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His "special" secretary - Part 2


It has now been a week that I wank my boss daily, he keeps telling me that it's normal and that all secretaries do it, I doubt it but what can I do or say? Between these sessions, I do more normal work, always with the pressure of displeasing him with the smallest mistakes. Talking about mistakes, here he comes with this very bad look on his face. - You stupid cow, you sent the wrong report to the client! - Eh... What? - Oh my god, you're too stupid to even remember what you do! My service is not a social service. - Please Sir, I'm sorry, I'll send the correct report. - It's done already, you… 続きを読む

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I hate what I had become...


What I have to tell you is very true I know because it happened to me some years ago. This was only about a year after I was brutally and viciously sexually assaulted relentlessly by Daniel, Bruce and Charlie, three of my urban secondary schools bullies. Had I not decided to skip class and hang out in the trees behind the athletic field I would not have been in such a position. If I had had the courage to report the incident to my councilor or the authorities maybe I would not have been in such a position. Had I reported any of the incidents that had occurred over the past year I may have no… 続きを読む

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Blackmailed Teacher part 3


After Mr. Walker and Mr. Holmes left me in the middle of my living with cum down my throat and cum leaking from my ass, I just sleep there the floor. I was spent and my jaw and ass was sore from the beat down by two BIG BLACK COCKS. I didn’t hear from either Mr. Walker or Mr. Holmes over the next month and everything went back to normal. I started messing around with hand full of women but I left all the black married parents alone. However, one night while I was fucking one of my regulars I was picturing Mr. Walker dick pumping in my ass. I will admit, I tired watching black men solo videos o… 続きを読む

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Queer Bait


Young Keven-Jeanne was walking home one night, when a car that had been following him circled back around. Keven Jeanne felt butterflies in his tummy. He was young but he knew that the way he was dressed would attract this type of activity. He kept walking as the car drove slowly along side of him. "Want a ride?" the man in the passenger seat asked. Keven-Jeanne looked; there were 4 or 5 guys in the car. He was nervous, but without hesitation he said, "Sure." He got into the back seat and the guys in there pushed aside to have Keven-Jeanne sit in the middle. The car sped off into the darknes… 続きを読む

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Wife makes me a CockSucker!


I could see the sun slowly rising outside my bedroom window. I was tied to a chair as a chain of men had their way with my wife while I watched. It was her fantasy and my punishment for an eight month long affair. She had been fucking bareback off and on all night and I could see cum overflowing from her pussy as she lay on our bed with her legs spread wide. "Jim and Kenny untie my cheating pig of a husband and bring him over to the bed," she directed the two well built young men who had just finished double teaming her. Kenny walked over first. His long flaccid cock swung from side with th… 続きを読む

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The Doctor is In - Part 1


I caught a cold recently and had to go to the local urgent care. Every time I get a head cold I become insatiably horny and this time was no different. As soon as I got home, I took some NyQuil and went to bed and had the best sexual fantasy dream ever. Most times you don't remember your dreams after you wake up, but this time I did, so decided to share my dream with everyone. When I woke up Friday morning I knew immediately that I was coming down with a head cold. I yelled out, "Fuck". I had plans both Friday and Saturday night to hang out with friends at some local clubs and did not want to… 続きを読む

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Me and My father


"So what is this place?" I asked as we turned from the road and down a tree lined lane. "It's a surprise," my Dad smiled at me both happily and enigmatically. We were close, me and Dad, I'd not know my Mom, she'd left when I was so small she wasn't even a blurry figure in my memory and Dad had brought me up. As a rule we were a no secrets house, I'd come out as gay to him without a thought and let him know about all my boyfriends. He in turn had let me know about the women he was seeing, (even before he'd gone on the official first date) and as soon as I'd met them he'd be asking me my opin… 続きを読む

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I crave his cock!


My urges and cravings were overwhelming. I loved sucking his cock and he loved getting it sucked. Sometimes, I found my lust so strong, I actually begged him to let me suck him, to have him cum on me. It is a desire I think only a cock hungry, cock and cum loving man can understand. To taste his wonderful, warm seed. The white, thick jizz as it erupts and oozes out his hard, throbbing tip. I feel it splash on my face and on my lips, sticky and creamy. I love it! I want it so bad! I could and would fall to my knees before him… 続きを読む

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white like snow


I still dont know who he was and why i just didnt started to run when he walk in the bus stop his sweatpants showing of a big bulge i just coudnt not see waiting for the last bus east of downtown ''when is the next bus boy'' ''in like 20'' ''that's enough time. here suck the cock cute white boy'' it happen so fast i didnt have time to talk, i was help mouth open on his cock looking up at him getting it out ''damn, im not gay , im sorry but'' ''but what , we are alone, im not gay we are just having fun, common boy look at how big iam, you felt so warm around my cock, here try again nobod… 続きを読む

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The Unexpected Transition (Part 2)


This story is not based on reality, it is simply a fantasy based on my various sexual triggers. We were all hungry, and personally I couldn’t wait to get back outside for food and to see the sights. Well, I say sights, I actually mean become voyeurs for the day with all the hopefully topless women around the pool. I love tits, small perky tits, large saggy tits, well you get the picture. Anyway, why bother to wander elsewhere when all we needed was here. Anyway, breakfast beckoned, we all finished getting dressed, shorts and t-shirts were the order of the day, especially in this heat, then w… 続きを読む

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Seduced by a gay college boy..


