Cheerleader Lara Brookes

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Lara Brookes is cheerleading for her first first EVER taste of big, black cock. The tiny white girl struggles as Flash's big black cock slowly...

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3 月 前
I'm in love I wanna try that
4 月 前
love her pussy its enormous
4 月 前
mmm she is a little stunner
5 月 前
Daz rite, ShyDreadedFreak!!! At 7:10, her cunt's eager to engulf his girth, but can't accept even half-staff! her tummy seems to pulse with each insertion. Fascinating! Wot wuz mother-nature thinking when she blessed him? ...wid dat shaft? ...are there ANY womenses who can take this semen shooter in, up to the hilt? Hey, DogfartNetwork... have you made a video on that theme? Perhaps, a contest, in which a line-up of buxom beauties compete, impaling themselves, to show can take the most? girth? ...and in depth? There wood be much good-natured inter-racial banter and teasing.
!(◠_◠) !
AndI wood like to see him interviewed on the subject of whether it is frustrating to have a young tight-cunt give his cock only half-strokes. Which cunt is more satisfying? ...young, tight and only half a stroke deep? ...or mature, loose, and oh so deep? ...full stroke and full bore?
Thanks, DogfartNetwork, for this and other videos that are hyper-realistic, with a long, slow, sensual burn that goes on and on... lettin' the girl get off... completely... altho at 7:40, she did hav'ta resort to some clit-rubbin' masturbation while his cock rocked her cunt. That's so cute, when a young girl is still learnin' how to cum! ...and needs to rub her own cunt, to get off! This stud's got amazing self-control... makin' it possible for the girl to get just about all the stimulation she needs to be satisfied. Or mebbee... he's jugglin' so many steady fuck-dates with different girls, that he is chronically low on semen, and has'ta work on spittin' more out? What'choo guys think? Does he postpone ejaculation thru self-control? ...or by mekin' his seed sack run low?
?( °__° )?
And...might you at DogfartNetwork take these inter-racial encounters, and kick 'em up a notch, in the seduction scenario, by having the glib stud tell the innocent girl that she can relax and enjoy, 'cuz he is clean and safe. He's not on the down-low... and he's been fixed... his cords have been cut... he's already fathered all the light brown babies he wants. YIKES!
!( ° o ° )!
And they might banter about whether that vas makes his semen different... from the boys her own age, that she has tasted, who need wear a condom. Accordingly, she is not a virgin, but has never really been inseminated. Yow-sah! Another first... to share... and enjoy.
!(◠_◠) !
He really wants to be her teacher, to help her learn how to reach all the sexual pleasures her body can deliver.
!-( °‿° )-!
Or... wood that kind of salacious, seductive banter be too outre`?
5 月 前
Love Lara.
5 月 前
1 年 前
1 年 前
What a waste of all that beautiful dark meat! She couldn't even take half of that lucious cock! Let me have it!!
1 年 前
No ass no leg definition. .
Is this a swap meet cheer leader?
1 年 前
That little pussy will never be the same!
1 年 前
1 年 前
6.29..nice shot of her riding this big black stud
1 年 前
Lara fantastic.