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perfect!! !!
1 月 前
A "big tits" video, but very little footage of her actual tits.
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She looks just like my wife!
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perfect body and tits, just didn't need 5min of her just standing there!
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what a body!
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young and sweet with such fackable tits
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Stunningly hot especially at 10m! Beautiful face, fantastic huge natural breasts and such smooth lush pussy!
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Those tits are certainly fantastic, but her ass is to die for, too! I'd want to fuck her doggy-style every time. As far as I can see, the only thing I'd change about her is that shaved pussy. I much prefer a little bit of a bush.
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Although American professional pornography is still lucrative, it is in decline and less lucrative than it used to be. This video demonstrates why: despite having a beautiful and sexy woman in the video, it is lacklustre without seduction, passion or eroticism. It is sex-by-numbers: formulaic and standard; boring. I bow to no one in my admiration of Marina Visconti's sexiness, but she is wasted here. The scene doesn't even have a context, a story to immerse the viewer. American professional pornography has become impotent.