent a lot of time together… 続きを読む

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Before using a Vacuum Pump, read instructions=CARE


enis Pumping-Read Instructions First !!! Wish I had!!! My mate Billy suggested having a bit of fun and trying out the Penis Pumps advertised in one of the on line ads we had been reading. We were not sure how well they would work so sent for 2 small cylinders and a manual hand pump. Two medium with hand pumps, and two large cylinders which were 15” long, extra thick, and with a hefty girth to get your balls in as well, which the smaller ones did not. We got excited waiting for them and as we live together anyway, spent the evening sucking and fucking and thinking what it would be like to h… 続きを読む

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A young sissy’s beginning, part 2.


It started with an older boy. I was very young and with threats and bullying, he forced me to suck his cock. Although he would never admit it, he must have enjoyed it, because our encounters continued. Maybe he was too masculine, maybe he was a homophobe or maybe he was just too plain mean. I don’t know, what I did know however, was I had begun to love our meetings, begun to love my role. I knew I could never let him know though, the teasing and threats would only worsen, I was sure. I embraced my role, finding that I loved him using me, finding that I loved to pleasure him, found that I loved… 続きを読む

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A secret between friends


I never seen one before, my friend showing me the cylinder thing in our tent at night our mom in the rv couple of foot away he twist open the opening , with his dark hands, revealing the mouth toy he told me about earlier a nice pair of lipse in rubber i was drunk from all the rhum n coke we drank i didnt realise how wrong it was when i touch it ''its smooth'' ''yeah it is kiss it its very smooth'' and he hold it for me as i kiss it not realizing he had been fucking that toy so much and even if it was washed , i was still kissing the lipse whom he had fuck before ''you want to try it, it… 続きを読む

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True Story, next day at "John's" co


Well , I did not sleep much last night, I kept waking up to visions of John's cock right in my face , and me covered in his cum, when I got in from helping John with his toileting problem last night, the first thing I did was look at my face in the toilet, glasses , nose and mouth covered in cum and that was starting to run down my face, part of me said taste it and part of me was reviled, but the taste test won and I licked my lips and tasted a mans cum for the first time, it wasn't too bad, salty and slightly metallic and I felt my cock get real erect and my heart started to run faster. Wel… 続きを読む

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A letter to my daddy


I don't know if you'll ever read this, but if you remember, and you think of me, please tell me!!! I loved hanging out with you all the time when we were younger. You were the male figure in my life that i never had and needed. I always felt safe when I was with you and you were always fun, nice, and caring. Even though you didn't have to be there for me in hard times, you always made sure i was okay. And thank you for not treating me different because you were older than me. That's why I decided to make a move on you and told you I wanted you when I felt ready. I trusted you, felt safe and l… 続きを読む

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It been a year


At first it was just a fantasy, I told myself i was just curious when i first watch sissy porn in my newly bought pink panty, but after only 1 week a wanted more cute panty to marturbate and feel on my small ass I was drunk wanking in my room at night back from the pub when i click the order button the picture of the toy making me drool wanting to wrap my mouth around the dark realistic cock head so much becoming so horny as i place the order, wanting it now so i could suck on it like the cute sissy in my vids the hangover the next day was awfull as i recall ordering a big black realistick… 続きを読む

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Conservative Straight Husband Bisexual Transformat


He thought it would be just another domination session. His wife was the true master of the house, and she always wanted to experiment, especially to find new ways to punish him. And he enjoyed every minute of it. She would verbally abuse him whenever they decided to have sex (and that was always her decision). She would find new creative ways to torture him mentally and tease him until he would climax in a splash of orgasmic pleasure. But he never counted on his wife bringing home another man, let alone a huge black stallion who would completely dominate him. It all started like any other ev… 続きを読む

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my first try at sucking cock


This story is 100 % true I am a married guy been with the same women for 30 plus years. I always thought I was heterosexual. Around 40 years old we got the internet as I was learning about computers and the internet. like all guys I started looking for jerking material when wife wasn't around. I would go on a site and see what was there. For some unknown reason and I still can't figure it out I started talking to bi and gay guys. And they started telling me about their first bi experience. For some reason I started jerking off while they told me their story and would have a great organism. I s… 続きを読む

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helping a friend in need


It was a Friday night and I was emptying the rubbish outside in the bin, and I heard John across the road breathing hard, he did not keep too well, had problems with breathing and needed oxygen every now and again, I could see he was struggling with something at the boot of the car, I went over to see if I could help. I had known John for three years since the wife and I had moved to the street and had gotten on very well, I had helped him with a number of things and knew his ex wife came round a lot to help out as well, she was an amazonian of an older lady. When I got over I could see he wa… 続きを読む

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