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Cap'n Angie and the Return of the Booty

This is the last in the trilogy of the adventures of Cap'n Angie...
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Cap'n Angie and the Return of the Booty


So ye be back for more, ye pilchard-pickers?!

Fair do's. I do have a way with words, so it seems...
Just call me the modern day Aesop!

It just so happens that I be in hold of another tale to tell ye, about the fearsome pirate captain, Cap'n Angie.

We join our beautiful sea-faring warrior captain out on the high ocean, aboard her good ship, Daniella.
It's been over 2 years at sea now for the luscious sea-queen.

She and her ever expanding crew have just plundered their 250th ship, and she is now indeed sitting pretty atop a gilded treasure chest, with her feet resting up on another smaller but still extremely valuable chest of treasure.

The hull of her ship, much like her bosom, is heaving with a seemingly limitless amount of bountiful loot.
Gold coins, and all manner of priceless treasures and heirlooms lay s**ttered across the floor, having thoroughly burst out of the many treasure chests that was (unsuccessfully) used to contain them.

"Cap'n. Will ye be wanting Weasel to account the latest loot?"
Her plain-faced cabin boy, Smith, asked as he showed in the nerdy-looking weasel-faced bespectacled accountant to her private quarters.

"Meh. Why not. Although at this point, counting each individual treasure in each individual chest is like counting the individual grains of sand in the Sahara..."
She sighed as she stroked her parrot-dressed kitty cat, Polly, which slept on her shoulders.

"May the good cap'n please stand up then. It's hard to count if you're sat on the chest..."
Weasel inferred as he stepped forth in front of Smith.

"Did you just issue an order to your captain?"
Angie's eyes narrowed onto him.

"Um, no, Cap'n,"
His tiny eyes suddenly widened in fear,
"I only wish to do my job well to please you..."

"Sounded to me like you just ordered me to stand up? Do you know what I do to little scamps who dare to step out of line and issue me an order?"
She put her feet down, and sat up strait atop the fancy chest.

"P-p-p-please miss - ma'am - Cap'n, I... I... I..."
His knees began to shake, his voice quivering. He took his little bowler hat off and clutched it to his chest, revealing his shiny bald head.

Cap'n Angie stood up, her cat stood up on her shoulders with a stretch and then jumped down onto the large oak desk.

"And you just disturbed Polly from her peaceful perch!"
Angie groaned, her pretty face twisted in fury.

"I-I-I-I'm sorry! No! Please! I'm sorry!"
He almost started to cry as Angie walked around the desk and stood right in front of him.
He was only a little man, his face only just about reached up to Angie's boobs.

He snivelled in fear as he held his head down, bowed, too afraid to look into the steely gaze of Angie.

He closed his eyes as Angie plucked the big thick-rimmed glasses off his face.

"Hey, look at me when I'm talking to you."
She sneered.

He cautiously raised his head, squinting his eyes hard to try to focus the blurry image stood before him.
He suddenly made out the image.

Angie was stood before him, all the buttons of her red leather waistcoat and frilly blouse was undone, and she was wearing his glasses on one of her exposed nipples.

She couldn't contain herself any longer, and suddenly burst out laughing, along with Smith.

"Hey, it's not me you need to apologise to... It's Mrs Nips who you've offended!"
She laughed as she jiggled her breasts, almost hitting Weasel's face with her boobs and knocking the glasses off her tit.

Weasel sighed in huge relief.

"You need to get a sense of humour, Weasel, you'll live longer."
She just grinned broadly.

"...Yes, Cap'n,"
He nervously gulped.

"By my count, that last ship was the 250th ship we plundered. You know what this means?"
She then asked both Weasel and Smith, as she handed him the glasses back.

"What, cap'n?"
Smith queried.

"It means... My task is complete!"
She boasted proudly.
"Without doubt, I am the greatest pirate captain in the whole known world!"

"Congratulations, cap'n!"
Both men cheered.

"Smith, make the necessary arrangements. Tonight's going to be a celebratory orgy like no other!"
She ordered with glee,
"And tomorrow, we set sail for Saint Martin! ...The Dutch side."

"You mean Sint Maarten?"
Weasel asked.

"That's what I said. 'Saint Martin'."
She replied.

"I believe it's pronounced Sint Maarten."
Weasel corrected.

"Are you taking the piss out of my accent?!"
She sternly asked.

"N-no cap'n! Saint Martin it is!"
He grinned sheepishly.

"Damn right."
She cheekily grinned.

And so, that evening, Cap'n Angie and the entire Daniella crew had themselves an orgy party the likes of which the high seas had never seen before! Indeed, it was such a spectacle of epic proportions, that to even describe it would be the greatest injustice known to mankind!

Let's just say that, by the time the party had ended, everyone on board was completely drained, in more ways than one...