This is a story I had to write. A story I had to tell and to share. I had never been with another guy before. I won’t lie though, I had thought about it before, even masturabted to the thought of it. But never dared to try, nerves and the negative stereotypes that I grew up with prevented it. Then I was approached by a young man named Steven. Times have changed I guess, he was so forward and bold. He was not embarrassed at all to ask me out and handed me his phone number written on a small piece of paper. I was alittle shocked… 続きを読む

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Lost Sissy Virginity


A few months ago I truly became a sissy. I was out of town on business and decided that was the night to be who I was meant to be. I invited a man over and I'll admit it was a bit awkward, but cooler heads prevailed! He pushed me to my knees and shoved his dick in my mouth! He didn't have too much stamina though and he blew in about two minutes. It was fun but a bit of a let down. Don't worry though, my ass was still wet and my urges were still strong! After a little bit of searching a found another man to come over. When showed up it was clear from the start who was the real man and who was… 続きを読む

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Another Night at the Gloryhole


Another true story, it has been a few weeks without cock or fresh warm cum. As a cocksucking slut I need constant cock and cum, so I went to my local adult cinema with gloryholes to get my fix. As I walked upstairs the smell on cum immediately hit my nose and my cock hardened in my sweat pants. I wasn't wearing any underwear so my erection was very visible. I darted to the gloryhole booths and shut the door behind me. I stripped sweat pants down and took them off immediately. My throbbing uncut cock was now erected from the smells, moans and screams of pleasure which filled the cinema. I sat… 続きを読む

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“Have you ever sucked a cock before?” Our next mee


I Wondered if anyone knew what had happened. I was afraid everyone could sense that I tasted not only only but cum also. “Just a cock lovingly little homo” I imagined them saying. Although, deep down, I knew it to be true, I didn’t want anyone to know. And yet, the urge to back to the neighbors house was almost overwhelming. I couldn’t take it, the constant thoughts, the constant desire to suck his cock. I knew I had to experience more. When I showed up at his door he seemed happy, but not at all surprised. With a smile, he sa… 続きを読む

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     All I could think of while looking out the window was "It wasn't supposed to rain today."  Evidently no one told the "Lords Of Rain and Thunder".  Suddenly I heard the pounding of someone running down the steps, it was Mister Little and he jumped when about half way down and headed pell mell out the front door of the Spa headed for his Caddie convertible which sat open in the parking lot.  He was in a foul mood by time he got it all closed up and was literally soaked to the bone.  I was about to leave when he came in cuss'n up a storm.  Reggie,… 続きを読む

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     All I could think of while looking out the window was "It wasn't supposed to rain today."  Evidently no one told the "Lords Of Rain and Thunder".  Suddenly I heard the pounding of someone running down the steps, it was Mister Little and he jumped when about half way down and headed pell mell out the front door of the Spa headed for his Caddie convertible which sat open in the parking lot.  He was in a foul mood by time he got it all closed up and was literally soaked to the bone.  I was about to leave when he came in cuss'n up a storm.  Reggie,… 続きを読む

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Neighborhood Boi Slut Chap 8 part 3


Mark never knew what hit him until it was way too late. Before he knew it his jeans were around his ankles and his rapidly growing cock was engulfed in my needy mouth. Mark was still looking at the nubile girl laying naked and sweaty on Pauls bed while his un*****e fucktoy was slobbering his now completely erect dick. "Who....who is that? OMG that feels fucking good, fuck Chris, suck my cock". I was now bobbing on a rock hard 7" thick adult cock, the salty flavor of his precum beginning to fill my mouth and throat. He stopped staring at my gorgeous neighbor's naked flesh and looked down at t… 続きを読む

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Answering a Bi couples ad for sex. Part 2.


“Mmmm, that was nice!” she said as she leaned down, wiped her pussy juice from my mouth and kissed me gently on the lips. Looking down at her husband, his mouth still milking the last drop of cum from my cum, she then said, “Too bad you came already, I wanted to fuck you.” “I hope we are just getting started!” I told her with a smile and purred, “Mmm, I hope so too!” Her husband started kissing his way up my chest to join us, saying, “You can fuck me too, Stud!” This had to be a dream! The hottest, horniest couple ever!… 続きを読む

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Black Jock College Threesome


Part 1 ­ Prologue, and Extending the Invitation  It was my first year as an upperclassman, and I was finally the starter at shooting guard. Most of our players were upperclassmen; all of our starters except at point guard, where highly­touted freshman Marcus Washington was expected to earn the starter's spot. We had been a very good&… 続きを読む

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After Work


I came home after work to find them fucking on the living room floor. My wife and some guy I didn't know. He was on top. I remember her heels and toes hanging in the air as his ass flexed and he pumped away at her.  "The FUCK," I said. The guy looked back over his shoulder and smiled at me. Then he … 続きを読む

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