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1 月 前
Too hot! :)
2 月 前
Get off on his big feet in those black fucking I've seen him do in the few of his videos I've seen. Would love to get him buzzed & sweaty with a few guys. Sexy man.
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One of the best of these
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First, you say? Very well then. But not her last, I'd wager.
1 年 前
She is perfection
1 年 前
Agree. Just watch this beautiful blond with nice perfect tits take that BBC and enjoy
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Great vid. He fucked that pussy to a beautiful frothy, creamy mess! Thanks for posting.
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How I'd LOVE to be a beautiful blonde with nice tits and an insatiable pussy...for long, hard, juicy black cocks!! Wish he had kissed her lovely face....and there had been good sound! ...Susie
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Legendary Scene
1 年 前
O man, what a nice big and HOT fuck. Drill her good
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Not bad. This is why I always turn down the bedspread when I stay in a hotel.
1 年 前
she looks hot
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