Aye, they only truly set sail for Sint Marteen by the setting of the sun the following day. And even then, it was the most half-hearted, hungover kind of sailing, where they barely reached speeds of 2 knots.

It took a few days before they really got going.

6 long weeks of sailing later, Angie piloted her ship into the docks of paradise.

As soon as the anchor was dropped, the gangway plank landed on solid land for the first time in over 2 years.

"Yar!! Here we be, crew!"
Angie cheered along with her crew.

Almost immediately they all spilled off of the ship.
Some were so happy to finally make it to land, that they got down on their knees and kissed the cobblestone beneath their feet.

As she stepped off the ship, Angie looked around. She was clearly scanning all the faces of the Sint Marteen residents.
Eager to see the one face that's the prettiest in all the land.

After a few minutes of increasingly desperate searching, she spotted the unmistakable figure in the distance.
Could it really be, after all this time?

As the figure made it's way closer to the docks, the more certain Angie was.
Her heart lifted inside her chest.
A smile spread across her face.

She stood still, her legs heavy with anxious nerves.
As the figure came closer, it became more apparent that this was indeed the most beautiful girl that any human eyes had ever seen.
Angie nervously bit her lip and scratched her arm.

Words popped into her mind of what she'll say.
She had a thousand conversations in her head.

This beautiful young bespectacled lady approached closer still, until she was so close that Angie braved moving towards her at a pace.

"Do my eyes deceive me, or is that not the most gorgeous sight I've seen in the last 2 years?"
Angie loudly declared as she rushed over to her, a big bright beaming grin on her face.

"Captain Angie, is that really you?"
The young lady returned with a stiff smile as Angie bundled over towards her.

"Aye, Daniella, it is I!"
She grinned as she held her arms out, ready for the embrace as she stepped within breathing distance of her.

Almost immediately Daniella's smile turned into a twisted frown, and, without warning, she suddenly grabbed the collar of Angie's blouse and pressed her nose to hers.

She shouted into her face.
Her pretty face began to turn red with fury.

Angie was shocked. Her mouth open.

"Aww, did you miss me?"
She sheepishly grinned in a cheeky tone of voice.

Daniella suddenly pushed Angie back, almost knocking her off her feet.
"The last time I saw you, you were sailing off into the horizon, leaving me out of pocket to pay for the things you bought in my name!! Speaking of which..."

She suddenly pulled out a pocket knife.
Angie didn't even flinch, she was so shocked by her reaction, as Daniella briskly swiped at her with the blade, cutting the clothes off of Angie's back.

Almost immediately, all of Angie's outfit had dropped to the floor in a pile below her.
She felt the salty breeze of the sea air nipping at her now naked body.
She looked down and gasped, as she quickly tried to cover up her exposed breasts and crotch.

"That, er, 'outfit' of yours, I'm taking that back! It's mine, considering *I* paid for it!"
She declared.

"Dani, honey, please, I can exp-"

"Don't give me none of your sweet talking!"
Daniella interrupted,
"You owe me big time! You shot a hole into my ceiling! Which again, I had to pay for! And your entire blasted crew drank all of the ale in my pub without paying a single coin for! I almost had my pub foreclosed by the brewery and the bank thanks to you!!"
Steam was beginning to come out of her ears.

"...Listen, none of that matters anymor-"

"DOESN'T MATTER?! How dare you?! What are you going to do to make it up to me?! Hm?! C'mon, answer me!"
Daniella shouted, not giving Angie any chance to answer.

"...Well, look, if you just listen for one mome-"

"You owe me, young lady! As far as I'm concerned, you're not leaving this damn island until you pay me back in full! With interest!"
Daniella ordered as she grabbed Angie's arm.

The entire crew of the Daniella and all the people around just stood and watched the scene, all of their faces taut in anxious fear.
No one, and I mean *no one*, has ever dared to speak to the fearsome Cap'n Angie like that before. They could all smell the blood in the air. Surely Daniella was signing her own death warrant behaving so out of turn like this towards the dreaded pirate captain.

"Until you pay off all your debt, your ass belongs to me!"
Daniella continued berating her as she forcefully turned Angie around, bending her arm up behind her back.
With her free hand, she slapped the exposed cheek of Angie's butt hard, and with a nail-digging squeeze, she began to frogmarch Angie away from the docks.

"Dani, sweety, please just let me explai-"

"Quiet you! You can talk when I give you permission to!"
Daniella barked as she hurriedly marched Angie up the long wide street path.

Everyone in town just watched in a state of shocked confusion to the bemusing scene of this beautiful young bespectacled lady physically manhandling the pretty yet fearsome naked pirate captain up the street.

She had dragged all the way to her pub.
She pushed her through the door, and up the stairs.

"Dani, please, think about what you're doi-"

Daniella had slapped her arse with a loud echoing spank halfway up the stairs.
"Do I need to remind you?! You may only speak when I say so!"

