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1 日 前
Babe Name:--Lupe Burnett
Aliases:--Francheska Zimov, Francheska Cote, Avina Delis, Megan Vale, Agata Fire
Date of Birth:--October 2, 1991 (25 years old)
Country of Origin:--Russia
Career Status:--retired -active in years - 2011 - 2013 (2 Years In The Business)
1 月 前
its gonna hurt in the morning!!
2 月 前
her name ?
2 月 前
She is beautiful.....
3 月 前
Anyone know her name?
3 月 前
4 月 前
Wowww. One of the hottest and most horney chicks i've ever seen. She NEEDS dicks in all her holes every day and still not satisfied I guess. Would like to see more of her.
6 月 前
sexy, sucking cock and getting fucked in the ass was my ex's absolute fave and she loved sucking a dick after it had been up her ass!
6 月 前
EXCELLENT FUCK !!!!!!!!111
6 月 前
Fantastic, she likes it like I do!
7 月 前
...diese Augen....fuckinggeil
8 月 前
Rip that bitch's asshole. Then gag her with your cock! It's what all ducking whore slut cum-dumpsters deserve!
8 月 前
Havent seen this amazing vid in a while. Thanks
9 月 前
She's great!
If anyone knows her name, PLEASE PM me... Thanks in advance...
10 月 前
Lovly fuck
11 月 前
when she cums close to the end was insane
11 月 前
nice slut
11 月 前
Awesome *****
11 月 前
Great Assfuck slut!!!
11 月 前
a perfect ass whore..
11 月 前
what's the name of this beauty?
11 月 前
she'd make a great travel companion
11 月 前
I'd like to be on her place lol❤
11 月 前
11 月 前
Very nice ^^
11 月 前