The Cuckold Beta Definition


The Cuckold Beta Definition What is a beta male? For our sake, a beta male is usually someone with a small penis and lets this bother them and fester with them. This causes them to feel shy and inadequate around women and other men who appear confident and cocky. A beta male is the type of submissive who is submissive because it is all he deserves. He may have a desire to be useful and to be of service, but it does not drive his submission. His submission is driven by a desire to be humiliated and to be used (different then useful). A beta male does not deserve to have relationships with wom… 続きを読む

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The Sissy Transformation Process


Phase 1: Softcore, then hardcore vanilla porn is discovered. Nowadays, it begins at an extremely early age thanks to the Internet (fortunately… or unfortunately)! Phase 2: Shemale porn is discovered by happenstance. Nowadays, the popularity of Shemale porn increases one’s chance of exposure to it. Traps (posted on 4chan /d/) influence the younger generation. At this stage, the fapper imagines himself strictly as a Top or perhaps a little “heteroflexible” (for Shemales and Traps only). After much time, the fapper begins to wonder what it would be like to actually BE in the Shemale’s or Trap’s… 続きを読む

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Hung Brother in Law Cross Dresses to Seduce Me


When I was married, I fucked my wife relentlessly. Whenever I got the opportunity. And when our marriage ended I was still somewhat friends with her older brother. I had known Stan for years before I ever met his sister. We were friends and had briefly been roommates. Although at the time I had no idea how much sexual activity had gone on regularly between different family members. One Christmas Stan came out of the closet during the Christmas holidays. We were all proud of him. Most of his friends weren't surprise… 続きを読む

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Fun with Friend's Dad


This happened a year after I had my first experience with a guy. I was working at a company and had become good friends with a girl 'Taruna'. She invited me at her home for Lunch on a weekend when we had off at work. That was first time when I met her dad 'Joey'. He was quite handsome and fit looking for his age (around 47), wearing a shirt and shorts. I had gone ofcourse in male attire in a shirt and jeans. I felt attracted initially towards him with a weakness for elder guys, and I don't know it appeared like he was also at times checking me out. But I wasn't sure, and being a introvert guy… 続きを読む

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Gloryhole at the horse track


Its a rainy day today at the track. Not a lot of people are there but the races must go on. I turned 18 a few months ago and ever since my birthday party I had at the track ive been back every Sunday. Either im really good or lucky I have been winning left and right! Im honestly thinking about quiting my job and just coming here. I got here early like I always do and get some racing forms. I go to the restroom at the secluded part of the track and sit on the toilet where I do my best thinking. I smoked a fat blunt before I walked in so im high as fuck already. And I have a nice size flask in m… 続きを読む

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The Cuckold Beta Definition


What is a beta male? For our sake, a beta male is usually someone with a small penis and lets this bother them and fester with them. This causes them to feel shy and inadequate around women and other men who appear confident and cocky. A beta male is the type of submissive who is submissive because it is all he deserves. He may have a desire to be useful and to be of service, but it does not drive his submission. His submission is driven by a desire to be humiliated and to be used (different then useful). A beta male does not deserve to have relationships with women in which normal sexual act… 続きを読む

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Are you a fag? I am.


It's quite common for a person to fantasize about same-sex intercourse. In fact, many psychologists have theorized that we are all bisexual to a certain degree, the percentages varying from person to person. Have you ever asked yourself Am I gay? or Am I bisexual? Take this quiz and find out! The questions are in stages, just follow along and continue when prompted to find out just how gay you really are. STAGE 1 ======= 1. Do you like shemale pornography? (y/n) 2. When you watch straight pornography, do you prefer videos of handjobs and blowjobs over videos of ordinary intercourse? (y/n) 3… 続きを読む

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Helping a Black Friend BJ Gay


I posted an article on some Yahoo sites, asking questions about the apparent disparity between our fantasies and the realities that I observed, and I got responses from quite a few black men who gave me some good advice, especially about my interest in the topic of white men sucking mature, black men's cocks. They said one problem was that black men did not like being objectified in that way, and would be very unlikely to respond to blatant requests for sex. That made sense to me, because everyone deserves respect for who they are as a person, and not just some perceived physical attribute. A… 続きを読む

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Are you a Faggot?


First off, let me be clear that i am not using the term faggot in a pejorative sense. One of the most effective ways of taking the sting out of a word is to re-appropriate it from the haters, and redefine it yourself. This must of course happen in a supportive environment, among those who accept you as you are. That enables you to defiantly and bravely own up to what you are. And to realize that there are appreciative Alphas/Men out there who would love nothing better than to have their own personal fag. Don’t let others keep you from living the life that fits you best. And without shame. In t… 続きを読む

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Now Addicted to Black Meat and Cum Gay


The job of a traveling salesman can be very lucrative, but being a road warrior can also be exhausting. This type of job is usually handled better by younger men, but I have been very successful. It is hard to give up the commissions and bonuses for a mundane desk job back home at our Minneapolis headquarters. I have been on the road an average of four days a week for the last twenty-five years. My name is Ed, and now at forty-nine years old it has taken a toll on my marriage. With me being gone so much, my wife Holly has grown apart from me emotionally. She has little or no interest in sex a… 続きを読む

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What does it mean to be a sissy?