"Ow! OK, OK! Jeez..!"

"What did I just say?!"
Daniella slapped her cheek again.


"Seriously?! Still talking?! At this point I think you just enjoy being spanked!"

"I don't! - I mean - oops!"
Angie quickly used her free hand to cover her mouth to stop herself from saying any more.

Too bad Daniella's not in a forgiving mood!
Her buttcheek was beginning to blush a bright pinkish hue with Dani's hand print.

She pushed her into the bedroom, and as she let go of her bent arm, she pushed her face down onto the bed.
Angie turned over onto her back, and was shocked to see Daniella immediately throwing off her own frock.

Angie placed her feet onto the floor, and sat up, still in a state of shock, but before she could get off the bed, Daniella had pressed the sole of her boot to Angie's naked chest, and pushed her back down onto the bed and held her foot to her chest, pinning her down with it.

Angie just laid there and watched as Dani unbuckled her boot on top of her.
She still had a thousand things she wanted to say to her, and now a thousand more, but she daren't utter another word. Fearing that her butt can't take another spank... Or worse!

Daniella lifted her foot off of her chest, and pulled her boot off.
She then reached down and unbuckled her other boot, before taking that off too.

"So, you're the fearsome pirate captain that everyone's been talking about the past couple of years, hm? The dreaded scourge of the seas? Ha!"
Daniella mockingly scoffed.

Angie just nodded her head, her pretty brown eyes nervously held open wide onto the stunning sight of a now naked Daniella.

"Some pirate captain you are, getting bested by a simple little bar owner!"
Daniella taunted with a mocking chuckle as she walked around to the side of the bed.

Angie just laid where she was, watching the gorgeous hips of Daniella gently sway as she walked to the side of the bed.
She watched as she bent down, and pulled out her set of iron handcuffs.

"Move up the bed."
Daniella ordered, and like a little school girl, Angie quickly obeyed the command of her superior, and hurried into position on the bed where Daniella was pointing.

"Seriously? *You're* the dreaded Cap'n Angie?"
Daniella continued to chuckle derisively at just how submissive Angie was being.

Daniella then climbed onto the large bed, and sat on top of Angie's stomach.

"Arms up."
She ordered, and Angie obeyed, holding her arms up to the solid oak headrest of the bed.

With a rattle and a clink, Daniella had cuffed the infamous pirate captain to her bed.
She then began to lightly brush her fingertips over Angie's smooth skin. Around her neck and collarbone at first, and then down onto the mounds of her breasts. She was just taking a good long moment, staring deep into her eyes, before looking down. Almost like she was eyeing up her prize.

"What are you going to do me?"
Angie whimpered.

"Did I give you permission to talk yet?"
Daniella narrowed her beautiful eyes at her as she gripped both of Angie's nipples between her index fingers and thumbs.

"No! Sorry!"
Angie anxiously shook her head.

Daniella immediately pulled her nipples, deliberately making it as uncomfortable a pull as possible, tweaking them just enough to force a grimace from Angie who had sucked air through her teeth, wincing in discomfort.

"And yet you still talk!"
Daniella chuckled rather evilly.

"I think it's about time you started paying off your debt to me. Don't you think so?"
She then asked her, having stopped the discomfort to Angie's nipples, and was now softly stroking and caressing them with her soothing fingers and thumbs.

Angie just stared into her eyes, deliberately staying silent so as not to displease her any further and receive another painful nipple pull.

"Hm? ...Well? You want to start paying off your debt?"
She continued to question her.

Angie nervously answered.

"Good. ...But I didn't say you could talk!"
Daniella smirked in that sexy yet evil way of hers!
She gave another painful tweak of Angie's nipples, which were growing firmer with each passing moment.

At least Daniella was courteous enough to then lean down and kiss her nipples, soothing the discomfort she'd caused instantly with her soft gentle pretty lips. After a couple gentle kisses, she started to move herself up Angie's body.

She was now hovering above Angie's face. Her pussy was so close, yet just out of reach.
The only thing Angie could do was lie there, staring up in wonder at the magnificent, almost majestic, sight of Daniella's pristine perfect little pretty hairless pussy.

It was so close to her face, that she could thoroughly smell the soft sweet warm scent of her beautiful healthy young fanny...
The gorgeous aphrodisiacal smell was enough to make Angie water. And I don't mean that just her mouth was watering!

"You want to start paying off your debt to me, don't you?"
Daniella asked as she looked down at her.

Angie just stared up at her, managing to avert her gaze from her pretty pussy, which was dominating her field of vision, and managed to look into Daniella's big bright eyes.
She watched as she stuck a couple fingers past her lips, clearly sucking on them, making them nice and wet before she took them out and placed them onto her hungry little horny pussy, and began to play with herself right in front of Angie's widened eyes!

"Hmmm... Yeah? You do, don't you? Mmmm..."
She softly purred as she enjoyed the pleasure she was giving herself.

