XHamster addict


I initially came on here to write a fictional story and to please the requests I'd received from some of my readers. Instead, I'd like to write about what keeps me coming back to this site like a junkie to the crack house every day (mostly). I first came on here for nothing more than to masturbate to porn. Initially, straight porn. Then, in one of the suggestions, came some 'shemale' porn. I never went back to the 'straight' section after seeing that! I realised I'd made an XHamster profile page when I wanted to check out the Hammy 'girls' (who were in the possession of a penis) one night, cur… 続きを読む

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My Brother's Boy


I am a G**** Farmer, have 5 aches and the summer between his junior & senior year my nephew Ed came to work for my-he was 17 and turned 18 in July so don't feel like I was Robbing the Cradle. He was on the HS Wrestling Team and worked out beautiful young man 5'10", about 160 LBS, blond very curly hair, green eyes worked out like a champ very well defined. Will give you his important measurements when I take them. I wanted him that's for Damn Sure but made no really open moves or said any thing. That next day up and 5 am and we headed to the northern edge of my property to start repairing… 続きを読む

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Ich habe einen Mini-Job


1 Ich habe einen Mini-Job Pizza-Lieferant. Steige in Klarenthal in einem Wohnblock in den 2. Stock, ein älterer Mann öffnet mir die Tür. Barfuß, mit einem Bademantel, graue Haare dominantes Auftreten. Während er mir das Geld gibt öffnet sich der Bademantel und sei halbsteifes Glied schaut hervor, ich schaue wie das Kaninchen auf die Schlange. Als er das bemerkt fragt er mich ob ich ein fürstliches Trinkgeld bekommen möchte und was ich dafür tun würde. Ich kann meinen Blick nicht von seinem Schwanz abwenden, er zuckt und wächst leicht. Ich greife an seinen Halbsteifen und wichse in härter. Er:… 続きを読む

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My First Anal


This is my third story and a continuation of the previous two, so you may want to read the others first to catch up. It had been a few days since i had sucked Sirs cock in his car and i hadn’t heard anything from him, i had started to think he was no longer interested in me as i knew he always got plenty of offers from both men and women. During the days after sucking Sirs fat cock, me and my girlfriend had barely seen each other as both working, because of this there had been no sexual contact, except for a little innocent peck on the lips. I was just about to climb into bed with my girlfr… 続きを読む

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Mummy's boy-girl


Chapter 8 She was not alone - as she truend she saw them - three of the guys who had brushed past her in the bar who had each in turn touuched her breasts - now they were here in the corrider with no escape route for her. She decided heading into the ladies was her only option so she did. She closed the door and sat down in her fully petticoated satin dress thinking if it was a sheath dress then it would be easier to move away from the guys and run in. What - she sudenly heard voices - we know you're in their sissy-boy and nobody will be coming to help you we've put the out of order sign up… 続きを読む

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Finding out that I am a bottom


Discovering the joy of being the bottom I was a young man. 20 years old. I had started to lose weight from exercising and eating better. I was fat most of my life I felt great being slimmer. At the time I was trying to get confident enough to wear tank tops outside. I was still in denial about my love of gay sex. I had been with 3 guys by this point but had not yet had any anal play. I was very turned on watching anal porn. I kept wondering how it feels to be fucked in my butthole. It had to be enjoyable. I seen porn where the person getting it up the ass seemed to really like it. I had to t… 続きを読む

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Hurricane Evacuees


According to the weatherman, the hurricane was set to make landfall within the next 36 hours. Thankfully, roommates and best friends, Fabrici Mora and Gabriel Valverde, had evacuated the coastal city they now called home. Both of the young men were of Costa Rican heritage and grew up in New York. After finishing their studies to become dental hygienist at Hostos Community College, they decided to move south. They settled on the popular resort that hosted two events which they loved - Black Cycle Week and the NFL’s HBCU Showcase. Each brought an enormous amount of men into the area. Plus, the b… 続きを読む

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True Story.My first gay experience.


This is a 100% true. I know everyone says "this is a true story" but this really is. Its not that farfetched either, infact its pretty hot. Something ill always think about. This goes back to high school. It was probably 2006, I was a freshman in high school and it was when AIM was still super popular. I was already pretty into weed and was always kind of a home body. I was popular but always sort of felt awkward everywhere so even on weekends i was usually at home on the internet, stoned, and looking at porn or whatever on the internet. Was on instant messenger constantly. The frequent us… 続きを読む

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My Favorite Cocksucker


We all need role models. My personal favorite is a first class cocksucker I met out West while serving in the military. He was a piano player in a local lounge near the training facility I was attending. The back room of the lounge doubled as a private after-hours bar for selected clients. Our facility provided the majority of those who were selected: young, hung, horny studs. Don't get me wrong, this wasn't the backroom/black room, anything goes kind of gay bar scene. No, it seemed to be a quiet place where the men just wanted to keep on drinking. As I remember it, the only hint of gayness c… 続きを読む

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I and Bud were in bed making out, kissing, fondling pecs, nipples, cocks, balls & ass, and then tonging, humping our cocks together & fondling each others ass. I had Bud lay back with a pillow under his hips, legs parted and pulled back. Now both of us have a little better than 7+ inches, low hangers, I'm cut & he as foreskin, both proud of out fat cocks and fine well rounded muscle butts. I moved down between his legs, licked and sucked his ball sac, the licked his hard bulging cock all over several times as I rubbed his butt crack massaging his ass-hole-crack. Went down and lic… 続きを読む

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We, Howard, Ernie, ED & I drove to Ed's Cabin on a lake in his Van, needless to say for the 10 minute drive, cocks and butt cracks were not left alone but well fondled, slow stroked & rubbed in anticipation of the 4-Way. We entered the cabin thru our luggage aside & stripped nude. Four of us facing each other in a close circle avidly kiss each other nursing and working each others nipples & pecks, fondling fine rounded muscled butt cheeks, rubbing cracks & ass-cracks, and of course fondling low hanging balls & hard cocks all oozing pre-cum from our piss-slits. We then… 続きを読む

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4 Times at the Gay Cruising spot, Part 1.