Sissies are a distinct breed of transvestites. A sissy is a transvestite who’s primary sexual interest lies not just in wearing feminine clothing, but in becoming an exaggerated version of femininity. Femininity as seen through the lens of traditional hetero male sexual desire. Sissies are not seeking to become women in a normal sense, but are instead seeking to become the object of their desires. Their ultimate fantasy woman if they were normal, rather than being a sissy. Sissies are transvestites who can’t be sated by just throwing on some panties and jerking off. They must strive to becom… 続きを読む

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cum fun in the car


was sitting in the house bored when I got a text message from paul wanting to know if I wanted to go a drive in his car . I replied yeah pick me up when your ready and he replied see you in 10 mins . so 15 minutes later paul pulls up outside my house , he is never on time lol and I jump in and we head off . were talking away for a while as he is driving and he suddenly says im in a real horny mood and would to have a cum load . he sort of caught me of guard but then I said if you've tights or heels with you I will give you a good load to eat . paul slowed down the car a bit and looked at me… 続きを読む

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Holiday night


Carl, Joan and Debbie had left and me, Joe, Edna, Bob and Elysha remained to polish off a couple more drinks and a light snack when it grew late and we all agreed to retire for the night. But Edna came up with a different solution. She got me and Elysha to agree to sleep with her in the master bedroom on the king size bed while Joe and Bob could either share a bed or have their own bed. We three women headed for the master bedroom while I noticed Joe and Bob heading into the same bedroom. Edna laid down in the middle of the bed while Elysha and I laid on either side of her and I knew we were… 続きを読む

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My first 3some with 2 guys


It started in a bar I've never been to last night. I was feeling kinda wild and kinky from my long dry spell, so I decided to check out this bar that was further than my usual spot, particularly because it has a reputation for guys to hook up. It's not exactly a gay bar, but that's also the cover for it. So I ordered a beer and sat down at one of the tables alone. About ten minutes later, this hot older guy came up to my table, grinning. He introduced himself as Joe and straightforwardly asked if I was looking to get fucked tonight. I tried nervously smiling, without an actual response, but h… 続きを読む

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This paint looked like cum-- I fantasized about it dripping off my body while I painted with it for about an hour, imagining it was cum from all the men my wife has ever flirted with. I didn't actually taste it but I sure as fuck felt it, exhilarated to squeeze the black nine inch roller as the white sticky liquid oozed all over my hands and dripped onto the floor. I was liberal and sloppy with the paint, letting it drip, imagining a Man putting His Cock inside Her, while I lay helpless in servitude. I celebrate my own ineptitude as the justification for breaking all the traditions and bounda… 続きを読む

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First time with a guy while crossdressed


Story about my 1st Crossdressing fun where I gave a blowjob and had Oral sex. No anal. I had done some private as well as public cam shows on chatrooms to see how guys find my body in female clothes. There were some who laughed at me but I found some who liked me and wanted to see more of me. That started my journey as I got confident to dress more and make those guys happy or to be precise make them hard and let them release their cum. Living with parents, it was always tough to even keep female clothes at home, forget about wearing them. But my fantasy always was to dressup and meet a gu… 続きを読む

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A Day At A Massage Parlor


So i had a really long day working in my shed and on my land. The next day i’m super sore. So i try a hot bath to help relax my aching muscles. While i’m in the tub i shave my legs, arms, armpits and clitty. After my hot bath i was just as sore all over. i remember seeing an add in the paper for a new massage place that has a grand opening today so i figure that was worth a try. i find the place and walk in. A absolutely gorgeous woman and man greet me when i walk in. He asked me if i would prefer a man or woman to give me the massage. i tell them that i did care as long as they do a great j… 続きを読む

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Cum slut


i thought i would relate one of my many happenings which is totaly true belive or not its up to you .it was summer i was off work for the day and thought i would go to the local gay dogging site (for those that know Suffolk was tobys walks)it was day time so not much going on so i went into the toilets there are two cubicles next to each other there is a hole in the wall between the two after waiting a while a guycame into the other cubicle and looked through the hole i stood up and dropped my jeans and started to wank my now very hard 7in cock ,some other people came into the toilets holiday… 続きを読む

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A bet is a bet!


   “Oh yeah? Well if you lose then you suck my cock!” The popular taunt/insult/bet was tossed around daily like so many other public school proverbs from my youth. The bet was applied to anything and everything from who would win the local ball game to what the flavor of the day was in the school lunchroom. The loser was always labeled a “cock sucker” of the one that won the bet/argument. Yeah, good ol’ public school.    It wasn’t until my second year in college when I once again heard the old saying once again. My roommate coined the outdated phrase in reference to a ballg… 続きを読む

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jims wanking gets him in trouble part 5


'jim come in here please you have a couple of visitors ' amamnda calls jim comes into the kitchen to find his aunt jen and her husband darryl 'hi jim' jen smiles 'uh hi aunt jen uncle darryl' jim replies 'so what brings you 2 round here today ? ' amanda asks 'well i thught i would get jim a nice treat and asked darryl to wear a condom to fuck me so i could get a load of his spunk , but he wanted to know why so i told him whats been going on ' jen smiles ' he didn't believe me so i thought i would bring him round and show him' 'oh what a splendid idea ' amanda laughs 'come on jim get your clot… 続きを読む

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