2 skoolgirlss Spank

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11 月 前
I love the yellow dress, so cute, but the bottoms of the spankees should be bared before the spanking starts in order to humiliate them and make the punishment more effective. Their faces should be as red as their bottoms, this should be the most naturla thing in the world !
1 年 前
I recognise that table, it's seen a few strappings and canings in its time!
1 年 前
great video thanks
1 年 前
And to think I felt sorry for young Heather at first. I was highly aroused by Jessica's bouncy bottom and was disappointed when she was dismissed. But the sight of that lovely quim poking through her thighs more than made up for it.
Thanks for sharing this delightful clip.
1 年 前
She certainly is strict! Yummy! x
1 年 前
chaud derriere
1 年 前
And I'm in agreement with the two of you! Delicious arses on both girls, but the plum pale buttocks of the girl in the white blouse are something else, would love to see them bouncing under a good caning.
1 年 前
Very good video and thank you.
1 年 前
wow excellent vid loved the way her cunt twitches when receiving the strap well hot
1 年 前
I am with you there Jim!
1 年 前
Saved till later. It looks really up my street. Schoolgirls, spanking, what else could I ask for?