A Proper Thrashing


skoolgirls spanking

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8 月 前
He's an old pervert who pays them simple as that then sells the vids
1 年 前
I wonder if the old man gets turned on by the sight of young girls' semi-naked bodies as he applies disciplinary corporal punishment to their nubile frames? Bi-Bill
1 年 前
so ist es rcht: beiden den arsch versohlen -- während die andere zuschauen muss. so weiss die was ihr dan blüht.
1 年 前
Such deserved buttock punishment. Felt though that backs and inner thighs should have been severely dealt with also and perhaps a little vaginal lips strapping might have been beneficial also, Bi-Bill
1 年 前
The man seem genuinely angry... he must be one great actor because if I was that old I'd be having a blast with these two and could not hide my joy... or my cock!
1 年 前
oooo what an excellent video the girl in white blouse is superb ,pity we did not see more of her hairy cunt
1 年 前
1 年 前
I agree, proper strokes of the cane not `pulled' as in so many videos, and real stinging red weals on her bottom. Would now like to see the second girl get her dose of the cane.
1 年 前
Absolutely love it. This old man, he played one, he played spanking on her bum. With a nick knack paddywhack, give the girl the cane, this old man just came again.
Proper indeed. Loved it.
1 年 前
cute sexy girls to spank
1 年 前