Angie simply nodded her head, and lifted it up with her tongue out to lick her pussy.
She just couldn't help herself, she simply *had* to taste it!

Daniella just lifted herself up away from Angie's tongue.

She giggled as she reached her hand behind her back, feeling for and pinching one of Angie's nipples to discipline her.
Only she was a lot more gentle than before. But that didn't stop Angie from tensing up, fearing the possibility of discomfort.

She continued to masturbate right above Angie's face, giving her an extremely up-close, exclusive show.

"I bet you'd give anything to lick my pussy right now? Yeah? Hmm? Pay off your debt with lots of licking?"
She asked with a purr.

Angie hungrily nodded her head, licking her lips as she gazed past Dani's pussy to look up into her eyes, before glancing her stare back down to the now glistening pussy that's right there above her face.

"Mmmmm... Well... You better get licking then...!"
With that, Daniella immediately lowered herself right down onto Angie's mouth.
Almost taking her by complete surprise as she pressed the whole weight of her slender frame down upon her lips.

It was like all her Christmases and birthdays had came at once for Angie, as she finally tasted the heavenly delight of Dani's flavoursome pussy. She pushed her tongue past both her own lips and the lips of the delicious moist pussy, parting them and slotting right into the little hot wet entrance.

She hungrily lapped up the seeping pussy juice as she rubbed her tongue flat against the fleshy wet tasty walls engulfing and surrounding her tongue.

Daniella's hand's attention now went onto her own perfect bouncing boobies.
She grabbed them with both hands, squeezing them as she pressed her palms flat against her stiffening nipples before rubbing them.
The whole time she just softly moaned in pleasure, really enjoying all the pleasurable sensations she was experiencing with her hands and fingers and Angie's tongue.

It was only after about 20 seconds of nonstop licking did Angie suddenly realised she needed air.
Daniella had sat so much onto her mouth, that she had inadvertently cut off her air supply!

I mean, she could kind of breathe through her nose, but that was placed so closely to Daniella's supreme skin that whatever pussy-scented air she inhaled wasn't enough to fill her lungs.

All Angie could do was slither her legs around, kicking her feet (which, by the way, still had her boots on!), and rattle the handcuffs to indicate to Daniella that she needs air.

Luckily, Daniella had opened her eyes and looked down to see Angie needs to come up for air.
She just giggled playfully as she leaned back just enough, her drenched pussy perched just beneath Angie's lower lip, and watched as Angie gulped down some much needed oxygen, panting hard before Daniella sat herself back onto her mouth properly and continued getting her pleasure from her tongue.

"Make the most of that. I won't give you another breather again for 10 minutes!"
Daniella threatened playfully.
Her chuckle quickly turned into soft panting and moaning again as the pleasure overcame her.

Of course, Angie just dutifully continued to lick her yummy hole, revelling in the treasures she finds there, to a wonderful orgasm.
A part of her didn't care if she were to die in her pussy. As far as she was concerned, she was already in heaven, drenched in the warm delicious juice of Daniella.

Eventually, after many a wonderful powerful orgasm, Daniella finally gave Angie's tongue a rest.

She scooched herself back, sitting her bum prettily on top of Angie's boobs, with her knees resting by the sides of her head.
She was still panting as the tremors from her last orgasm continued to quietly resonate inside of her. A small sheen of sweat glistened her skin, as her pussy juice trickled down Angie's chin and neck, matting her hair in dampness beneath her neck.

"I think I'm in love with your tongue..."
Daniella softly chuckled.

Before Angie could gather her breath and her thoughts to reply to that, Daniella had leaned down, and with her hands on the sides of Angie's face, holding her head still, she locked her succulent lips around Angie's mouth and snogged her.

Her tongue forcefully pushing past her lips, tasting her own pussy flavour on Angie's tongue as she hooked hers around it like a lasso and dragged both their tongues up into her own mouth. She was making it thoroughly clear that she owns her and everything of hers, including her tongue.

She sucked and licked and kissed and bit and pulled and pressed Angie's tongue as they snogged.
Every so often she would tilt her pretty head in another direction, so as to enjoy the taste in a new angle.

She snogged the good captain mercilessly like that for a good long while.
Indeed, her pussy was creaming up loads as she rubbed it on Angie's skin while she was mounted on her, her lips clasped tightly around Angie's mouth.

Angie's pussy was also getting soaking wet.
In fact she even came a few times herself without any kind of direct physical stimulation.

I mean, she couldn't touch herself, could she?
The best she could do in her position, was to rub her thighs together, which is what she was doing a lot of while laying helplessly beneath Daniella.

She finally started to ease up on the snogging.
She sat up strait and settled her gorgeous arse further down onto Angie's stomach as she looked down into her eyes.

