Sexy elegant japanese lady creamed by airliner1

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3 月 前
Great video of a beautiful woman with a sexy body and great skills and attitude. Perfect.
6 月 前
7 月 前
Thanks for the elegant upload, Airliner !!! As others have pointed out, she's gotta perfect, doll-like bod! And a ravenous cock-hunger to match!
!(^ 。^)!
However... She's a quiet one. She hardly made a sound until the last few minutes, when he put her in doggy, and started plowing her, cock in cunt. That sort of stimulation seemed to launch her on the path to cumin' round the mountain... makin' her go vocal... with ecstatic coos, sighs, and cries of pleasure!
! (。°‿◠ 。) !
Interesting, earlier in the vid, in her masturbation scene, playing that stream of water on her vulva seemed to give her pleasure... but was not near enough stimulation to make her cum. As the water flowed over, and between her labia, she smiled, but with eyes wide open. The stretching out of her looong legs was sooo interesting, flexin' those feet and shapely toned thighs and calves. She was clearly clenching her pelvic muscles, trying to get something started... but mother nature was not fooled. LOL! Mother nature wants to see cock to slide into cunt. She gives a reward of blissful pleasure, in return for the chance to have a girl's garden plowed and planted with seed.
!( ͡° ͜ ͡° )!
Or is it possible that she was cumin' from the water stimulation, without making a sound? Some girls are that way, "silent screamers", but usually all the time.
?( °__° )?
What's your experiences?
7 月 前
Thanks for the hot upload, Airliner! ...of this elegantly alluring lady!
( ͡ ͜ ͡ ,..)
Yes, indeed, Wilbur !!! Anyone know of any Japanese actresses who do videos in the unshaven, natural state? That's showin' off her silky fine body hair... everywhere! under arms! ...on her legs!
?( ' ‿ ' )?
Japanese women have dee-lightfully silky, fine hair!
11 月 前
Pity she shaved her pussy. I think that's what makes Japanese porn so good. I love women in there natural state.
11 月 前
Beautiful Areola and big nipples.
1 年 前
1 年 前
Extremely Beautiful
2 年 前
excellent post..
2 年 前
airliner1 is just the uploader of this vid!
3 年 前
Pretty pussy!
4 年 前
Beautiful pussy. I'd eat that all day.
4 年 前
4 年 前
Japanese women never stop loving creampies
4 年 前
Yup. Amazing snatch on this one. Thanks for upload.
4 年 前
Great body
4 年 前
fuck! she is absolutely amazing. her pussy is so beautiful!
4 年 前
nice one
4 年 前