As mentioned in my previous story, The condom broke, http://xhamster.com/stories/the-condom-broke-857944), I am a bisexual, big, chub, fat guy who loves sex equally with men and women. At the end of my last story I stated I was fucked again a few days later. What I did not say is how many times I was fucked or where. I either met and had sex at a local gay cruising/pick up location or went to the guys home nearby to have sex in his bed. I had three men, one transsexual and one woman that day. Here is part 1: I had a bunch of errands to run on the other side of town from where I live. On th… 続きを読む

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Okumaya Diye Gittik, Yurtta Yarak Delisi Olduk! (A


Selam herkese. Bu siteyi açanları tebrik ediyorum. Gerçekten çok harika ve nefis şeyler var. Hani benim gibi içine kapanık ve kimseyle birşey paylaşmayan insanların okuyacağı ve deşarj olacağı bir site. Ben de yıllar önce başımdan geçen gerçek ama henüz günyüzüne çıkmamış güzel bir anımı anlatmak istiyorum. Yıllar önce (ozaman daha 16 yaşındaydım) evimiz köyde olduğu için babam beni şehirde okutmak istedi. Ama kalacak yerimiz olmadığı için bir yurda vermek için araştırma yaptı. Bir erkek yurduna beni yerleştirdi. Burası güvenli ve güzel bir yerdi. Ancak maddi durumumuz çok iyi değildi. Babam… 続きを読む

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My First Black Cock


I have always wanted to try this. And here I am is actually and finally experiencing it. I met this black guy, Steve on Xhamster was his name, his Xhamster name was Bottom Bull. Bottom Bull 58, brown skin, he is well built for his age. Bottom Bull is 5’10”, 200lbs, and hairy. Bottom Bull’s not ugly nor handsome. Bottom Bull cock is cut, dark and nice 7.5in surrounded with thick nappy pubic hair. Bottom Bull balls are full and fat, little beads of hair covers his balls. Bottom Bull’s cock was wet with a mixture of pre-cum, lubricant and my own saliva. What I loved most about his cock was the b… 続きを読む

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The Great Tasteof His 8" cock, balls & as


His name is ED, about 160 Lbs, blond, blue eyed, well defined, 29"waist, 8 uncut inches with a mushroom cock head, low hanging balls & a great rounded man ass-one U have to taste. I offered to give Ed the works at my place and was very excited when to see his hot body. Since I planned to rim his fine ass among other things I used an old fashion water bottle filled with soapy water, it had a 5ft tube with a 9 inch tube on the end. I have to admit I enjoyed spreading his fine cheeks and inserting that tube until he was clean and then did myself. Needless to say we were both half hard by th… 続きを読む

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Caught being gay part two


Every one in this fictional story is over 18 and nobody is related. You may want to check out part one because I deviate from the main subject in this part but it's a necessary part of the story. If not, this should still stand up on its own. I panicked and dropped to the bed covering my cummy cock with the sheet while scanning for my underwear. He spun his head around and looked but she was gone. He looked at me and asked what and as quietly as I could I whispered mom saw us! He said no way and I said yeah but I don't know how long she was there. She definitely saw me kiss you. I couldn't b… 続きを読む

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Making Him Earn It Pt 1 & 2


I was tired of guys thinking they had the upper hand just because I was on the bottom so after breaking up with my boyfriend of two years I decided from then on I would play hard to get, after all I was the one with the talent in need. Guys said they knew me just because of the way I act and it was true I played into some stereotypes just to get what I wanted but it was never forced. It was an exaggeration. I had always been the sissy, the weakling, and the runt. Men wanted to try and dominate me my entire life, straight and gay, but I have some drive in me, some spark, hah flame, that endu… 続きを読む

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daddy uses me


I was lying on the bed as the door opens and in walks daddy naked,he's a big bear of a man hairy big gut I meet him online and after talking for a few days I decide I had to meet him, we agreed to meet at a hotel just a cheap place, we decided that I would be on the bed naked dress like the slut I am. And all I can focus on since he came in the room is his thick hard cock. As I'm looking at his cock he walks over to the bed and pins me down and puts his hard cock in front of my face telling me I'm going to be a good slut for him and slides his cock between my slutty red lips till it hits the… 続きを読む

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Cockatoo Part 23


Cockatoo Part 23 “Jamie, you alright, babe?” Shane squatted down, pulling up his balaclava so I could see his face. “Stay there for a moment while we clear the boat. We think we’ve got them all but we need to be sure.” I wanted to hug him, but he stood up, waved his arm, and the men started to move on in the crouching walk all special forces use, their automatic weapons at the ready. We were allowed to get up from the floor but all I could hear was the whining voice of the ambassador. “This is an outrage and I will be making a formal complaint to the Foreign Ministry. I have been in mortal… 続きを読む

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Fucked by hung Dom top


This is another true story. It happened a few days ago. I was getting my occasional but regular urge for cock. When this happens I tend to look on a site called fabguys. I started chatting to a guy who described himself as masculine dom top. This ticked all my boxes, and his pics did prove he was hung which is not a must but certainly a preferance of mine. I find it a turn on sucking a big fat cock. I explained I had limitted time which he was ok with. I managed to park, at this time I have a lot of nervous exitement and could easily turn back. But the thought of a horny top wanting to use me… 続きを読む

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