"You know something? My juice tastes better when it's off your lips."
Daniella boasted with a big cheeky grin as she gently toyed Angie's nipples in her fingertips.

"Mmmmm yeah..."
Angie moaned breathlessly in agreement.

Daniella gasped with a quick pinch of her nipples,
"I didn't say you could talk, did I?"

At this point, Angie was just so super horny that she just continued to purr in pleasure.

"Aww, am I being a selfish bitch? Do you want me to give your pussy some attention?"
Daniella then asked with a gentle coo.
She reached her hand behind her back and placed her fingers flat against Angie's dripping cunt.

To finally feel some direct physical stimulation, almost made Angie's fanny explode like a cannon!

She immediately arched her back, gasping in delight. She couldn't speak, even if Dani gave her full permission to, because the pleasure was just so overwhelming. Her pussy began gushing already on Daniella's fingers, as she softly, almost teasingly, stroked it.

She petted her pussy for just a minute, while she watched Angie moan and gasp as she orgasmed all over her fingers.

She then stopped, and lifted her fingers to her face, inspecting the mess.

"Oh my god, you're so juicy!"
Daniella squealed in delight as she studied the dripping hot liquid covering her fingers right down to her knuckles.
She then put her pussy-marinated fingers into her mouth, sucking/licking them clean.
As she did that, she closed her eyes and softly moaned with pleasure as though she was licking up the most delicious melted chocolate in the world, thoroughly enjoying Angie's flavour.

After she licked up the last drop of wet cum from her fingers, she pulled her hand away, the skin of which was now glistening in her spit, and she looked back into Angie's eyes, which were completely filled with burning lust, like a tiger about to pounce on her prey.

"If I untie you, you promise to do exactly as I say?"
Daniella asked.

Angie just nodded her head, with her pretty white teeth pressing into her lower lip.

"Good. Not like you got much say in the matter anyway, but yeah..."
Daniella chuckled as her gorgeous face stretched into a lustful smirk.
She still couldn't quite believe just how compliant and submissive this well renowned and well feared pirate captain was being.

She released her wrists from the cuffs, before she then got off her body and knelt between her legs.
Almost immediately, Angie's hands went strait down to between her own thighs, where she started to rub her dripping gushing cunt, pleasuring herself in front of Daniella, who, instead of chastising her for doing so, simply sat on her knees and watched for a minute or two...

"Turn over."
She finally gave Angie the command.

Angie just looked into her eyes, as she lifted herself up and turned onto her side.
She then finally broke eye-contact as she turned right around, on her hands and knees, sticking her naked butt up at Daniella, exposing herself fully to her.

Daniella simply purred as she took in this amazing sight.

She then grabbed both cheeks with her hands, digging her nails right into the soft peachy flesh as she moved her body to it, pressing her stomach against the warm cheeks. She rubbed her body against her bum as she knelt up strait, and pushed her hips into it.

Angie just softly moaned as Daniella began to slowly hump her.
She then let go of one cheek, and wrapped her arm around her thighs, nestling her hand between Angie's thighs, pressing her fingers to her dripping pussy as she started to finger her while she humped her.

The heat radiating off of Angie's crack and pussy was so immense, which Daniella felt so clearly against the skin of her tummy and pussy. She couldn't help but be a little rough with her, as she continued to squeeze Angie's bumcheek, digging her nails into her flesh in a pulsing motion like a kneading cat.

Angie would only gasp and moan with pleasure with every squeeze, and every rub of her fanny.

"Mmmmmm who does this lovely arse belong to?"
Daniella asked with a moan.

"Mmmmm yours..."
Angie replied, to which she got a hard clawing squeeze.

"Yeah... Damn right it does, slut mmmmm..."
Daniella returned, before she asked,
"Who owns you, slut?"

"You do..."
Angie softly groaned with pleasure.
Daniella then let go off her cheek and smacked it.

"Who owns you?"
She asked again.

"You do."

She got another smack.

"Say it again. Who owns you?"
She asked her, with her pretty white playful grin on full show.

"You do."


"You do!"


"You own me. You own me!"
Angie cried out with pleasure.

"Damn right, I do. You're my little slut, all for me to do with as I please."
Daniella crowed as she gave Angie's buttcheek a gentle soothing rub.

"And as rightful owner of this lovely arse, I think it's only right that I do exactly what I want with it, while you just lay there and take it. Don't you think so, too?"
She asked her as she removed her hand from her pussy and rubbed both of her tingling cheeks.

"Uh-huh - mmmmmm..."
Angie simply moaned in agreement as she nodded her head, before she rested it right down onto the pillow, lifting her butt up into the air just that little bit higher, fully exposing and making herself completely available to Daniella. Leaving absolutely zero to Dani's imagination..

Daniella smirked before she moved back a bit, and leaned right down.

