Woman's Guide: First Time with BBC


For women and couples who are BBC curious. All images from the public domain. All clips fall under Fair Use exceptions to copyright.

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3 日 前
Cleverly written
4 日 前
Has to be one of the best vids I have seen.
5 日 前
damn this is some really good stuff
9 日 前
You can fuck my wife anytime you want, so long as I get to watch.
9 日 前
My only dislike is the dubbed in music, I'd much rather hear the sounds of the fucking. I really love the ones at the end, the sensual kissing and tender love making between with and her bull.
11 日 前
would love a list of the videos, or maybe links? awesome job
15 日 前
Great compilation
16 日 前
17 日 前
is a very hot collection
20 日 前
From 9:40-10:15 I'd like to see the full clip, anyone have any idea where to find it??
27 日 前
HOT!!! excellent editing
1 月 前
1 月 前
9:45: that lady is feeling it! Just like me when I had my first bbc in 3 years, I was just as loud because it felt so good
1 月 前
16:04 if a girl grab my ass like that... its over. I'm gonna start thrusting hard and cum in her!
1 月 前
1 月 前
This made my wife go out and fuck a black man. I didn't get to watch and she didn't tell me a thing but when I fucked her the next morning she was loose and wet with a telling smirk. I kept on at her and she always said if she did it it would be for her pleasure only. I am still turned on knowing she's sexually open. I just hope he's beating the bottom out of her.
1 月 前
hot and humiliating at the same time.
1 月 前
Fun stuff to be shared by a loving bf
1 月 前
amazing.... wish my girl could admit she likes bbc :/
1 月 前
Yeahhhh!!! I like it
1 月 前
It's true you should try it
1 月 前
1 月 前
1 月 前
re: girl @10:04 ....that's one of my all time favorite "Ir short clips"....her fuck noises are Ammmmazing :))
1 月 前
my wife told me about that "spot" he could hit!
1 月 前
Oh my god this is breathtaking!
1 月 前
First and third clips are super hot. Where did they come from?
1 月 前
I want full videos of first scene .. please let me know if anyone have any info about it
1 月 前
Best vid on the site!! Damn!!
1 月 前
Editing is great. Nice vid.