baby jap in fendom masturbation

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6 月 前
I agree with Jessie. Male squirting it can happen after you cum. Ive had it done to me twice and I did myself pretty much by accident when I was a teen. Its very intense, probs more intense than an orgasm. This might just be the next big thing in porn.
6 月 前
Wow male squirting I've done this a few times its incredible but it seems relatively unknown Ive only met 2 ppl that know about it and can do it. I am making an Xham blog page on it now. :)
9 月 前
she's incredibly cute
10 月 前
Are her breasts enhanced?
1 年 前
so sexy! I wanna fuck her and get a blowjob, handjob and footjob from her
2 年 前
I wonder what is that liquid coming out of his cock... There's some cum at the beginning but then it's something that ressembles water (see how it drips). I think it's probably the same mysterious liquid coming out of squirting pussies... Hmmm, very odd in any case o.O
2 年 前
Behold, a new Champ enters the ring!! This boy either is pissing after blowing his load, or someone quickly shoved a hose up his ass lol...
2 年 前
...his cock shoots with so much force and EXPLODES Jap jizz EVERYWHERE!!
2 年 前
...his GREAT Jap COCK shoots with so much and when he finally stops spraying, his whole body shakes and he falls back onto the bed in complete exhaustion!
I can see why-his POWERFUL cum spraying cock shoots EXPLODES enough Japanese jizz to equal the cumshot output of more than twenty or more full size men!! Absolutely SUPERIOR and AMAZING cumshots!!
2 年 前
...and I would like to see this baby Jap (in garters and heels)jerking him for his WORLD famous multi-girl facial scene. She's PERFECT and an absolute sex doll! I've seen him shoot some big ones in his last vid, but this girl made him shoot BUCKET LOADS!!!
2 年 前
...this IS the porn world's best cumshooter!
2 年 前
SUPERIOR cumshooting at its highest level...would luv to see 10-15 or more PERFECT and PRETTY Japanese sex dolls in a half circle waiting for this AMAZING Jap Blaster's facial. He would cumspray each and every face and shoot ALL OVER their hair and clothes! It would be the ULTIMATE FACIAL scene and BEST EVER!!
2 年 前
Are these the porn world's biggest and messiest cumshots? Is he the WORLD CUMSHOOTING CHAMP? I would think so because these are the BIGGEST and most EXPLOSIVE cumshots I have EVER seen on hamster! It's impossible to count, bout it looks like over 200 wide angle cumsprays from a single Japanese cock-and these are high velocity and the cum sprays EVERYWHERE!!! Like how thi PERFECT Jap beauty licks his nipple and watches with excitement as the endless amount of JAP BEAR cum shoots out of him! This hairy Jap cum blaster is going to to be impossible to top, but I'm sure there are many Jap shooters waiting in the wings to take his crown!
2 年 前
great cumshots!!
2 年 前
OMG, how do they do this?? This is gotta hurt like hell. But it sure looks exciting!
2 年 前
amazing as always