She edged her face in real close, not stopping until her lips touched Angie's cheek.
Once there, she gave her cheek a real sloppy smooch, leaving a small moist spot with her spit as she pressed her tongue flat against her skin with a kiss.

She then moved her mouth up a little to kiss another spot on Angie's butt.
Then another.
And another.

It wasn't long until she covered nearly all of Angie's cheek in wet kisses.
The whole time, Angie simply closed her eyes and enjoyed being kissed.

She suddenly opened her eyes though as she felt Daniella's teeth press into her skin.
She softly gasped as Dani bit her. It wasn't that hard of a bite, only enough to leave a little small barely visible indentation into her skin.
Daniella simply chuckled by Angie's gasp to that bite.

She then quietly moaned as she moved her lips across.
Angie was just simply expecting to have her other cheek covered in kisses like the first cheek was.

But, to her surprise, she instead felt Daniella's warm breath between her cheeks, before she then felt the most exquisite of pleasures as Dani's wet tip of her tongue pressed against her little rosebud.

Angie gripped the sheets and moaned in delight as she began to be rimmed by Daniella's lovely soft gentle tongue.
Daniella just lovingly licked and lapped at her little sweet butthole while she held her hands onto her hips.
It was like she was licking ice cream, the way she licked her butt. So soft and sweetly.
She would do little flicks of her tongue, before holding it flat against her for one long slow broad lick, and then go back to little flicks and licks.

What she was doing with her magical tongue was giving Angie so much pleasure.
She could hardly contain herself as the delightful feeling resonated inside of her body.
Her tummy filled with butterflies as the pleasure washed over her.

Her toes curled, her pussy glistening in juice, her fingers scrunching up the bedsheets.
Her breathing heavy and slow, her eyes almost rolling into the back of her head as her eyes closed.
Her mouth open with her tongue pressing against the roof of her mouth.

She was cumming again, all thanks to Daniella and her amazing tongue.
And she wasn't even licking her pussy!
All this pleasure, just from licking her tasty bum...

For Daniella, this was little more than a happy side-effect, as she just wanted to enjoy the tastes and flavours of Angie's body.
She finally eased up, only she didn't stop licking.
This time, her tongue ventured further south, and was soon exploring tongue-first the dripping wet little ladycave of Angie.

If Daniella thought she couldn't possibly make her cum anymore, she was dead wrong!

Angie was so turned on, that she was practically having an orgasm with each and every individual lick!

Of course, it didn't take long at all until it was Daniella's turn to have pussy juice dripping all down her lips, chin and neck as she got sprayed in Angie's misty juices. Not that she minded at all, she just thirstily lapped up every little drop of juice.

Daniella got it in mind that she'll only stop once Angie stops cumming.
So, as you can imagine, she didn't stop licking her until many, many, many hours later!

Her tongue had gotten so tired-out, that she started to speak with a lisp!

"Right, thatsh your lot, shlut."
Daniella finally conceded after the one hundred thousand and something number of orgasms.

She got up off the bed, after a little playful smack of Angie's arse, of course, and walked to the side of the bed.
She offered her hand down to Angie.

"Come. You're going to help wash me."
She explained as Angie took her hand, and was soon being led off the bed and to the adjoining washroom.
"Do a good job, and I might just help to wash you too."

Angie happily agreed as they disappeared into the washroom.

"But you're definitely going to clean up all those sheets!"
Daniella giggled.

The following day, after Daniella had more fun out of Angie,
both girls were standing in the empty bar.

"So, is it OK if I leave now? I'll need to leave if I'm to make everything up to you..."
Angie asked.

"You may go into town, but if you're even thinking of getting out onto the sea again while you still owe me, you've got another thing coming, missy!"
Daniella warned her.

"I wouldn't dream of it!"
Angie sincerely remarked.
"Thanks for letting me put my - I mean - *your* clothes back on."

"OK. Don't be too long now. You've only just begun paying off your debt."
With that, Daniella pulled out her tongue to tauntingly wiggle it at her with a cheeky giggle.

Angie just chuckled and then leaned in to have a taste of that sexy sweet tongue with a goodbye kiss.

"I'll be back soon. I promise!"
She then bid her goodbye for now and headed out into town.

After a little wander around, Angie found all of her crew hanging around some seafood place, eating a piratey brunch alfresco.
She somewhat sheepishly stepped in front of them.
They all stopped what they were doing and just stared at her.

One of her less-desirable crew members remarked.

"What is?"
Angie asked him.

"I gave over a year of my life out on the sea under your command, following your orders. I thought you were the most bad-ass woman around... Turns out you're nothing more than some bar wench's bitch."
He sniggered.

Angie asked, a little shocked by his comment.

"You heard. I'll only serve under a tigress, not some pub trollop's little bitch."
He rudely stated as he stood up from the little table he was sat at.

"Right. OK..."
Angie sighed as she placed both her hands to her hips,
"You want to just start licking my boot right now while you still have a tongue and apologise for that remark? Or shall I just cut it out now, and lick my boot with it for you?"
Angie sneered.

