Hard Whipping

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1 月 前
I agree. People who enjoy women being dominated and beaten are plain evil. The Islamic State would be proud of them. They would make these people honorary citizens.
1 月 前
if she doen't want it, she should say stop. fuck off bitch, she get a lot of monay for that.
1 月 前
2 月 前
2 月 前
3 月 前
i would love to whip her !!
3 月 前
Et c'est bien payé ?
3 月 前
Hot so hot
4 月 前
il massimo
5 月 前
6 月 前
i hate violance.........................
6 月 前
Nothing is wrong they are just sadists and masochists who enjoy the practice of taking or causing abuse and pain during sexual play.
7 月 前
This is a little too brutal for me. Although I do think it is sexy the way welt comes around here side and up over her right breast.
8 月 前
9 月 前
9 月 前
This is a short clip from a longer video. The girl being given the 130 lashes I have seen in other Mood videos. She is strong, she can take a lot. The female carry out the whipping does the job well looks the part. She really puts a lot more strength into the last ten lashes.
9 月 前
Pity stopped at 130 ..... Think she could have took 200 lashes
10 月 前
This is a Mood picture not Elite Pain & the full length version is called “Judicial Punishment”. The scenario is in in a country where convicts can exchange a prison sentence by consenting to corporal punishment. The scene is set with the 2 prison guards checking the whipping frame & the one who wields the whip takes a few practice swings, satisfying herself that her position & aim is correct. She then says, “let’s get it started”! There are 4 girl victims who are given a medical check & then have to sign a consent form before they are led into the punishment room & secured to the whipping frame, being stripped to below the waist. The girl with the whip gathers up the victim’s hair & uses a clip to ensure no hair hangs down to get in the way of the blows of the whip. The first 2 girls are given a mild whipping of 10 lashes, barely reddening the skin, but the 3rd one gets a more satisfying 50 lashes which raise some really lovely welts. After each whipping, the victim is then led away to a recovery room & a doctor administers some ointment to their wounds. The scene we see here is where the 4th girl gets an eye watering sentence of 130 lashes of the whip! This is sadistic heaven & I am so turned on when she screams & begs for mercy. After 50 & 100 lashes, she is given a fleeting examination by the female doctor who looks into the victims eyes & then tells the sadist with the whip that she can carry on. I just adore the way the sadist shows no emotion as she lays the whip on harder & harder, as she hears the hapless girls agonised screams & pleading for mercy. She really puts some force into the last 10 lashes, as her whip cuts into the poor girl’s heavily welted back. Only comments are that I would like to see the victims stripped completely naked & the doctor really should have examined the damage to her back. Also would have preferred the 2 guards to have been wearing sexier uniforms, they were rather drab & perhaps leather tunics & shorts with thigh length black leather boots would have been nicer.
10 月 前
o nooooooooooooo
10 月 前
Lomps bird . Sensational
10 月 前
I was just getting going another 50 for the sake of it
10 月 前
Einfach nur bekloppt.
10 月 前
Sehr gute Arbeit. Die Lady versteht es, die Peitsche zu führen. Die Deliquentin muss spüren, dass sie lebt.
11 月 前
12 月 前
Wow, tolle und harte Auspeitschung. So mag ich das!
1 年 前
Great to hear her screams
1 年 前