Lesbian Masseuse #1 -s4-


Skin Diamond & Sovereign Syre

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2 日 前
6 月 前
The lick at 25.28 alone put this in my favourites. So fucking hot. X
8 月 前
12 月 前
I think S.D. is very pretty, & I like the way she has wears her hair.
1 年 前
Muy caliente...
1 年 前
loved it
1 年 前
Intimacy with a story is twice as hot.
1 年 前
3 年 前
SS is a special woman
3 年 前
S.S. has a special therapy for S.D too ;)))
I love it when S.S talks like: u´re so pretty, you´re so wet. AHHHH...
4 年 前
Wow, her leg got better quick, I will have to tell my doctor about this new way of doing therapy.
4 年 前
Very hot
4 年 前
Dyhart: I know they are acting a scene, don't worry. -__-

My point is that when this scene was shot Skin Diamond, in her real life, was engaged to Asphyxia Noir and they were apparently waiting for gay marriage to be legal everywhere to get married together. Recently Skin used the words "wife" and "wifey" to describe Asphyxia, proof that they are now married. So a link can be made between this scene and Skin's personal life. In this scene Skin's character talks about gay marriage and how she'll have to wait for it to be legal to get married, and when that scene was shot in early 2012 Skin was living this situation with her fiancée Asphyxia. That's the point I wanted to make. Sorry if it wasn't clear.
4 年 前
Jonathan, you act like they weren't acting out a scene.
4 年 前
4 年 前
Very hot!
4 年 前
Love Skin. Cool chick to meet in person too.
4 年 前
You're uploading this scene on Skin's birthday ! You, sir, just won the internet. *bowing*

My favorite part is at 4:25. Sovereign ask Skin if she ever thought about getting married, and Skin answers "not until it's legal, I guess". At this time Skin and her fiancée Asphyxia were only engaged and apparently they were waiting for gay marriage to be legal everywhere. Since then they are now happily married. Great upload. *****
4 年 前
Great video