"Pah! I'd give you a tonguing, but it seems that tart's done that enough for you!"
He laughed.


Without missing a beat, Angie had drawn her flintlock pistol and shot him dead where he stood.

"Anyone else got any wise-ass remarks to say about me or Daniella? No?"
Angie asked as she eyed the rest of her crew with steely determination.
"Come on, if it's funny enough, I might not even shoot you! ...Hm?"

Her crew remained silent.

"No? OK then."
She then holstered her pistol and spat on the corpse by her feet.
"I never even liked that dickhead in the first place."

She then grinned happily and gathered her crew around her.

"Right, guys and girls, unlike that piece of shit on the ground there, we all know the value of a good apology...
The last time we was hear, we had all drank and dried up the Cock & Pussy of ale and rum without paying for it."
She explained.
"We all owe the lovely owner of said pub for doing that. We all need to apologise to her and make things square with her."

One of the women in the crew nervously raised her hand up in the air.

Angie addressed her.

"I, and come to think of, quite a few of us, didn't join your crew until sometime after that incident. We had no part in that. I don't think we owe her an apology whatsoever..."

"Hm, right. Well, first off, check out the ladyballs on you!"
Angie grinned at her,
"Showing some defiance even after I literally just shot someone for doing that..."

The woman anxiously lowered her hand and gulped nervously.

"Secondly, you're quite right. A lot of you seahorse-rubbers didn't join my crew until after that incident. But still, when you signed up to be a part of my crew, you signed up to take on the responsibilities of a crew as a whole. Whatever sins the crew has committed, either in past, present or future, you are *all* responsible for. So, yes, in fact, you and everyone else do owe her as much of an apology as the rest. Understood?"
The good captain explained.

"Aye, aye, cap'n!"
All of the crew cheered.

She then got everyone to huddle around her as she explained how and what they were going to do to appropriately apologise to Daniella...

An hour later, Angie returned to Daniella's pub, along with her entire crew in tact.

"What's all this?"
Daniella asked the captain as they all entered into the pub.
A lot of the crew came in carrying on their shoulders, the most largest treasure chest any pirate as ever laid eyes on!
They laid the humongous chest down at Dani's feet.

She simply gasped, stunned by the sheer size of the thing.

"This, my love, should cover all the costs for the damages occured by me and my crew, the checks I wrote in your name, and for the 2 years of interests racked up..."
Angie told her as she then opened the chest, while one of her crew played a tune on a flute that sounded remarkably just like the song you hear when you open a chest in a Zelda game...

Daniella was nearly blinded by the shiny light of all the gold coins, and jewels, and all manner of other priceless treasures sitting in the obscenely large chest, that greeted her gaze upon opening.

"Oh my god..."
She stood stunned by the glaring sight.

Even more crew walked in, carrying keg after keg in their arms as they all lined up the kegs around Daniella.

"Wha...What's this?"
She managed to choke the words out. She was so shocked by the sheer number of kegs.

"This, to make up for all the booze we drank from you without paying, is 50 kegs of the finest ale in all of the Caribbean!"
Angie told her with a proud beaming grin.

Daniella was overcome with shock. She couldn't think of the words to say to such gifts.

"And lastly, for being total dinguses to you in the first place. We want to apologise to you... In song!"
Angie grinned.

"Wait, what?"
Daniella snapped out of her shock to stare at her.
"Oh no..."

Before she could protest, Angie and the rest of the crew ripped off their pirate clothes, to reveal old-school sparkling barbershop-quartet style outfits, complete with straw hats and canes, while the crew's band struck up the musical number.

"♫ We're sorrrry... (Sorrry... Sorrrrry...)♫"
The crew, including Angie, began to sing in harmonised barbershop-style vocals.

"Please don't..."
Daniella began to blush as she hid her face behind her hands.

Too late!
There's no stopping them now, as they all suddenly burst out into an elaborate song and dance routine!

"♫ We're ever oh so sorry!
We didn't mean to suck!
We only came to your bar to drink,
And maybe to even fuck!

But we didn't think of our actions,
We didn't think of you,
We were ever oh so selfish,
Like mighty bags of poo!

We really should've stopped and thought,
How our behaviour might offend,
But we didn't 'cause we're dicks,
And now we're sorry to no end!

Oh we are ever oh so sorry,
Please believe us Daniella,
We'll forever feel so guilty,
for the way we treated ya!

So take this ditty to your heart,
and from this soulful heart in me,
please take our word that we are... ♫"

The whole crew paused to take in a deep breath.

"♫ Everrrrrrr... Ooooh sooooo... ♫"

Angie stepped out in front, and with a mighty big lungful of air...

She held her pitch-perfect high note so expertly like an opera singer for over a whole minute, to the point where multiple glasses shattered on the bar.

The music suddenly stopped, and every single crew member was on their knees, their hands shaking with jazz-hands as they held their hats out to Daniella, their chests stuck out and moving up and down in rapid breaths, with sweat trickling down their faces.

"Wow... OK..."
Daniella simply responded to such a sight, her eyes like saucers behind her adorable glasses as her cheeks glowed with reddish embarrassment.

"Bravo! Bravo!"
She began to cheer as she clapped her hands, her mind having finally processed the spectacle she had just witnessed.

Cap'n Angie and her crew got up onto their feet.
Each and every one of them lined up and took it in turns to go up to Daniella, bow down and kiss the back of her hand with a personalised, "I'm sorry."

Only after each crew member, including Angie, had gotten a pardon from her, did Angie then give a quick order to her crew, where half of them began to move the treasure chest up to Daniella's loft, while the other half started to move the kegs of ale down into her basement.

"Am I still in your debt?"
Angie asked her, still panting breathlessly from that extravagant musical number.

"Um, well... You still owe me one thing..."
Daniella smiled cheekily at her.


She wrapped her arms around Angie's waist, squeezed her body tight to her chest, and planted a great big smacker of a kiss onto her lips.

"Thank you for that!"
She then grinned at Angie after pulling her lips away from hers.

"You're welcome. It's the least I could do..."
She humbly gushed.

"Hey, wait a minute, did you have that huge treasure chest on your ship from the moment you docked into port?"
Daniella suddenly asked.

"Yeah, it was always my intention to give that chest to you. It's had your name on it since the moment I filled it up to the brim with plundered treasure!"
Angie smugly grinned.

"So, you mean to say, you could have given me that chest and paid off your debt to me long before I had stripped you naked publicly and dragged you back here to use you for my own personal amusement?"
She continued to question her.

"Yeah, I could have done that... But miss out on all that fun?"
Angie chuckled as she squeezed Daniella's bum and pushed her body back onto hers,
"I don't think so!"
She then grinned and planted a big snog on Dani's lips.

I don't think you need me, your trusty salty narrator, to tell you that the horny captain then scooped Daniella up, carrying her over her shoulder up to the bedroom, and fucked her raw, do you? Good, OK...

Well she did, and it was many moons that passed by in the night sky before the insatiable girls had finished fucking each other!

With that thought, I leave ye.
Thanks for taking the time to listen to this sea-goat ramble on about the most greatest pirate captain ever to set sail!

The end.


Big thank you to Danielle (@Danielle92) for inspiring me to write these Cap'n Angie stories.
You were my muse and the little spark that got my creative (as well as a few other :P) juices flowing!

And a big thank you to you, dear reader, for taking the time to read this :)
Please, let me know what you thought of the story in the comments down below!
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受信者 Sirram: Oh, thank you very much for your lovely words ^_^

I have tinkered with the idea of returning on board the Daniella :P
But, I don't know, I feel like I'd either just repeat myself too much, I'll not be sexy enough, or I'll just completely jump the shark with the series as I come up with more elaborate and absurd encounters for Cap'n Angie to face (like voodoo-controlled skeletons, or sea monsters lol)

I'm not saying I'll never return to the series, only that the crew of the Daniella are on ice right now :P
A wonferful trilogy, made even better by the knowledge that it was inspired by a friend. Thank you so much for taking the time to write it and for sharing it with us. You have a remarkable eye for the quirky and a great ability to make your readers smile. The test of a good story is a feeling of sadness when reading the closing lines; the realisation that it's all over. There is so much potential in this story - are you sure that Cap'n Angie couldn't be tempted out of her retirement on Sint Maarten? Perhaps you could follow Douglas Adams - a trilogy in five parts?
受信者 LittleLauren: Thank you, I'm more than pleased to know you enjoyed this trilogy :)

Thanks for your lovely comments! I really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on it =)
Wonderful end to a brilliant story. Fingers crossed the Daniella will sail again
受信者 Danielle92: Oh my god, wow, thank you! =D

You've no idea just how happy that's made me knowing how much you enjoyed it and what you thought of it =)
I'm over the moon, your comment has made all the work and effort I put into writing it more than worthwhile!

I really appreciate your lovely words and compliments, thank you ever so much, Dani =)
I'm just buzzing now having read your comment!
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I can only imagine how much time and effort you put into writing these, perfecting them, adding the cute little quirks, details and sexy little nods to our private chats.. it's all amazing.

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Fabulous and a fitting end to your story. At times it seemed like a favourite dream of mine , spanking, tie and tease, masturbation, face sitting and rimming - perfect hairless quims and smelly juices it has now turned into one of my favourite wet dreams.
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受信者 Old4younger1s: Thank you very much!
I'm glad you enjoyed reading it and thanks for leaving a comment :)
Extremely well written and great as normal miss puff ;)